Blind Item – 2018 – Bollywood – January

Another day and we have another conspiracy created by this you-would-think-nothing-to-do director/producer, but he has a lot of things on his plate. We don’t understand why can’t he just give up? Why bother putting his actors through all this? Let them use their talent to gain fame. They are still young and he’s already brainwashing them to think that they should be cooking stories instead of working hard on the sets of their film.

Someone should tell him that it’s a done and dusted marketing strategy. No one cares! That’s it. Perhaps, it’s about time someone should also tell him to his face that he has two kids to take care of: two actual babies that he got (bought)! So, spend time taking care of them and think of creating a better future for them instead of wasting these mindless ideas on these star kids and wasting his time trying to corrupt the audience into coming to watch a film just because they think the lead actors are in love!

Enough ranting. Just check out who Mumbai Mirror is talking about below.


Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – 2018 - Bollywood - January


THE two young actors of an upcoming film are being spotted together quite often lately. Sweetly, they have also started posting each other’s pictures on their social media sites. We hear the idea is to mislead their fans, thinking the two are falling in love. It seems to be a marketing hustle of their producer and mentor, who still believes a real-life love story will sell a film better than a reel-life one. Only the fans have grown up and wised up. So, shall we too?


OSOP Guesses

Young Actors: Janhvi Kapoor and Ishaan Khatter

Mentor: Karan Johar

Blind Item – 2018 - Bollywood - January


Blind Item – 2018 - Bollywood - January

By the way, check out the pervert clicking JK’s back shot in the first picture. This is what we are talking about.

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53 Responses

  1. Venus says:

    OMG i didnot know so many women hate sridevi. Lol.seems like a jealous rant to me. I dont why people have a problem with her not speaking or airing her opinion. Not everyone has to be frank and opinionated to be considered intelligent. Everyone has a different personality and nobody is wrong for being what they are. Also its incorrect to judge intelligence based on their GK etc. Sridevi is a talented hardworking lady and her success is a proof that she has focused her mental abilities in the right direction. if thats not being intelligent i dont know what is

    • kiran101 says:

      This bifurcation here in this site needs to stop (haters and fans).Sridevi is a yesterday’s star…no one is jealous of her today.We are just analysing based on available matter how sridevi cannot be a good mentor for Jhanvi also coupled with KJO who lives in his own bubble.What worked for Sridevi in past will not for Jhanvi today.
      Sridevi’s every single decision…which producers to meet, what to wear(every single time) was all decided by her Mom(Source: BOney and RGV).She lost a lot of money with her sister mis management. She went from blindly trusting her mom and sis to blindly trusting Boney later.

      Here are some facts…

      – SRI is uneducated , she may have raw intelligence but she absolutely never conversed anything with anyone …even on sets it was her mum . So how much she grasped of the world with her limited everything is…no one knows.
      – She tied rakhi to Boney and stayed with Mona and boney when she first came to BW. Whatever happened after that no sane person would defend.
      – she was unable to get hold of her life after her mom passed away…she immediately needed to place exact same trust in someone else ….In comes Boney kapoor. Her finances were mess, she got pregnant and did not realize until much later( sri’s sis interview as source).Not mark of a very intelligent person.

      Sridevi pre – Bollywood, Post-Bollyd, Pre -Boney, Post -Boney….there are some common aspects across these phases of her…somewhere here lies the truth. Her ignorance is Elephant in the room just like her Stardom…hard not to notice(I say this in comparison with all her contemporaries).

      South is a good source of Sri’s early super stardom.Anything i am saying here…the source is that.
      Its Gossip …you see…not Hate.

      • Venus says:

        So basically judging a persons entire life just to say their are not a fit mentor is not hate? In fact the multiple paragraphs on why sridevi is not fit to guide her daughter itself shows how much you hate her.

        What i find surprising is how easily some people pass judgment and give character certificates to successful women.As if being successful on your own terms is a crime. Everyone has to be a sati savitri and anyone who is not self sacrificial is either a fool or a vamp

        First of all, why are her personal life choices being linked to her career choices, Sridevi at the peak of her career used to to be bigger than the male stars of her generation. Till today she has been the only female star to have that kind of audience pull.

        So why shouldnt she use her experience to help her daughter, it makes sense.

        Just to give some perspective, just like PR handles a stars career today, some actors careers were handled by their family. She did well with that support, so why should she not pass on the same knowledge to her daughter.

