Blind Item – 2017 – Bollywood – October 4

The blind item below is about the same problem that was discussed in another blind item, which was posted last week. This time, the blind item is by SpotBoye and again it speaks about how this senior actress has been feeling left out and is mad at this superstar. The actor and actress used to get along, but since this actor has another young actress to look after, he doesn’t really have time for this senior actress anymore.

Also, the actor and senior actress’ ex used to be good friends. They aren’t anymore, so perhaps this actor doesn’t feel the need to be extra nice to this senior actress. It’s quite strange how this actor is fine with working with this actress in the first place. See, he takes a deep interest in the casting of his co-stars and has once rejected against the casting of Arjun Rampal in his previous film. So, how did he agree to this actress being in his films? Maybe he couldn’t do anything and it was her ex who got her this role. Who knows! Check out the blind item below by SpotBoye.


Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – 2017 - Bollywood - October 4


This Star Is Starkly Discriminating Between His Two Heroines

He is working on a two-heroine film has upset the senior actress of his movie. She is feeling left out as the hero is extremely pally with the junior actress….

There is barely any conversation between the senior actress and the star on the sets. Once they were better friends but now he’s giving her cold shoulder. The film’s hero prefers the junior over her, and she’s not happy with this.

The senior actress feels that her screen-time in the movie might have been compromised because of the same.

The three have shot for a few days and each day the tension on the sets reaches a new high. The senior actress is quite surprised at his aloofness and has been lamenting to her close ones about it.

Solution? Not in sight.


OSOP Guesses

Senior Actress: Katrina Kaif

Actor: Aamir Khan

Junior Actress: Fatima Sana Shaikh

Blind Item – 2017 - Bollywood - October 4

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12 Responses

  1. Hun says:

    Good for katrina. Karmas getting back at her!

  2. Isabella says:

    Admin why did YRF come up with the random music video of Vaani Kapoor? I know they are trying to promote her, but in this random way?

  3. Hmmm says:

    Admin why did Aamir and Salman fall out?

  4. Ananya says:

    Aamir is not friends with Rk anymore? What happened between them?

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