Are you ready for some monkey love?

Let’s start by saying that the term or rather nickname “monkey” was given to him by his third wife. We are not calling him names. Let’s get that out there before his one-fan comes here and starts blasting us. Alright, so apparently Karan Singh Grover, also known as Bipasha Basu‘s husband, is looking for some love. Are you in?

Are you ready for some monkey love

We were wondering how many more turns and headlines they will give this story and here it is! It seems Bips and her hubby are not getting any projects together. They were supposed to do a reality show, that didn’t work out. They aren’t really getting anymore endorsements together, aside from protect your inner monkey ad. Karan was supposed to go back to TV, but don’t know what happened to that. This is what he’s up to, in case you are wondering:

I am putting a lot of time into art, painting, and music. I have a lot of paintings ready, and hopefully, we will exhibit them soon. I have been writing songs and a few songs are ready too, and they should soon be on their way.

If you are wondering what’s Bips take on this, here’s what he has to say:

One day, Bipasha saw my painting, and said, β€˜It’s really nice. Why don’t you focus on it? Not many people can do this.’ It made sense and gave me the right kind of encouragement.”

It sounds like Karan was busy wasting time doing nothing because this is usually what parents tell their teenage kids when they don’t want them to get into trouble by smoking or doing drugs during their spare time.

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6 Responses

  1. Bollyzone says:

    This relationship will head south soon unless these two don’t focus on building a career. Pyaar se pet nahi bharta and in the world they live in, their lifestyle is next level.

  2. Amanda says:

    Bipasha should focus on taking some good movies and Karan should look for good TV soaps… Thats their domain…And for once they should stop telling the world how much in love they are and focus on individual work..

  3. prvilla says:

    Oddly the W shaped symbol looks like the Logo of a very famous South Korean band called WINNER..If any of you are on the prowl for good music,check them may not be everyone’s cup of tea though and yes the language barrier is there but good music is universal..anyhow it’s what came to mind!

  4. Zaara says:

    Or to keep your husband away from having an affair!

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