Best Performance (Female) of 2018

There have been many great performances this year for actresses in Indian films. As far as Hindi cinema goes, you know you can’t really count on the awards next year to do justice. They are most likely going to award the most popular commercial choice or KJo’s choice. It all depends on who is hosting the show.

Here are all the best performances from the ladies of Indian cinema. Make a choice and pick your favourite.

The Telugu choices were a bit difficult to find because their searches gave out weird results, including Best actress in a prostitute role!

Best Female Performance of 2018 in an Indian Film


Best Performance (Female) of 2018



Best Performance (Female) of 2018



Best Performance (Female) of 2018



Best Performance (Female) of 2018



Best Performance (Female) of 2018

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15 Responses

  1. Ananya says:

    Last year I was disappointed in so many celebs that I loved. I no longer look at them through rosy eyes, never did but then you’d like to believe them as humans with flaws. With some, I’ve gone beyond that point to hate them.

    But last year many did make me proud on screen. Most of them gave great performances. It’s going to be tough for a real jury to pick one winner of all these talents. But yeah like admin said, it’s mostly going to be Kjo jury, so we know. In my eyes all of them are winners this year.

    My favourites were
    Keerthy Suresh (Mahanati)
    Deepika Padukone (Padmavati)
    Rani Mukherji (Hichki)
    Tapsee (Mulk)
    Anushka (Pari)

    Jaysurya (Njan Marykutty)
    Gajaji Rao (Badhaai Ho)
    Ranveer Singh (Padmavati)
    Vicky Kaushal (Raazi, Manmarziyan)
    Dulquer (Mahanati)

    Personally I hope Keerthy and Jaysurya wins National award.
    Ranveer wins best actor, Gajaji Rao wins critics best actor.
    Deepika and Rani win best actress, Tapsee and Anu win critics best actress.

    • LondonThumakda says:

      I agree, I only watched 4 Hindi movies this year – padmaavat, stree, manto and andhadhun and loved all we really are in some sort of golden phase in bollywood…i wanted to see tumbbad it looks really really interesting but i couldnt catch it in london and they havent shown it on tv sadly..

      i’m pleasantly surprised so many commenters here watch south movies. i’ve been meaning for a while to try malayalam movies… do you have any recommendations (not necessarily recent ones, i’ve heard about bangalore days and the original dhrishyam, open to any more suggestions!)

  2. Ana says:

    i loved both Tabu and Ayushman in Andhadhun but was disappointed to fnd out that movie was “inspired” lifted from a french short movie.. why cant they be original ever? So my vote for Nina ji, her entire career in bwood has been very impressive.

  3. Sara says:

    Tabu in Andhadhun was the best this year. I liked also Neena Gupta in badhai ho. Alia was ok in Raazi but she is too over rated. Deepika is a decent actress but she was really bad in Padmavat. Whole movie she was staring with wildly open eyes and I’m not even talking about her bad dialogue delivery. She was good in Piku and cocktail

  4. Samantha says:

    Alia was wayyyyy over rated! She was the weakest link in an otherwise good Raazi..

    Ditto fr Deepika! She is nt over rated; but a very very mediocre actress. she was as bad as Shahid in Padmavat.

    best actress: Hands down, Tabu or even Surekha Sikri/Nina Gupta fr Badhaai ho

  5. kala says:

    Tabu,Alia ,Tapsee,Radhika,Sanya,Rani …all better actresses than Deepika……anyday…lmao…that here she is voted second……

  6. Taraa says:

    Deepika lmfao

  7. Melvin says:

    Tabu… She was so brilliant in Andhadhun

  8. Neep says:

    It’ll be, who else, Alia. In all KwK episodes there’s the question-Who is the better actor? Deepika or Alia? It’s kjo’show so the answer is Alia. Even when he interviewed the Baahubali team, where everyone said their favourite was Deepika, the answer to the infamous question was Alia! Contradictory or what? Kjo, Alia is a fine actor, you don’t have to manipulate her or public opinion But you have deep insecurity issues so you act this way, for shame.

  9. NewGirl says:

    Has anyone watched the Roundtable with the actresses?

    • Lucy says:

      It was cringeworthy.i was looking forward to it after the actors round table.deepika tapsee and tabu were the only one with conversation manners of not interrupting while someone else is speaking.especially Anushka and rani they both really need to learn basic manners.i was very very disappointed in Anushka I like her but she has this habit of not letting anyone complete their sentences.i wanted to listen to tabu but no one gave her a proper chance..rani was pure disgusting with her women should be responsible for her own safety she gonna teach her two year old krav maga to defend herself against perverts.but it was expected as her brother has been arrested on rape and molestation charges.they could have got neena Gupta or radhika apte instead.infact Sonam would have been better instead of rani.

    • NewGirl says:

      Yes, Rani was cringefest! I am glad she has been called out by many on twitter for the same.

      I had no idea her brother was charged for rape. yuck

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