Blind Item 3 – June 2018

The blind item below is by PinkVilla. First of all, we want to say if something like this is really happening in this actress’ life, whoever leaked this news to PV should be ashamed of themselves. You not only have made things worst for her, you didn’t even bother helping her. If something like this is really happening and this actress is suffering then the right place to report this is to a responsible organisation that can help this actress. What good will going to PV and sharing this piece of news do for this actress? If anything, her husband sees it and gets mad at her because she is telling people what he does to her.

Secondly, a lot of things are wrong in this blind item. This actress never disappeared for a year. If you follow her on social media, she is always happily posing in photos wherever she goes. We always thought that it is her husband taking these pictures of her, but if this blind item is true then who is taking her pictures?

Thirdly, she didn’t meet and marry her husband straightaway. They knew each other for a while and dated before tying the knot. When she got married, a lot of people were saying how it’s a marriage of convenience since her husband was a model and also younger than her. Most people assumed that he is not straight, but so far nothing has come out regarding this. We hope the blind item is just an exaggeration of things and hope that it’s not true. If it is, then she should do what’s right for her and leave him.

It has been nice to see her just take a step back and enjoy life. She has been acting for a long time and was once upon a time in every film of this now-crazy director. She also wasted her life with him, they never came out in the open about their relationship but everyone assumed they were together and some people even said they were married and living-in. Looking back now, she has always been the quiet types – the ones who never talk about their private life.

Anyways, here’s wishing her the best and courage to get out of this situation. Check out the blind item from PV.


Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item 3 – June 2018


This actress keeps away from the limelight due to physical abuse by her husband

This actress was known for her oomph factor and was a filmmaker’s muse for nearly two decades but today she is a battered wife. Yes, the truth is that this actress who was known for her dancing skills and was the filmmaker’s lucky charm broke up with him when she found him cheating on her. She did meet a few guys and one of them was a diamond merchant. Unfortunately, the marriage didn’t happen as the man’s wife threatened them.

The actress’ popularity had started withering away but she found love in a man who was an outsider, whom she met at a designer’s home. It was chat mangni pat bhyah for the couple.

The actress suddenly disappeared for nearly a year and stopped making public appearances. One kept wondering why and now we know that physical abuse must have kept her away from the public eye.

We recently saw her in an item number and she didn’t look like the girl who sizzled on the big screen but instead, the actress looked haggard and tired.

Here’s hoping she moves out of the marriage with a man who certainly does not deserve her!


OSOP Guesses

Actress: Urmila Matondkar

Husband: Mohsin Akhtar

Filmmaker: Ram Gopal Varma



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17 Responses

  1. Xyz says:

    Why have successful, smart and capable actresses have chosen to stay with horrible philandering husbands? Why do they have affairs with men twice their age? Difficult to answer, only the person in qn can. Hope for her sake she gets out of this horrible arrangement, anyway they hardly stay together.

  2. Xyz says:

    Mohsin is very rich, maybe thats the reason. Btw the photos on insta are more of a hogwash.

    • nefarious says:

      One wonders why Urmi needs a rich husband when shes pretty much capable of handling herself through her finances. yeah, Mohsin is hardly present in most of the pics. I dont know why she needs to post and update ppl about her life when shes hardly making an attempt to comeback

  3. sharuna says:

    who knows urmi is also a les, matter of convenience, but having said that, if that’s not the case then this is what must have happened, since urmi is friends with manish and mohsin too, urmi must have poured her heart out to manish, Manish being Manish quickly picked up the phone and bitched it about to Kebab aunty, and voila Kebab aunty being a bitch of a gossip monger immediately called up PV to announce it. I am sure this must have come from manish and kebab gang company, i am sure of that.

    • sharuna says:

      coz these kinda things you confide in your very near and dear friend, and in urmi’s case that friend happens to be none other then manish in the movie industry.

  4. Xyz says:

    I really dont know, I was as shocked when i heard they were getting married. Manish is fully aware that Mohsin is gay / bi. There is something more than meets the eye, maybe its a marriage of convenience. Bollywood is a strange place, the more you know of it, the more disgusted you feel. I just hope Urmila gets out of it as she is genuinely a good human being.

    • nefarious says:

      Whats in it for Urmila? I mean , i am sure for Mohsin if he is gay, he gets a beard to shut society, parents etc. Noti sure what Urmila stands to gain? At 45, u know she wasnt desperate for marriage.

  5. Xyz says:

    Wudnt be surprised. Mohsin Akhtar mir is not straight and is very perverse sexually. I m only surprised why Urmila got married to him, Mohsin is still very active in the gay circuit and the industry is well aware of his proclivities.

    • nefarious says:

      I still cant wrap my head around why she would marry him if he was gay. I mean, he was introduced to her by Manish. Why did she marry him for one, and why now is she taking this shit from him? If this blind has been leaked, is a divorce announcement around the corner?

    • nefarious says:

      Cant help but feel bad for urmi! I think she has enuff money to divorce this dude. she doesnt need this kinda nonsense in her life. Even if shes not straight, i guess, she can lead a life of privacy then work in this arrangement.

  6. Tina says:

    I hope this is not true. If it is, I hope she gets out… Much love and luck to her.

  7. Letstry says:

    This is so sad

  8. Zara says:

    If the blind is true, PV should turn to authorities rather than posting and cashing someone’s misery. She could be filmmakers ex muse but that doesn’t give anyone the right to beat her. People in abusive relationship are sometimes hard to identify and harder for them to come out. I hope things go right for urmila.

  9. naughtytrini says:

    He doesnt look like a wife beater, more like she beating him lol I dont believe this blind. I dont think Urmila is the type to take licks quietly especially as she is older than him. As the old saying goes, young boy lover old man slave. Not my saying so dont bash me lol btw is admin at everyone’s beck and call to answer all questions? is this your full time job admin? seeing about this blog? or do you have another job? honestly I dont really care, you do a great job from my perspective, keep it up… as for others who are persisting with asking questions, go and google!!! jeez

    • Tina says:

      …there’s nothing funny, or LoL about domestic abuse. Older is not stronger. Looks have nothing to do with how capable a person is of physical abuse, or why victims do not seek help.

      “As the old saying goes, young boy lover old man slave. Not my saying so don’t bash me”….that’s just an obnoxious and cowardly way of saying sexist stuff and trying getting away with it. Maine nahi kaha, aise log kehte hain BS.

    • naughtytrini says:

      Hey retard, did you not catch me when I said I dont believe this blind? it seems you would like it if it is true, maybe hoping it is true. I am not laughing at anyone being abused, so stop being so damn critical. And by the way, I am east indian and I have grown up with a lot of indian sayings and yes I will continue to make those sayings public and even pass it down as it was passed down to me. Stop being so kiss me ass hypocritical. Grow a funny bone.

  10. Rashmi says:

    Is Urmila in social networks? it’s not on Twitter. I hope the administrator at this time will answer and do not ignore my question, as in the case of the first boyfriend Priyanka

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