2018 – November – Blind Item 2

This has been coming for a while now, the outing of this leading male star. As we have told you, with the number of blind items being released about him, there is a huge chance his time will be over soon. As per the blind item below from Mumbai Mirror, he found out a website was going to out him with their discoveries and he is using his money and clout to make sure that doesn’t happen. The more details that come out about him, it gets even more disgusting because now it’s not hearsay, all this actually did happen.

Hopefully, he doesn’t win and the website gets to out him. But knowing how these things work, it will be difficult. Back then, someone we knew had gone through a detailed investigation about a crime that a superstar committed years ago. He published it on his website and soon enough when the article was getting noticed, he was sent a notice and asked to remove the page or he will have to shut down the whole website. What these stars have is money and what these websites have are stories – news-worthy stories.

Maybe that’s why they have been releasing these blind items about him on the sly. If you remember, there was a case in the UK about the owner of TopShop, Philip Green. He too has been harassing and abusing his employers for years. This UK-based paper was about to out him when he found out about it and went to get an injunction to stop the paper from publishing their reports. His name was revealed in parliament and the media went crazy about it. Rightly so, because for quite a while all they could do is publish blind items to let the world know what a horrible man he is.

2018 - November - Blind Item 2

2018 - November - Blind Item 2


Let’s see what will happen with this actor. Fingers-crossed, all of his victims get justice. It will certainly be quite a big case. If the website manages to crack this one, more and more stories will follow suit about different high-profile celebrities. The problem now is, there have been women who willingly indulged with him, others who gave in because they had no choice, some who refused and never got to work with him again and lastly, the ones with whom he had affairs with spanning for more than a year. If word gets out that this is what he does with every woman, then all of these actresses are going to be worried that their reputation is going for a toss – all because of him.

His ex-girlfriend was right about him. When she found out he was cheating on her, she said that his parents let him treat women like if they are toys – moving from one girl to the other. Some girls willingly agreed while for the others, he had to get engaged to them before. You have to understand that for him, this was a play to ‘get’ what he wanted while for the girls, they ended up losing more than they bargained for. If only, the law that pays these types of guys pay existed at that time, all these women would have pounced on him. He has always been such a slimy human being. If he has an addiction, he should get treatment. Everyone at his home must be panicking when these allegations will drop, especially his wife. Everything that they have worked so hard to create, their family image, will go up in flames once he is outed.

Check out the blind item below from Mumbai Mirror.


Bollywood Blind Item

2018 - November - Blind Item 2


LIKE everyone and their aunt, we, too, are waiting for more MeToo stories to come out of Bollywood. We all know of several unscrupulous leading men who have used their success to exploit vulnerable young women trying to make it in the business. The names are all well known, and the time to call them out is now. Except, this is turning out to be a tall ask, and indeed a very expensive one. We know that one leading website is investigating a well-known sexual predator superstar. The word on him is that he has bedded every female star he has worked with, and then some, despite his public image of a doting husband and family man. The actor has got wind of the website’s story and is doing everything in his power to stall its research. It is said that he has spent the last month spending multiple crores of gag money, ensuring that all their leads go nowhere. But the news portal seems determined. And we can hardly wait.


OSOP Guess

Star: Akshay Kumar

2018 - November - Blind Item 2

2018 - November - Blind Item 2

2018 - November - Blind Item 2

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4 Responses

  1. Sheena says:

    WHich website is investigating him and which one was made to take down?

  2. Pooja says:

    I badly wanted to samebody out this akki,lallu,bhusan Kumar like disgusting

  3. Sam says:

    This sleazebag deserves to be outed. I wish all the ladies enough strength to rise above their fears of loss of reputation and out him. It’s bad enough that so many women have suffered because of him. No one else should have to.

  4. Lucy says:

    He did it to every single one,got engaged or in case of Ravenna was gossiped that he secretly married her in a farmhouse.means he emotionally manipulated these women as well their families to just have sex.he could have gone for paid sex but no he wanted to emotionally mess them up.shilpa shetty talked about him in big brother how she lost her virginity to this costar who then went around town and told each and everyone about them.pathetic pervert and now has the guts to project him as a bharat kumar.

    I hope actresses like vidya,tapsee know what they are doing by agreeing to work with him.they will have a hard time explaining why they worked with him after hearing the rumours and them having no majboori as such.

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