2018 – September – Blind Item 2

This must be the third blind item about this girl. She is the daughter of a famous, but out of luck director. In the first two blind items, it was said how she has been thoroughly enjoying the attention that the actors in her dad’s film were showing her in the hope that she would speak to daddy dearest and have their roles extended. Have you seen the trailer of this film? It’s a mess! At this point, the director should know that the audience is not interested in seeing this kind of films anymore. How much more money can he waste?

Anyways, this blind item is about his beti dearest. Yes, we know the girl is trying to get lucky with every man on this film, but does she have to shout on rooftops to let us know what is happening. What is it with these women and the men that they are managing to land? Keep your lusty stories to yourself. Yes, we are referring to that casting director, who also thinks that it is OK to go around telling people who she managed to sleep with.

Did they not get enough attention in school? Were boys not showing attention to them? Because a well-mannered lady won’t do these things and then, tell random people about it in a showing off way. Hopefully the men don’t end up bitter and they know what she is doing because her dad ain’t making hit films anymore! Check out the blind item from Mumbai Mirror.



Bollywood Blind Item

2018 - September - Blind Item 2


THIS young and ambitious daughter of a filmmaker is making the most of her daddy’s stars. She has been rumoured to be dating all of them at some point or the other. While she was spotted having dinner with the lead actor, she has promised a three-film deal to another good-looking actor in the film. A third actor confessed he was hit on by her, too. Oh well, all we can say is, we love women who behave like men.


OSOP Guesses

Daughter: Nidhi Dutta

Filmmaker: JP Dutta

Film: Paltan

2018 - September - Blind Item 2


2018 - September - Blind Item 2

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1 Response

  1. Tina says:

    “Oh well, all we can say is, we love women who behave like men.”

    What is wrong with Mumbai Mirror? Its creepy enough when men do it, why would it be okay for women to do it?

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