        If she was as stupid and ignorant as you make her out to be, she wouldnt have done brilliant movies like English vinglish etc. Her movie choices show that she has a sound mind.

        Also whatever said and done, Karan has handles Alias career brilliantly, whether you like it or not she is the only star kid who has both the audience pull an also love from critics, her talent and kjos guidance have helped her reach this position. Why wouldnt sridevi, or any other parent, want that for their child?

        • Kiran101 says:

          Make your own definitions. But dare you not assign them to me. You are going too far … it’s impossible for any person to be like sati savitri . Yes sri Devi is very ignorant that too by her own admission . I never gave any character certificate… all I said is even though she amassed wealth she is not independent. I won’t get into true definitions of al these words with u . I lost u completely when u brought topic of character.
          I just got out of meaningless argument with some lady here . You sound like her to me … any more responses will not be reciprocated. I won’t change my mind about what I think of sridevi . Save ur breath.

        • bucketbot says:

          Sri is inherently talented. She could try to teach her kids acting but their USP will always be what they personally bring to the character or they will get lost in the crowd. She doesn’t know much beyond that because she has relied on other people for that pre- and post-marriage. A lot of people have said that as well as she herself. We are simply sharing our thoughts and discussing her. No one really hates her that much ( though I get very irritated every time I see her wearing a ballgown! ) Everything is not hate. But yes, we get annoyed when some people are made to seem like holier than thou by the their PR, fans or the media. It’s why we gossip. we’ll get over it, don’t worry. As for the kids, they have Boney Kapoor too. They’ll survive one way or another.

          @admin, does Karan handle Alia’s career? Was he the one who told her to do Udta Punjab and Highway? I don’t think so. I know he gives her preference in his productions when he can though. They have this mentor- mentee thing at dharma and he sticks to these people like glue, Jab tak kharab na ho jaye chipke rehena or something.

          • Nar <3 Kangana says:

            Kjo asked Imtiaz to take Alia for Highway

          • kiran101 says:

            Does Mahesh bhatt mentor her too ? We will soon know how Jhanvi is once she starts talking…which she will have to in like few months.

            For her to be successful she has to be nothing like Sridevi….what i mean is …Abhishek bachchan sometimes seemed to me like he was imitating AB sr….but he wasnt…he is his son there are some resemblances which appears like pale imitation…i strongly feel he shed those purposely in his later movies. Just my take…I could be wrong.

          • Amanda says:

            @kiran101,I think the good thing that Alia and Varun did was working with production houses other than dharma and they took some independent decisions .. That’s why both are doing well.. Of course, their family members guide them..
            If they only relied on mentor Karan, like the way Siddharth does, their career will be similar to sid… Siddharth does only those movies which Karan chooses for him…

          • kiran101 says:

            Look how Alia rose from being projected by media as dumb to how she is now. I think she is smart.All the mocking of her GK she braved to turn it around(does not matter who devised the strategy). Will Jhanvi do something like that? will sridevi play it cool like Mahesh Bhatt.

            Alia is mahesh dauther but he is no star so his contatcs helped her but there is no shadow of him on her(double adv for Alia). Its not same case with Jhanvi. Sridevi’s stardom will loom large on her like Amitabh’s on Abhi. does Jhanvi has it in her to overcome this ? was she equipped by her mother for all this ?

          • bucketbot says:

            Its almost like people forgave her mistakes because she ultimately is a talented actress and she can do the job she has signed up for pretty well. She isn’t a bad actress by any means. That she has child-like/ young features is not her fault . So on that count she can do roles that are meant for her age at this point of time, which is sufficient. Within that she has managed to do different characters and done them well. That is not easy. She has shown boldness in choice and proved people wrong that how she looks will take away from her acting. Its an axiomatic fact but so many people gave her shit for how young she looks initially. That number has largely reduced today.

            In any case, a good introduction PR strategy post nepotism debate would be for Jhanvi to not be seen with her mother/family for a while so as to not remind people that she is another beneficiary of nepotism who got swift entry into a big production house. In case her debut flops, the controversy will consume twitter and our lives again. Not to mention how bad it will be for her. KJo can suck it.

        • prvilla says:

          Alia gets good scripts,designers,stylists,production values,makep artists,co stars and the best pr in town on a silver platter!I bet if someone like radhika aapte or richa chaddha had the same opportunities and hype they would thrive in a similar manner…but no they turn the very little opportunities they get into gold!So i guess your right in a way!

        • Nar <3 Kangana says:

          Maybe it’s the tone or the writing style but Kiran has a way of displaying contempt for some actresses. I am happy she has given up on having discussions with me.

