2018 – March – Bollywood Blind Item 7

Rajeev Masand’s blind item for this week is a bit funny, at least to us. It seems that actors are ready to travel long distance just to get an award that probably is not a big deal. They like going the distance just to pick up an award. We are sure they don’t even make that effort for other things except attending award shows and picking up useless awards. Unless the award producers are paying their trip, that’s a different story.

This actor has not really happened. He had a good role once and that was it. He was in good company and as soon as he messed up, he became like Zika Virus, as in people in Bollywood were avoiding him. In the blind item below, Rajeev addresses the rumours that this actor was involved with the wife of a star. He said, “allegedly”, which means that he himself doesn’t know! As far as we know, these two were good friends and even his wife was close to her. They enjoyed a particular recreational activity and got most of Bollywood into doing that as well.

Lately, he has been looking better. Either he cleaned up his act or got a good skin and cosmetic doctor. Still, his career is not going anywhere. We find it funny about what happened in Rajeev’s blind item. The dude thinks so much of himself that he wanted to remind the audience of his supposedly great acting. In his 17-years of “acting”, he has had about 32 flops. That’s quite something! Nothing more to say on him, check out the blind item below by Rajeev Masand.



Bollywood Blind Item

2018 - March - Bollywood Blind Item 7

Nothing Unreasonable About It

A reasonably popular actor—whose currency took a nosedive after he allegedly got involved with an A-lister’s missus—was recently invited to attend a film award ceremony in the Middle East. The good-looking star demanded that a showreel of his work be played before he was presented with the award, and reportedly went mental when the video could not be played for technical reasons.

Eye-witnesses say he refused to take responsibility for the fact that it was his team that sent the video in an incompatible format. The organisers claimed they had alerted his team a few days earlier that the file wasn’t playing, but no effort was made to replace it. The star would listen to no excuses. He went on a tireless tirade in full public view, and reduced two interns to tears.

For his own part, he has clarified that he didn’t “push” for his showreel to be played. All winners had been asked to submit a video. He commissioned—“at considerable cost”—a video to be produced. He claims the organisers didn’t ditch the video because it didn’t work, but because other actors hadn’t submitted theirs and they thought it would be “awkward” to play only his. “Not fair,” he insists, admitting that he lost his cool—but for good reason.


OSOP Guesses

Actor: Arjun Rampal

A-Lister: Hrithik Roshan

Awards: Masala Awards


2018 - March - Bollywood Blind Item 7

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17 Responses

  1. lince says:

    its shocking that this guy is an actor and has survived for so many years.he cant ACT ……period

  2. lince says:

    worst actor in d history of bollywood

  3. leap says:

    Arjum always seemed a bit too full of himself from the first time i saw his interview with simi way back so not surprised.

  4. naughtytrini says:

    Arjun’s downfall was because of his wife’s big mouth. She made bad all relationships he had going with the stars. She must be was a superstar model or whatever but that was maybe before my time.She thinks she is God’s gift to the world and she is a nobody. I hope Arjun really leave her and really start over. He had that ruggish look that I loved. He is really a good looking hunk of a man. I can clearly see why his wife whored him out.

  5. goldengirl says:

    Arjun is good looking but not a hero material. There is something seriously wrong with him and his wife that all stars and their wives have maintained a distance from him and Mehar. Also, its also about paid foreign vacations more than an award. who doesn’t like to visit exotic places for free?

  6. Amanda says:

    There was a time when rampal was considered a huge star, though I don’t remember him doing any memorable role… He was invited on every award function and performed on stage with A list actresses……

    Now he is irrelevant and nobody cares what he does. He used to run night clubs and I read he had filed for bankruptcy… Maybe his team never bothered to replace the video because they just don’t care like most of us…

    • Monalisa says:

      I think his closeness with SRK catapulted him to A-list category. Arjun and Mehr were seen at every party that SRK threw and were part of the it gang along with HR and Suzanne. I think he fell out with SRK after Mehr spoke out about the small and insignificant role he got in Ra-one. And then HR and he fell out over the alleged affair between Suzanne and him. That put an end to his association with the A-list crowd, thus his career also suffered without the SRK camp. IMO Arjun’s national award winning performance in Rock on was over-hyped.

      • Pepeas says:

        I agree. Especially when one sees the superb performances given each year by regional-language actors. Mediocre Hindi cinema hypes itself too much, on the whole.

      • Deepak says:

        Hi Lisa, I remember the fall out was because Mehr had asked SRK to clarify the rumors about him and PC during a party that was hosted by Gauri…. Gauri, Susanne and Mehr were very good friends.. but I think SRK then gave an ultimatum to his wife to maintain distance from the Rampals because he did not like them poking into his personal matter…..Don’t think Ra-one had anything to do with it, because the tabloids were full on with SRK-PC rumor at that time…

        • Pepeas says:

          Actually, Arjun and SRK had an affair and that’s how Arjun landed the villain role in Ra-One. I remember that industrywalas were a bit perplexed that he was cast when there were other, more suitable actors. Then his role shrank and he was bitter about it, which pissed off SRK who felt the film comes first, nothing was unnecessarily chopped, and Arjun should have been more grateful and trusted SRK’s judgement. And the final nail in the coffin was Mehr questioning SRK at a party in his own house, about why he had invited PC. She was standing up for Gauri but the consequences hurt her and Arjun.

          • kats says:

            how do you know for sure Arjun and SRK had an affair? I do not believe SRK is bi.

          • Deepak says:

            He actually is a Bi . he was introduced by Vivek Vaswani, who is gay.. both of them had an affair/relationship….. I don’t care about anybody’s sexuality though.. just mine 😉

    • Monalisa says:

      So the bottom line is SRK made Arjun’s career and when he fellout with him, lost his career.

    • Shilpa says:

      On SRK, he and gauri are back to making appearances together . Looks like they are giving their relationship another chance now that the PC saga is over. I don’t remember when was the last time SRK and gauri had stepped out together minus the kids.

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