Anirban Blah sent his suicide note to Times of India before making the move

In a very cowardly attempt to run away from what he did, Anirban Blah tried to kill himself earlier this morning after midnight. For reasons best known to him, he sent out his suicide note to Times of India before going over to Vashi bridge to jump. TOI acted fast and contacted the police, who then sent their people over to Vashi bridge to watch out for him coming. They stood by there and waited for him and as soon as he reached the area, they caught him and brought him to the police station.

Anirban Blah sent his suicide note to Times of India before making the move


As per the earlier news articles, the police acted on a tip-off that he was going to commit suicide and went over to the bridge to wait for him for about 45 minutes. Clearly, these police people know their job and are not like the police in Bollywood films at all.

So, it seems that the allegations about him must be worst than what we are all hearing. He truly is fearing the worst. Maybe his family had no idea and they found out from the media, like all of us did. What shame, right? How can you fix that? He has done some horrible things and only now, he realises the shame that his wife and kids feel. The problem is, he didn’t commit this sin once but many many times. He has traumatised so many girls, so this is not something that can easily be forgiven or forgotten.

Hopefully, this really did happen and it’s not some ploy to get people to feel sorry for him. This is what we are side-eyeing:

Anirban Blah sent his suicide note to Times of India before making the move

Would a man so distraught name his position and company just before he tried to kill himself? When you are depressed and out of it, the answer would probably be, “I don’t want to live anymore. I want to die.” You won’t find the strength to say, I am Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, a company that makes software.Β 

Well, it’s not fair to judge, so let’s go with: only he knows what he did and what his true intentions are.


Here’s the note Anirban Blah sent to Times of India:

Anirban Blah sent his suicide note to Times of India before making the move

Anirban Blah sent his suicide note to Times of India before making the move

So all this time, he was happily violating girls, misusing his power – as he mentioned above, but when his sins were made public, suddenly he realises he is a monster and maybe has bipolar? He is forgetting that everyone knew what he has been doing all this while. Clearly, he wants back in the company and can’t bear to be rejected. Once a man has had the taste of power the way he has, he will find it difficult to live without it.

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16 Responses

  1. Shilpa says:

    Would it be possible to publish comments in reverse order? The latest ones on top? The way it’s published now one needs to keep scrolling down to read the new ones.

  2. NewGirl says:


    My heart goes out to his poor kids. Like they didnt have enough problems, now they have to deal with this shit.

  3. Rashmi says:

    He does not think about the victims, who thinks about them? all those accused of sexual harassment carefully whitewash their image through the media. Nana Patekar and Vikas Bahl are examples of this. this is all India. This is all Bollywood. The so-called “victims” males are very thin manipulators, they are capable of any meanness to get out of dry water

  4. Tina says:

    Lets break this down, shall we?

    So he leaves a suicide note, but not for his loved ones or his victims, but to the largest circulating English language newspaper in India. The newspaper is alarmed enough to call the police, but not discreet enough to not publish the suicide note, considering that it came from a person claiming to be suicidal, bipolar and raped/molested as a child. Is TOI unethical, or did TOI have express permission to do so?

    Moreover he doesn’t just commit suicide at home or in some private place, but in full view of public, in a public space – and specifically identifies this place in his letter. HE ALSO MENTIONS THAT HE WILL WEAR BLUE SHIRT AND BLUE JEANS. He also selects ‘jumping’ off a bridge as his choice of attempt to suicide. Any other form of suicide – hanging, laying on tracks, taking poison etc, and it would potentially harm him even if interrupted midway. But attempt to jump off a bridge after warning that he will jump off a bridge?

    ASSUMING he wrote an email (+5 minutes) AND NOT SNAIL MAILED IT,, TOI gets it, reads it, discusses it, validates the source, reaches out to right authority within the company, and makes a decision to call the police (+45 minutes). The police listens to them, notes down the details, makes their own decision, calls the police at that location, explains to them, and they reach the spot (+30 minutes). The police waits there (+45 minutes), and ‘Blah’man turns up at leisure. So basically, at least 2 hours after he might have emailed the letter.

    Then there is the suicide note itself. There are at least 23 references to his own self and his suffering (just counting “I”, and “me”), and 7 references to the general readers (“you”) and no reference, ABSOLUTELY NO REFERENCE TO ANY OF HIS VICTIMS OR THEIR SUFFERING. Its all, me, me, me, me, I, I, I, my, my, my. Talk about megalomania and intense narcissism, and complete lack of empathy with the victims.

    Then the pathetic excuses – oh he’s bipolar!!! oh, he was abused as a child!!!! OH MY GOD, HE HAS SO MUCH LOVE TO GIVE!!!! Cry Me a River!!! The ”Bipolar’ part never interfered with his work. The abuse didn’t affect his general day-to-day life, BUT hey it made him rape and abuse women!!! How bl00dy convenient!

    I will just repeat what Deepak said “Full nautanki saala”!!

    • Anon says:

      This needs to be published on TOI instead.

    • Hmmm says:

      Fantastic and well articulated @Tina. That guy is just creating drama and feeling sorry for himself. No thought for his victims or his innocent family.

    • Two cents says:

      Totally agree. Good profiling. This does needs to be published on TOI.

    • LondonThumakda says:

      Tina you should post this on social media or somewhere. Classic signs of sociopathic behaviour, complete lack of empathy. How did he ever think people would not see through this? How did he survive in PR for so long, this is a PR disaster!

  5. Rad says:

    This is just an equivalent of ‘I hear voices’. Childhood problems, bipolar, monster in my head.. is there anything he left out? Mr Blah nobody is fooled. Carry on with your drama if you like, but we all now know you for what you are.

  6. Venus says:

    Lol , what a badly done escape plan,does he think people are stupid to believe his fake suicide attempt.How did he even get into PR,he seems clueless

  7. Monalisa says:

    Dude, where was your conscience when you were exploiting and preying on women?

  8. Deepak says:

    Full nautanki saala…

  9. Jeeia says:

    i dont know why but this looks like a sympathy gaining tatic. how can some1 tip-off police about a suicide which is only known to the person who is going to commit it…i mean know one goes around announcing the same.

  10. Lucy says:

    Admin,my gut feeling tells he has done way worse than casting couch.i have had my doubts since that anonymous victim said he asked her to be part of an unnatural sex act.i think he has committed more gruesome crimes and is afraid that others will come out with it soon.

  11. Amanda says:

    This looks like a fiction.. Can’t believe that he wanted to commit suicide.. Creeps hardly feel guilty about anything…

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