          • kiran101 says:

            If you are so happy why are you name dropping me in this article…You are not free of contempt for others…you mocked DP depression. Did you ever see me mocking someone’s illness, making statements of hating on babies and kids. Look who is bad mouthing me.
            Dont flatter by saying I was discussing with you. In my eyes it wasn’t it…which is why i am not proud of it.

          • Nars <3 Kangana says:

            Yes it was me! Its all fine and good cause lots of others here know exactly how u twist, manipulate, make claims and allegations about what others say and mean. Keep calling me and my favourite the liar, the hater or whatever you please.

          • Kiran101 says:

            Lots of people ? Don’t care what u and ur side kick think . Please don’t bother me . This is borderline harassment .

  2. kiran101 says:

    I dont know how is Jhanvi is as a person but Sara Ali as a person seems to have more depth. Sridevi as much as a super star she was…she absolutely had no mind of her own or any worldly sense. She is a very bad mentor for her kids. Sridevi did not treat or have good attitude towards her female colleagues… if any of you people are south Indians then you must watch jayaprada-Jayasudha’s interviews and many south stars. If Jhanvi is anything like her adding KJO’s shitty influence in current BW scenario. ..Audience will outright reject her. She has no positive buzz in south gossips too.

    • Rad says:

      Sridevi rejected Kamal Hassan’s proposal, left south, came to Bollywood and made it big here. So its a bit harsh to say that she doesn’t have a mind of her own or isn’t worldly wise. She does come across as very self obsessed though (which actor isn’t) so she may not be a great mother. Jhanvi needs to be talented to become successful as she doesn’t seem to be very good looking considering bollywood standards.

      • kiran101 says:

        wow…this is the first time i am hearing that kamal proposed Sri. are u sure? i googled and found no info on it. Sridevi’s every decision was very famously only taken by her sis-mom duo.I thought Sri came first to BW when her south original movies were remade in BW. I remember an interview with a designer…how sridevi’s mom gave sri 5000 rupees when accompanying the designer for some event and Sri was so excited and does not know what to do with so much money. My uncle is expert on any south gossip from the old days…hopefully i can get some scoop in future.

        The caricature of “ask mummyji” (actresses mom) in RGV movies and south movies is of Sri’s mother.

        • Amanda says:

          It’s about meeting the right people at the right time.. Sridevi, was fortunate that many producers in the south thought of keeping the same actresses while replacing the actors for Hindi remakes… A lot of hit remakes from south,helped Sri cement her position here…Also Sri started changing her style after entering bollywood,she dressed modern and glam and didn’t put on too much of weight unlike jayaprada.. Also got the rhinoplasty done to improve her looks….Also she was a hard worker,ready to work on multiple shifts and her mom was strictest manager one can have, with regards to managing her schedules and bargaining her fees…

          But in many of her early films,she acted like a kid.. I cannot bear her acting in Sadma and the movies that followed….. Her voice and mannerism were too childish for me…. But many people liked that of acting I suppose…

          • Kiran101 says:

            Not to forget her classic laugh in every film . She did give some repeated expressions . I always felt her best work was in some south movies . There was a theory that sri’s kid like acting worked because she was polar opposite in real life that it was difficult to get a word out of her in real life .
            I cannot put this into words but Jhansi- Khushi are different kind of star kids .there is no coolness in their attitude always OOt dressing . Like that is the only thing they learnt bling is everything for them . Notice how sridevi changed her image over last decade . She seems to have gotten a boob job that doesn’t even suit her . She is dressing like young starlets . Frankly it feels like she cannot impart any knowledge to her kids since she was always a very ignorant person . What else can she teach them other than how she lived her life which is so outdated. I am curious to see Jhanvi’s interviews . Can she converse? She appears empty to me , even more than khushi . Like I said it’s hard for me to verbalize, it feels like she is extremely shallow .

          • kiran101 says:

            You are right but Jayaprada was always very slender…its Sri who was called thunder thighs.

        • Rad says:

          Its very old news but yes I remember hearing about Kamal proposing after ‘Moondram pirai’ i.e Sadma in hindi. Most actresses have someone close to them managing their career. I guess its because they don’t have the time to take well thought out decisions or even manage their finances and prefer someone who they can trust do it for them.

