Blind Item โ€“ 2018 – Bollywood – September

The blind item is from Rajeev Masand’s weekly collumn. It is nothing new, but it is something interesting. As it turned out, Mr. Perfectionist is taking over this biopic project and according to this blind item, it is going to be EPIC. By epic, we mean that it is going to be different and much more real than the fake biopic of Bollywood‘s Baba. Mr. Perfectionist is going to go all out on this one and it will be really exciting to watch this story.

Seriously though, Bollywood people are too scared of showing the truth. They will only show it if it’s a positive truth. No one goes through only positive things in life, not even Gandhi or Mother Theresa. Rajkumar Hirani had the chance to make a real film, but he choose to go with a glossy film where serious moments were turned into comedy scenes. Can’t wait to see what Mr. Perfectionist does with this film.

What makes this even more interesting is that we don’t know much of this man that the biopic is based on, except that he was shot dead by the underworld. So yes, it will be interesting to see what happens. Sonu Nigam once said that the son of this man made him do lots of things that he didn’t agree. Sonu was saying this when his friendship with the son of this man went kaput. The son is responsible for turning the music industry in Bollywood for the way it is now. He made sure the veteran or famous singers didn’t get more than what he think they deserved. It’s why you see his channel on YouTube constantly promoting new videos of new artists. Sonu said the son got greedy and wanted more money. He also wanted more control over the songs that his company producers. The singers weren’t allowed to sing these songs in public without permission and money paid to his company. It all got very complicated and messy.

Come to think of it, his life story should also be made. It sounds really scandalous and lots of inside stories. So now, going by how Mamu jaan prepares, this film might come out in 3 years. Wonder if he will take Fatty in it? Or his nephew?

Check out the blind item from Rajeev Masand.




Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item โ€“ 2018 - Bollywood - September


Shelved and Revived

Thereโ€™s been talk about a biopic on the life of this music baron for some time now, but after a top star attached to play the late mogul exited the project citing โ€œcreative differencesโ€, it looked unlikely that the producer (who happens to be the son of the aforesaid baron) might be able to get the film off the ground. Then the name of Bollywoodโ€™s most credible A-lister began floating around with regards to the film, and it looked like the producer may have pulled off a coup. But the excitement was short-lived. Insiders say the A-lister lost interest in the film.

Now, however, we have it on good authority that the project has been revived, and that the A-lister will not only star in it, but also produce it. (It is unclear yet whether the baronโ€™s son will co-produce with the actor.) Among other things, the actor was uncomfortable initially about the possible backlash he could face given the spiritual undertones in the story, and the fact that he belonged to a different caste himself. But when he took over producing responsibilities, the script also reportedly underwent a rewrite.

Understandably there has been speculation whether the script will objectively address controversial but crucial aspects of its subjectโ€™s life. (Especially since the project was the brainchild of the baronโ€™s son.) But insiders say the filmโ€™s writer-director, who has been spending time with the A-lister at his outstation farmhouse lately, hasnโ€™t skimped on any of the prickly bits.


OSOP Guesses

Music Baron: Gulshan Kumar

Top Star: Akshay Kumar

A-Lister: Aamir Khan

The Son: Bhushan Kumar

Blind Item โ€“ 2018 - Bollywood - September

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4 Responses

  1. Universal says:

    Thought Aamir Khan was secular in belief. Why uncomfortable showing the most defining part of Gulshan Kumar’s life? Religious music and songs made him what he was!
    On other note, Bhushan has ruined BW music. Legends like Sonu, KK, Shreya etc now sing very few songs in movies. All we get is crappy remixes with doped rappers.

    • Rad says:

      Aamir is not secular at all. Just a hypocrite all around. Just see his movies. From 3 idiots to PK he just makes fun of hindu religion. PK is supposedly a movie which questions the blind religious practices of all religions but if u see actually in the movie only hindu religion is mocked at. He won’t make fun of his own religion and is shit scared of attacking Christianity. But in a hindu majority India in order to thrive he pretends to be secular.

  2. Fact says:

    So Aamir is not comfortable showing the most successful HIndu Gods/Godess’s Bhakti songs period which propelled Gulshan Kumar’s T-series into a mega success. So, much for his fake secular and liberal lectures. Anyway this further exposes that most of the people with such ideologies are just using a mask for marketing and hiding their true feelings.

  3. Monalisa says:

    I knew it!! In the previous blind about how Aamir is trying to get Ranbo onboard for Mogul, I said if the script is good he will never give it away. Most probably after the re-write the script is up to his satisfaction so he finallyagreed to do the movie. Aamir is no fool to give away perfectly good scripts and I fear for SRK now. Hope Salute is a good script.

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