Blind Item 3 – May 2018

It seems that in Mumbai if you want to make it and be successful, you have to start by hobnobbing with the rich and famous. This foreign chef seems to have found his way among the stomachs of the many young celebrities in Mumbai. The blind item from Mumbai Mirror seems to know why that is the case. We are just wondering now what is that special ingredient? Is it alcohol or something else that is commonly used in the west in cookies, but is not so common in India. If it’s the latter, we are also wondering if it’s legal for him to use that in his ingredients?

Maybe we are overthinking it and the secret ingredient is just love!

Check out the blind item from Mumbai Mirror. We are also wondering if the celebs pay to eat at his place or is it free of charge as long as they promote his restaurant on Instagram?


Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item 3 – May 2018


IT doesn’t take much to have the young and chic of Bollywood start following you on your social media pages. It doesn’t take much for them to pop by your so-cool restaurants and tag you every time they eat there. Yes, if wishes were horses, every Bandra restaurateur would know the magic mantra to self-promotion. But one seems to hold the wand: his allure comes from his kitchen itself. Sure he makes a great meal, but he also makes super special cakes which have one secret ingredient that has the famosas coming back for more. No we haven’t tried it, we like our cakes with eggs and flour and little else.


OSOP Guess

Restaurateur: Kelvin Cheung

Blind Item 3 – May 2018


Blind Item 3 – May 2018


Blind Item 3 – May 2018


Blind Item 3 – May 2018


Blind Item 3 – May 2018

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12 Responses

  1. bucketbot says:

    With the fame hungry set, a little flattery while wineing and dining goes a long way. Also, even the famous get horny for free stuff. Everyone becomes besties all of a sudden. the guy is smart. Gotta check who the owner of the restaurant is, if its some filmy guy then also this could make sense.

  2. Ankita says:

    I heard he does a lot of vegan food and that’s a new fad in Bollywood.

  3. The racist jokes are distasteful.

  4. Pooja says:


  5. Venus says:

    Must be weed or something similar. Must say this guy is very popular with the celebs, When they post pics at his restaurant they act like they have never eaten good food before. Somehow i feel its all a gimmick. Could we get an honest opinion somehow ?

  6. Amanda says:

    Admin,What could be that special ingredient that this fellow puts? Any guesses..

  7. naughtytrini says:

    Maybe these bollywood celebrities likes the taste of dogs? By chance anyone notice that the amount of strays dogs around chinese places are dwindling? I bet that is his secret ingredient. Dont worry I am just being funny but who knows how much truth my comment really have?

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