Blind Item 2 – November 2018

Today’s blind item comes from SuperCinema. It’s about this director, whose past films have not worked as much as his older films did. See, for the young generation of actors, he is quite a legend. So if he is offering them a film, especially if that film is the sequel of his film that made him really famous, chances are these young actors will accept it.

It is true what this blind item mentions about him, his ideas are a little outdated. Well, not that much outdated like Subhash Ghai, more like his ideas and concepts are similar. It’s like he is stuck with that concept in mind and cannot think ahead of it. It worked for him thrice, so maybe he can’t give up that formula.

As it is, he is trying to find actors for his next project, but he can’t get any top stars so he is going for the younger stars. Naturally, they are all dying to work with him and won’t think twice before signing up with him. It will be nice to see what he can come up with next.

Check out the blind item below from SuperCinema.


Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item 2 – November 2018


This filmmaker was at one point of time one of the most sought after directors in the market. His movies would work and people and stars would just gravitate towards his work. But fast forward to 2018 and he has fallen off the radar for all the superstars who once queued up outside his office. The reason for his decline is the lack of fresh ideas in his head but also the abysmal box office returns his past few movies have garnered.

Now the current state is that he doesn’t have any script ready but he has got a few young and dare we say naive actors ready to be part of his next venture which however doesn’t have a studio or a producer backing it either. The actors are just enamoured by the filmmaker’s aura and his past record and not really looking at what he is offering them. Now we hear that he has been telling a young actress that he wants her to be the lead in his fictitious sequel to his hit movie from the past as well. We hope that these young actors don’t fall prey to his fraudulent ways and take care of their young budding careers.


OSOP Guesses

Filmmaker: Imtiaz Ali

Hit Movie: Jab We Met

Blind Item 2 – November 2018

Blind Item 2 – November 2018

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8 Responses

  1. Observer says:

    Once upon a time, SLB was dismissed by A-listers because his films were flopping. Then he took new people Deepika and Ranveer. Alas, everything changed. Now everyone wants to be an SLB film. The lesson? Don’t write off Imtiaz Ali yet

    • Rashmi says:

      Deepika and Ranveer were absolutely not new people at the moment when they began to act in SLBs, each had many years of career, success and failure, but they were not newcomers. If you write that the SLB has given them a new sip of popularity, then yes. But they also returned to the SLB popularity. Imtiaz may well be able to do it.

    • Lucy says:

      Observer,you are right about ranveer.he stuck to him even when more popular kareena wanted him out.and others were also replacing ranveer,I guess slb returned the favour by giving him the role of a lifetime in Bali rao and padmaavat.

      With deepika I think he chose her because of her cocktail popularity,she anyways wanted to have a slb film in her filmography so didn’t have a problem doing the film even when slb was not at the top.

  2. P C says:

    Imyiaz for sure grates now ..his movies!omg!! Torturous . That jhms was a disaster from word go. Implausible plot and situations just to carry a weak storyline ahead . Sorry but with budding directors with promise ; who needs old and jaded with rusted machinery in mind . If he doesn’t reinvent himself, Immu can forget he ever was connected to moviedom.

  3. Rami says:

    I’mtez and Karan both are stuck in this unrealistic mind sets, western locations, or boy and girls, western clothes! Trendy sounding songs! They forget ,that people’s are connected with Internet ,they have all kinds of amazing works to see ! There films, and remake , is not taking BW forward!,however,imetaz is working with new talent and artists,that I do like! Imetaz needed to make jhms , with new artists, that would have given him a hit! There is no help for Karan, he will give everything to aloo, and rest to other nepo kids,and his oldie favorite !

    • lucy says:

      i have a feeling imtiaz will have a hit film if he goes for newcomers and good actors,i happened to watch laila majnu and though it was his brothers film i feel he directed the second half.and it was good, with soulful music and his brand of cinema. tamasha flopped because of the unnecessary foreign location shoots and ranbir’s high salary.he reportedly took 38 crores and budget of film was would have been a success if they had budgeted it smartly.with jab harry met sejal srk infuence and interference was very very visible.srk probably wanted to make massy film, and imtiaz makes films for the became a mess.he makes okay films with smart budget and medium level stars who can act.he has a good sense of music which is a must for films in india to run.

  4. Universal says:

    Have to agree with this. Imtiaz seems to be stuck in same mould for years. Wandering hero-heroine, self-discovery and happy ending. He needs to get out of that zone.

  5. Sam says:

    Lol… for some reason I thought this was Karan

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