Blind Item 2 – March 2018

The blind item below is uncalled for. It’s not by an Indian website, it’s by an American website; a famous one. So, it’s written from their point of view. We are aware that this blind item might just strike a nerve among Indian fans. It’s because it’s quite close to home. We have shared blind items from this website before. Known as CDAN, we have mentioned before how that website sometimes publishes fake blind items with hope that they come true.

As for this blind item, we are not sure why CDAN thinks that happened unless they have some inside info. Even the readers over there guessed who this was about because since last week, this has been the headlines. Even though, they don’t get her name right, they know who this blind item is about. We don’t know what to think of it because it’s uncalled for and is unbelievable. We don’t think it’s true and probably, that website doesn’t have more details like other websites have in Asia. Anyways, why don’t you see for yourself? Check it out below.



Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item 2 – March 2018

This foreign born A+ list actress on her own country was murdered by her husband. He has a much much younger girlfriend he wants to marry.


OSOP Guesses

Actress and Husband: Sridevi and Boney Kapoor

Blind Item 2 – March 2018

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27 Responses

  1. Kuldeep says:

    Surprise visit by Boney after 22 years, sounds made up to me.
    More like Sridevi found out about his girlfriend. Called Boney up. He panicked and caught the next flight to Dubai. She confronted him, cheating on her. They had a row and he accidentally killed her.
    That would explain why Sridevi phone is missing, because it contains the text messages of Sridevi calling her husband a cheater. Explains why Sridevi was trying to look young and have cosmetic surgeries, as she had to compete for her husband’s affections with younger girls.

    • kats says:

      Please…Boney is no looker..Also he is quite old. Who in their senses would want to be his arm candy.

      • Kuldeep says:

        Well In Bollywood. People can do anything for fame and money.
        Look at Sridevi she could of had any man she wanted. It could be genuine love. She was the most successful and beautiful actress of her generation, if she could fall for him why not someone else?

        • Admin says:

          The reason she fell for Boney was that he was there. Instead of spending time being a husband and a father to his wife and children, he followed Sri around like a lovesick puppy. Sri was very shy and an introvert, Boney stayed long enough for her to open trust him and end up falling for him.

  2. Kuldeep says:

    Also Boney mentioned he arrived at the hotel at 5.30. What was he doing for 2 and half hours before Sridevi died. How do we know she died at 8pm.
    She could of died earlier?
    The timeline doesn’t sound right.
    If you’re going out for a meal, you would go out pretty quick, get ready. Not wait around for 2 and half hours.

  3. Kuldeep says:

    Well we’ll know it it’s true, if after some time Boney Kapoor appears with some arm candy.
    There’s no smoke, without fire.
    I’m not entirely surprised, he did leave his 1st wife and 2 kids, for Sridevi after all.
    Sounds like history repeating itself.
    Boney Kapoor’s story doesn’t add up, smell a fish here.
    Why wait 1 hour to call police and emergency. If someone drowns in the bath, sooner you get help the better chance of survival. You don’t call your friend.

    I think it could be Sridevi, found out about his girlfriend, they had a row and he accidentally killed her.
    He panicked and called his friend.
    Sridevi phone has gone missing too, very convenient so no record of chats or call history.
    Sridevi dies at 8pm
    He calls police/hospital at 9pm
    Sanjay Kapoor mentions he receives call at 11pm?
    5 Star hotels have a doctor on call, it would make sense to call doctor ASAP.
    He waited to get this story straight.
    He had to mention I wanted to surprise her after 22 years and go out for a romantic meal.
    We kissed and cuddled after I met her in the hotel. Please Sridevi is dead, we don’t want to know. This is not relevant.
    Why is he trying to portray his love for Sridevi, was still going strong and he’s all romantic? Smell a fish here.
    Suspicious circumstances, the way Sridevi died.W

  4. suyash says:

    I am sursprised that admin posted such a lame n silly blind…. thought v have some standard here on OSOP.

  5. Rahul says:

    Sridevi was not foreign born. she was born in either Tamil nadu or andhra pradesh

  6. Sara says:

    What is so attractive about boney to date him presently?

  7. leap says:

    this just keeps getting more absurd by the day.

  8. Pooja says:

    Absurd blind.American most of times do that.

  9. Pris says:

    No smike without fire….

  10. Nar says:

    What the hell is this? I am sure it is a fake blind.

    I dont rule out murder though. He was there at the time, she was found in the tub, he wait 3 hours before calling the police, UAE gives a crap if a husband kills his wife?

  11. aishu says:

    what is this?? why have they written this?

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