    • Pepeas says:

      Yes I was quite taken aback when she was giving interviews saying she didn’t want her daughters to be in Bollywood and would prefer them to get married and be mothers early. Not being in Bollywood I get- but it’s like early marriage and motherhood were the only other options in her mind. She couldn’t think of anything else for the girls- further studies, other careers… at least Saif-Amrita and SRK-Gauri insisted that their kids must at least have a Bachelor’s degree before making any other choices.

      • Amanda says:

        Sri started taking taking Jhanvi along wherever she went.. It was planned long back that Jhanvi will enter films… Her glam appearances along with Sri were planned… But Sri and Boney kept denying it and now you can see,she is finally making her debut.. I doubt whether she attended school properly..

        Saying she didn’t want her daughters to be in Bollywood and would prefer them to get married and be mothers early,was a way for Sri to tell the world that she is not the one pushing her daughter into film world… Because Moms who push daughters to become actresses are not usually seen in good light by public..

        • Kiran101 says:

          It’s like sridevi set Jhanvi up for being actress even before her primary school .
          Sridevi ‘s thinking is so limited that she actually thought saying I would prefer my daughters get married as better parenting and not like an outdated concept at all .

          I hope jhanvi mingled with people because sridevi never did that and look how outdated she is . Sridevi is the only actress of her generation who has no opinion on anything … it does not seem like she is someone who prefer not to speak on her opinions but more like she hasn’t got any .

          I read sridevi sister interview after her marriage news with Boney … it was revealed how shockingly ignorant sri was .

          • Pepeas says:

            No wonder Boney adores her to the point of blindness- beautiful, talented star yet unthinking and unquestioning of the world or issues. Unlike his first wife, who was nice looking but certainly very intelligent and articulate. 🙂

          • Rad says:

            Most bollywood actresses are ignorant of the outside world. What do you have to say about Alia Sonam etc. Tho sonam tries to act like she knows everytime she opens her mouth u can see how ill informed she is. Their world is bollywood, Right from childhood they know this is what they are going to do and this is where they belong. So they dont bother to know anything about world affairs. Sridevi I guess must not have even had the time as since childhood she has been working. Now I guess its too late for her to develop an interest.

          • kiran101 says:

            I am not talking of social issues at all. Anything i say I am coming across as a Sridevi hater.She was completely taken advantage of by her family and i feel even Boney. I highly doubt Sonam-Alia can be taken for a ride like that. I have said nothing new about Sridevi…everything is out there about her.People who worked with her said all these things.

            Mast movie by RGV was apparently a grossly exaggerated version of sridevi’s situation.

            What exactly am I saying wrong?? Rhetorical question…you dont have to answer.

      • Rad says:

        Sridevi was a child actress. I doubt she got proper education so it follows that she may not be that informed or intelligent. So according to her if her daughters don’t click in Bollywood or don’t become actresses the only other option is to get married. But even otherwise that is what lot of other actresses do right? They try their luck in films, if they don’t make it, they just become a trophy wife. How many have we seen who after failing in Bollywood went on to do something else? Cant compare Sri with Saif SRK etc. They came to Bollywood on their own volition after completing their education.

  3. Venus says:

    That guys taking a selfie with sridevi, not clicking jhanvis back.

    • Nars <3 Kangana says:

      They click jhanvis back…every day they are pictures of her in tights or tight shorts by a popular instagram account

  4. Manisha says:

    A bit of rant but why is KJo EVERYWHERE?? It’s like he has clones watching over almost all of Bollywood. How is he able to control so much (ie: movies, launching starkids, his talkshow, gossip, etc etc) without any of it backfiring on him? How did he become Bollywood’s de facto baap?! He is like the Kim K of Bollywood – as much as I want to avoid him, he’s there ugh

  5. sweettooth01 says:

    hi just thot the statement “babies he got (bought)” is a tad bit insensitive dont u think..??
    im sure it was a simple remark but felt that you have wrongly used the ‘bought’ word with surrogacy..
    p.s. just a random thought.. 🙂

    • Admin says:

      Technically, he did pay to have those babies. So yes, in a way it is buying. It’s how surrogacy works. It’s not a situation where married couples cannot have their own babies and opted for surrogacy. This is more of a situation where he wanted to have those babies so he should be focusing on bringing them up. That’s about it.

      • Steffi says:

        He cant have babies because he is Gay…nothing wrong in surrogacy in such a situation….the way you put it sounds very insensitive… you may not like a particular celebrity but this is below the belt

        • Admin says:

          Where did we say there’s something wrong with surrogacy? If you are reading the text in a negative light, negative thoughts will come to your mind about it. We said nothing negative about it and who cares how someone gets their babies as long as they didn’t steal it. So yes, stop reading more into it than what is already there.

