Blind Item – April 2018 – Bollywood

The first blind item for today comes from Mumbai Mirror. Even though you might think that it’s about this star couple currently in the news for their year-end wedding, it’s not. It’s about this actress, who was in the news last year about her upcoming nuptials. The plans were halted due to the sudden demise of a family member, but now it seems that things have already been finalised for her.

It is going to be a sponsored destination wedding. It’s probably why these stars go overseas for wedding because they get everything free of charge or at least, at a discounted rate. The question we are wondering about is whether guests pay for their own flight tickets or is it sponsored as well? Just imagine if a family member cannot afford the flight ticket, then he/she will be forced to miss the wedding. How does that work? What about the accommodations? Are these included as well or ..?

Anyways, congratulations to her. We have probably congratulated her more than 5 times on OSOP. But still, good for her for finding someone that she likes. Just wait after the wedding, she is going to come out saying that all actors are narcistic and too much into themselves, that’s why she married a non-actor!


Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – April 2018 - Bollywood


AN upcoming wedding of a movie star seems to be making news. It turns out that the actor’s wedding may just be a β€˜sponsored’ affair. The country where the nuptials are said to be taking place is keenly trying to sell itself as a wedding destination for rich Indians. And this star’s hugely watched shebang is just the kind of publicity it wants. We think it’s a great idea, as extravagant weddings are such a waste of money in any case.


OSOP Guess

Star: Sonam Kapoor

Blind Item – April 2018 - Bollywood

Blind Item – April 2018 - Bollywood

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30 Responses

  1. NightGlory says:

    Oh my! Do you want to give Sonam a heart attack before her wedding? Even if this blind is true there is no way she is going to confess this. Knowing how big headed she is, I bet as much as she would love to have a sponsored wedding her ego will never allow her to profess such.

    • Shivanisd says:

      Both she and her brother are such deluded fools!! And their dad himself is so down to earth. Strange.

  2. Shivanisd says:

    Making money off your wedding… Tacky. Expected her to have more class than that. Isnt her to be husband loaded? Then why do this

  3. Nam3less says:


    Generally in case of rich Indian destination wedding the hosts pays for all the accomadation and other expense. This is generally handled by the event agency. As far as i am aware all the wedding guests have to pay for their own flight tickets. All expenses are taken care the moment they land at the destination wedding city till the time they leave. Its a crazy nightmare with different people landing at different times and arranging pick ups and whats not. I believe the same should be the case for Sonam too. As you said if someone cant afford the ticket then they will probably the miss the wedding. Dont think that their air fares would be borne by them unless well even thats sponsored.

    • Shivanisd says:

      Agreed. I attended a destination wedding at a swanky resort in goa. We drove down there on our own expense but everything else was taken care of by the hosts.

  4. Monalisa says:

    @admin is this about Kareena? But what business does she owns?

  5. Nefarious says:

    @Admin: Dp-Rs year end weddding confirmed? There are like 3 articles daily which talk about their upcominng wedding, shopping etc
    Althoigh shes also planning to walk the ramp with her ex, ranbir. I thought she secretly hated ranbir, bt i cant help bt feel both biru and dp still have a soft corner for each other. At least i feel for all birus claims abt being detached he wont be able to remain indifferrnt to DPs wedding. Thoughts?

    • b52bomber says:

      @nefarious: This is B-Town. Milking every past, present, future existent/non-existent relationship in every possible way for PR is the norm. After all these years you still expect DP-RS-RK to be any different?

    • pooja says:

      Oh It was already confirmed that Dp would walk for Mijwan charity show a month ago….It’s ranbir who is confirmed yesterday.So i guess it’s Kjo’s and manish’s idea to create drama and bring in more publicity for the event as well as ranbir.

      Oh the drama this ramp walk will bring. It’ll be intersting to see the reactions of all fandom’s concerned- Dp , Rs,Rk,Kat. Well get to see all the drama and bashing. Hell!!! I’m excited for the drama to unfold……

      • Monalisa says:

        Ranbir’s way of staying in the news is by linking his name with women. Dutt biopic is releasing soon I think trailer is gonna be launched in May. He and his pr is using his old tricks of staying in the news by linking his name with women. DP’s name gives him the most mileage and DP is currently on a break. she is not going to say no to something she knows will give her a lot of mileage too. If it is publicity good or bad does not matter!! Fandom wars between RK-DP-KK-RS fans have already started on that pv article. I think they both are aware of RKDP shippers so do these stuff to keep their interest in the ship going.
        Last week Ranbir’s pr released news that he was meeting Mahira in London and later denied the news. Promotion for Dutt biopic already started it seem.

        Ranbir may think she is the one who gotten away but I really don’t think Ranbir the commitment phobe had any desire to settle down with DP or any other woman. DP seem to have made peace with her past and forgiven Ranbir so I don’t think she hates him now like she used to. Most probably she likes to rub it in his face the good thing he lost when he cheated on her.

