Blind Item 2 – January 2018

Bollywood does not have that many famous writer, so it’s not that hard to figure out who this blind item from SuperCinema is talking about. It’s a little strange that this writer has had the time to do all this because last we heard, he was overseas trying to write his novel. Maybe he got bored and came back to pitch this idea to several companies.

Let’s see what happens and how he can get things rolling this time around. Last year, his book was turned into a film and ended up being a huge flop at the box office. Everything was wrong with the film. Everyone thought it was a bad idea to get this book made into a Bollywood film. As funny as it is, the producers of this film tried to pass this film off as being a hit! Anyways, there’s nothing more to say. Check out the blind item below.



Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item 2 – January 2018


This writer is more known for his social media exploits than his actual writing skills. He has hardly got a couple of writing credits in his career but he seems to have an irrelevant opinion on every and anything other more established actors/producers/writers/directors do. His big movie released earlier this year and was one of the biggest disasters of the year, so much so that makers lost more than double what they’d invested in the movie.

But now coming back to main issue, however, this writer has a script which is said to be half decent, he was actually commissioned to pen the script for a producer but being the unethical guy that he is, he went ahead and narrated the same script to not one but two other production houses who have also shown keen interest in the overall idea of the film. That’s not where the story ends, he has gone and sold the same script to all three producers and now they’ve caught on to his deed and the writer is trying to pen a smooth exit from this but we don’t think he will be able to.


OSOP Guesses

Writer: Chetan Bhagat

Movie: Half Girlfriend

Blind Item 2 – January 2018

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3 Responses

  1. Raj says:

    Can you please explain how come somebody lose double the amount of investment. Being a banker, I always thought my loss is restricted to the investment amount and may be bit of opportunity cost for the money investment but that’s notional in nature. Hard loss only the investment amount> Can the admin enlighten how to lose double the investment amount?

  2. Rad says:

    I tried reading 5 point after 3 Idiots but his hinglish totally put me off. After that never tried. But he is definitely very well educated so I’m surprised that he would do something like this and risk his image getting spoiled. Plus he is earning a lot so what is the need?

  3. Amanda says:

    Except for his first book 5 point someone, his other books were such a bore.. Now before reading his book, I can guess half the story .. The stories get repetitive and they appear to me like it’s written keeping film adaptation in mind rather than book readers… Chetan bhagat is an educated guy, such unprofessional behavior is unacceptable.. Now his books aren’t selling as much as they used to before.. He has great potential but, such unethical behavior is the last thing he needs for his career …

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