      • Lisa says:

        Also Admin have u noticed that his babies look suspiciously caucasian? Not that there is anythings wrong with that. I wish both babies good health and an amazing life. But Kjo has been known to ridicule dark skinned people so I find it very strange that his kids look so white amost like foreigners.

      • Pepeas says:

        I get what you meant, Admin, and I generally agree with your POV and can’t stand KJo for numerous reasons. But I’d like to point out that by your own logic, *anyone* who opts for commercial surrogacy could be seen as “buying” their babies (paying a woman to carry their child). Married couples may also have to pay to use egg or sperm donors if one of them is infertile. So singling out KJo for this aspect seems odd.

        • Admin says:

          No, not singling him out but we get how most of you will feel so because there is not another single man in Bollywood who has done the same. For now, it’s only him. But yes, if you want to have a baby and paid for it, you should be more there for them and create a positive atmosphere for them. At this rate, KJo is just messing things up. It’s scary to think about the future for them seeing how he handles things with his star kids.

          • Pepeas says:

            Tusshar Kapoor has also got his son through IVF-donor egg-surrogacy. In any case, Admin, I agree that commercial surrogacy is exploitative to poor women, and many countries now only allow altruistic surrogacy (no payment to the surrogate, a very close friend or family member who has finished having their own family will carry the child, much compulsory psych counseling for all parties). I was only saying that everyone who does commercial surrogacy pays to rent a womb and buy a baby – not just gay men or single people.

          • Admin says:

            Oh yes. Poor Tusshar. Forgot about him. But he looks like a really happy father. Obviously, that part of paying for surrogacy is true. But, SRK and his wife had her SIL do it, according to them. Surrogacy process is the same as when people make use of animals to get them pregnant and deliver babies that they can sell at an expensive price. The process is inhumane and the only difference is, they don’t have a voice to complain. There should be a ban on both of these situations because it’s getting out of hand.

      • Tina says:

        I agree. Surrogacy is buying babies. You actually think anyone would do this for free? Ever wonder why only poor people do this? Ever wonder what the difference between ‘renting a womb’ and ‘buying a kidney’ is? Why one is legal and the other not? Because technically you can have a reasonably good healthy life with one kidney too. In fact surrogacy can have more repercussions than donating a kidney.

        Also when did gay rights trump basic human dignity of the poor? Especially poor women?

        • Admin says:

          India has banned surrogacy for these very reasons of making poor women’s lives miserable.

          • Shivanisd says:

            Admin ur right. I don’t know why ppl are attacking u. Surrogacy being banned by India was a great decision. It was highly embarrassing to see every gay celebrity in us come to India to have thier kid. What image will India have if this continues??

  6. Amanda says:

    Even movies of real life couple flop when they are paired on screen(eg Kareena&Saif etc).. This strategy doesn’t work anymore and over exposure of any kind bores the audience even before they watch the film… Let them keep their chemistry for screen and not off-screen…

    I think Aamir does the good job of not exposing himself or his kids too much… He usually becomes media friendly during his release… Children are also kept away from media.. I find Aamir’s daughter Ira Khan naturally pretty..

  7. Pav says:

    Seriously these cheap ways make us hate them even before we could actually see their acting skills (or not).
    This Kapoor daughter is apparently so young yet looks like in 30s , thanks for her mum’s advices.
    Sara with a degree from Colombia university yet trying stupid things here for fame (I mean what happened to all she learnt – did she unlearn them when landing)
    Pandye daughter, I don’t know whether she’s discussing a movie even, yet in news.
    Shahid’s brother has starting mingling with elder brother and in-law. even goes to movies and gym together and act as if he’s some sort of a star when get clicked.
    Sure this pain is gonna continue with next in line, SRK’s daughter, then wife/mother the greatest Mira etc etc
    Finally thanks Kajol for not ruining your children’s childhood. they still pretty much like kids- not some wannabes

    • Shivanisd says:

      You said it. Every other article about how beautiful suhana is. Lol. Shes so effing plain. Stop Srk from paying media for these fake articles!!

  8. OddEye says:

    This is such an outdated marketing gimmick! The public is smarter than this. Didn’t KJO learn from the Sid and Alia mess that these things don’t work anymore? Good films with good scripts work.

    Question: Are we sure that that’s Jhanvi’s official instagram? I’m almost certain that that one is a fan account.

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