Blind Item 2 – October 2017

Mumbai Mirror’s blind item for today is about an actress they have already written about before. Before, it was her clothes that were bothering producers and now it seems her attitude is the problem. What in the world is she doing judging a religious show? Doesn’t make sense. Most likely, producers thought that if they can get her, they will get a younger audience to watch the show on TV. But yes, if she’s trouble this much, she might not last long. It’s time she gets back to being ‘friends’ with superstars so that they can get her films. Check out the blind item to see who it’s about.

Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item 2 – October 2017


THE leading lady who now finds herself as a reality show judge seems to be immune to good behaviour. Even though her acting career long needs a hit, her largerthan- life attitude doesn’t seem to cease. Currently judging a devotional singing show, the heroine was rather unaccommodating when it comes to her dates and timings. Once, she declared she was in a tearing hurry and would leave early. Even as a wellknown duo was performing on stage, our lady decided to stage a walkout in the middle of their song. There was little the producers could do, but request them for an encore on another day.


OSOP Guess

Leading Lady: Sonakshi Sinha

Blind Item 2 – October 2017


Blind Item 2 – October 2017

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1 Response

  1. shivanisd says:

    Everybody knows kanika kapoor is a slu* and golddigger. Im more surprised by her being a judge in this show! Sonakshi looks horrible in that pic.

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