        • leap says:

          @Monalisa Mahira trip to london was jamp packed with interviews, screening meetups she was there from 13th to 16th. Also she was there along with friends doing pr for their movies. She even had to cancel q&a on the last day since she had to catch a flight back to attend events back home. Ranbir landed up in london on 23 so him meeting her is crap. read the original spotboye story it has ranbir written all over it. I thought Mahira he wont be able to use as pr because she is not in the country or connected to bw anymore oh well i was so wrong.
          @admin so is it true dp/rs are finally getting married ???Also some dp fans were saying a movie may be on the cards for dp /rk or dp/kartik is it true ????

          • Monalisa says:

            @leap Ranbir used Mahira’s name for publicity for the past 2 years. His name linked to her gave him a lot of mileage. Why would he stop throwing her under the bus just because she went through a lot of backlash due to the leaked pics or because they have broken up. He is still using DP’s name eventhough they broke up almost 10 years ago.

            I knew there will be more Ranbir pr articles linking his name with DP using snippets of her old interviews. I have discovered that his pr does that a lot. So I googled and came across recent articles on different sites, about how by giving her YJHD Ranbir saved her career in 2013. Mind you, this interview was given by DP last year, but like always RK pr used it for his benefit by rehashing it at a later date. What she actually said was a superstar ousted her from a movie but it worked out for the best because she got YJHD and she is grateful for it. But like always RK pr made it all about him.
            @admin do you have any idea, which movie or about which superstar DP is talking about? I feel it maybe about PRDP and Salman but the timing is off because YJHD came out in 2013 and PRDP came out in 2015. So it is not PRDP.


          • Leap says:

            @monalisa true why would he stop now. I think the movie dp wanted to do was dhoom3 but Kat got that part. Ranbir wanted Kat to be part of yjhd but ayan insisted on dp so she got yjhd in the long run it worked in dp’s favor is what I read online

          • Monalisa says:

            @leap Atleast DP is cordial to him and still talks about him and give him mileage once in a while. So him linking his name with her is understandable.

            I just feel sorry for Mahira though. She maintained her distance from him but he still using her name in his pr games. As you said she is not even in India or allowed to work in India, even if she want to retaliate she has got no way.

            He never come out straight and link his name with Kat because Kat will use her pr to attack him back. And Kat sure will have a lot of dirty secrets she can release that never have been revealed unlike DP, who spoke her heart out and revealed everything ages ago. He just uses Kat’s name and release blinds insinuating that she is spying on him via Alia. Now I’m damn sure that was a fake blind planted by RK to make it look like she is still not over him.

          • leap says:

            @monalisa mahira never retaliates. she doesn’t even retaliate to fellow actors taking jibes at her at home keeps quiet and works so I doubt she would bother about ranbir stunts also she is part of different industry where ranbir is not important so why bother. He would have stopped using her if alia link up had worked since that sank hes using her till he finds someone else but as of now mahira gets him too much attention so it will continue Also she did decide to date him so unfortunately has to deal with the side effects.
            you are right dp has figured out how to handle him He cant mess with kat courtesy Salman and the dirt she might have on him

    • Monalisa says:

      @nefarious and @leap Unless and until they get married or there is an offical announcement by them or their teams I will not believe it. But if you look at 2015/ 2016 gossip about RSDP marriage, some news articles said that eventhough RS proposed to DP (or they got engaged) DP wanted to wait 2 years before she got married. So a 2018 marriage fits the timeline of the 2015/2016 rumour.
      DP is more open about RS than she was before. They both have not denied it like they did back in 2015/ 2016. She only denied the Maldives engagement rumours. RS said he thinks about marriage but he is a bit busy with movies so no decisive decision has been made as of yet. Rs’s answer was very evasive. Even Kohli said he was busy with work but got married the same year. Even Sonam has been saying she is too busy with work to get married but her marriage is confirmed. So I think this rumour maybe true after all. Lets wait and watch!!

  6. Pav says:

    I kind of am happy for the fact that the popular actresses get married when they are young. Otherwise they’ll be drug addicted depressed miserable lives when they are old, or get married to a divorced businessman (and get divorce in few years)

    • Dee says:

      what the actual eff?

    • Shivanisd says:

      Excuse me?? U think every actress who doesn’t get married by 30 or remains single becomes drug addicted and miserable? What century ru living in. In fact its much better to wait and see the really face of ur fiance rather than get married in a hurry.

  7. Monalisa says:

    This the same Sonam who calls every other thing other actresses do, ‘tacky’ or ‘unclassy.’ Anyways whatever floats her boat. She looks really happy and loved up.
    The wedding surely will not be a private affair.

  8. Rad says:

    Who’s the star couple currently in the news for their year end wedding? If Sonam Kapoor (or her bro for that matter) calls anyone narcissist, irony will die a slow and painful death!

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