Blind Item 2 – December 2017

The blind item below is the latest one from Bollywood Life. We have to say that we were a little surprise by the blind item below. If you follow OSOP on a regular basis, you will know why once you read the blind item. Maybe it’s just a coincidence, but we had an open discussion post that was similar to this blind item in October.

Either way, this is nothing new in Bollywood and no, nothing will happen to him because all the industry insiders will join hands to protect him. It will take a lot more than just guts and confidence to be able to bring down the perverts of Bollywood. They all support one another, so it’s really hard to do.

Anyways, since we have already discussed this topic before, there’s nothing more to say. Just take a look at the blind item below.


Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item 2 – December 2017


This filmmaker is Bollywood’s very own Harvey Weinstein

Everyone knows he is a sleazeball


Harvey Weinstein has become the keyword of 2017 that opened the Pandora’s box to all things that are evil and wrong with the entertainment industry. The scandal that rocked Hollywood has sparked off un-ending debates on the ugly side of the glamour industry and power politics. People have confessed on how they have been left shaken by the warped mindsets of those in positions of power towards the fairer sex. The problem is huge and so deep-rooted that one Harvey Weinstein is just a tip of the iceberg. This debate on sexual objectification of women and misconduct has shaken a few bigwigs in Bollywood who have had the reputation of getting away with a lot of bad behaviour within the confines of their offices. However, it seems that one particular director, was not only shaken but also afraid of the lid being blown off his shenanigans, as a result of all the media attention on the subject. This director’s name was popular on the list of offenders who got away by their misconduct because of their power and position. A source recently spilled the beans about this man in his early ’40s who has kept a low profile ever since the Harvey scandal broke in Hollywood. Starlets and actresses have discussed how he sends them objectionable messages at 3-4 am. The problem with him is so deep that no A-List actress or well-known actress wants to do a film with the director, unless she has a knight in shining armour as her leading man, who can bail her out if needed. This is why he has failed to sign up any A-list actress in recent years.

His overtures have annoyed many but no actress has come forward to complain about this creepy filmmaker. He had landed in a bit of a soup a few years ago when he tried too hard to woo a hot actress. It proved counter-productive as the lady not only managed to extract herself with flourish but also twisted his arm for considerable personal gain. She was furious and the incident was an open secret of sorts. The filmmaker has been around for quite some time now and has a filmy lineage as well. Can you guess who is this desi Harvey Weinstein?


OSOP Guesses

Director: Sajid Khan

Hot Actress: Bipasha Basu

Blind Item 2 – December 2017

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8 Responses

  1. Pav says:

    I might be wrong but I have a strong feeling that KJo could be harassing males – young and upcoming- in the industry. But whose gonna talk about it

    • Truth says:

      And Ekta Kapoor for Actresses in TV industry, though it’s hard to tell, in general, which actor/actress is doing it willingly and which are being trapped into doing so.

    • Anu says:

      he does, he does ask any male aspirant whos tried to audition for work at dharma. and kjo is quite open about it as well, on kwk season 5, he clearly said i do not have a directors casting couch in my office, read between the lines.

  2. Deep says:

    hahahahahhaaa….. and the same people who cursed Harvey would come to this tub-of-lards defense.. especially the likes of his sister…..but hey admin… the rumors in the past were that he is Gay….along with Ritesh D…..My gut tells me that he used jacqueline as a Beard…… and maybe he wanted to prove to himself that he is straight by sending those pics to Bips…most of the .men who are in the closet because they are scared for their image, are very twisted mentally…..

    • Shivanisd says:

      Hes 100 % NOT gay. He had affairs with jackie and urvashi dholakia and has harassed many actresses like bipasha. I feel he went extra harassy with bipasha bcuz of her sultry and hot image. Not blaming bips for it, just saying that indian men can be really sick and confuse a womans character with her image. If the item is true I hope he never directs or produces again!!

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