2018 – March – Blind Item 3

It has been a very interesting week for this senior actor. Not for him, but for us! First, snippets from his unauthorised biography are doing the rounds in the media. The most interesting or rather inhumane part has been shared with the media. It was quite surprising to read it because everyone says that this guy is a nice guy and might just be one of the nicest guys in this industry. Little did we know that he wasn’t such a nice guy to his late wife. You know, this might just be the case with guys who are nice to everyone else but are horrible to their loved ones.

This episode in his life was never spoken about, which is why it made for an interesting read. The actor is super mad and is threatening to sue the author of this biography. Apparently, the unauthorised book has shed some light on how this actor treated his late wife, who was going through cancer at that time. He was in love with an actress that he was working with at the time and neglected his wife. She went to seek treatment on her own and when she was cured from cancer, she thought that he would be happy and would welcome her with open arms. He didn’t even go to the airport to welcome her. They already had a daughter then. It’s no wonder that this guy’s in-laws fought for custody of their granddaughter when the wife passed away. We were wondering why this supposedly nice guy had to fight for custody of his daughter from his in-laws.

Anyways, this blind item is from BollywoodLife and is about the current situation of this guy’s career. These days, he’s only getting the cameras on him when he goes to restaurants or gets out of restaurants. There was that one night when his daughter didn’t want to face the cameras and he forcefully pulled her face so that the cameras can get pictures of them together. It’s almost as if he called the paps there to get shots of him being a great dad. We betchya, that little girl will grow up to resent the cameras!

Check out the blind item below from BL. By the way, we have a feeling that this project will never take off. This production house only used this actress’ death as a reason to stop production, but we don’t see it happening. At least, not until their other big budget film is done shooting and is released in theatres. Ironically, the actress that we referred to above, who the actor was in love with, has been called to replace the actress who passed away suddenly. This decision was just made earlier this week. Read on to find out more.

Bollywood Blind Item

2018 - March - Blind Item 3


This senior actor has slashed his fee by half due to lack of work

Bollywood can be fatally alluring. Once you are in it, you don’t feel like being anywhere else. It tempts you, especially when at one point of time, you were the reigning superstar. But times have relegated you to be a jaded one. So what do you do? Well, this senior actor thinks the best way is to slash his price. The actor has been a big name in the industry during his youth.

Even when he was past his prime, he had managed to get everyone’s appreciation by doing some good work. But life hasn’t been too kind to him. He has seen a lot of ups and downs. Now the situation is such that, to resurrect his failing career, he is even ready to quote half the price.

The actor recently had a release which bombed at the box office. The buzz around the film was good, but poor execution ruined its fate. This debacle really hit him hard because he wanted to start his second innings on a successful note. He was infamous for his run-ins with the law and this particular film was supposed to give his career a new lease of life.

But nothing of that sort happened. Producers it seems, are wary of his box office pull now, after the debacle. His wife was known to manage his work. He has also gone to a veteran filmmaker, who is known to make multi-starrer war films, and promised to slash his fees if he is cast in his movies.

Now he has put all his hopes on a film by a popular production house. The film too was in a limbo for a few months, before it got a clearance from this leading producer. An actress’ sudden death had also threatened to slow down the film but it seems all that has been sorted out.


OSOP Guesses

Senior Actor: Sanjay Dutt

Limbo Film: Shiddat

Actress’ Death: Sridevi

2018 - March - Blind Item 3

2018 - March - Blind Item 3

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16 Responses

  1. Shivanisd says:

    He is a sick man. He got over his addiction issues but in his mind he is sick. I love his father. He is nothing like him!! A good father, a good husband, handsome and humble. His sister namrata is more like their dad.

  2. Pepeas says:

    Yup, he’s not at all as “pure” and “good-hearted” as people make him out to be. Apart from his trouble with the law, his attitudes to women are really neanderthal. Deserting Richa when she had cancer. Ranting in the media about how women who don’t take their husband’s name are disrespectful and bad wives (a very public dig at his sister). Being nasty on KWK when asked about Madhuri. He said something like ab bohaut ho gaya, ghar pe baitho aur bacchon ko dekho. Why don’t you do take your own advice, Sanju Baba? God, I dread how whitewashed the biopic, will be!

  3. Universal says:

    Why he needs to do all these stuff? Aren’t they making a biopic on him as if he is some legend?

  4. leap says:

    oh so the truth is he had already moved on with madhuri . I saw in an old documentary where he said he couldn’t see her in that condition so didnt go. oh the lies he said thn. the hell his wife had to go through alone poor woman,
    @admin Also is it true that madhuri asked the dutt bio maker raju not to include her part in the film??

  5. Tina says:

    “But life hasn’t been too kind to him.”

    Media needs to stop with this BS. Rich brat who turned into a drug addict. A bad husband, brother, son and father. Abusive. Alcoholic. Involved with mafia. Helped in a terrorist attack on his own country.

    Yet he got so many chances again and again, even though he can barely dance or act. Life has been very very KIND to him. God forbid a woman speaks up in Bollywood and they try to label her crazy and run her out of town.

    • bucketbot says:

      Exactly life has indeed been very kind and so have the people around him, always making excuses for him so as to resurect his career. It is he who made bad choices several times, like helping terrorists and he got away leniently for that too, with the not so rigouress prison sentence. He got way too many allowances. He was the one who made mistakes and deserves the blame for them. Terrible father and husband just tell you what kind of person he is in real life. Nasty person.

  6. Deepu says:

    Sanju baba and Madhuri were in a relationship and he used to call her Motu as nickname. Eye witness account

    • Pooja says:

      Even joker krk said he saw them many times in flight restaurants n mall of Dubai’s kissing n holding hold they have spend many vacation together in Dubai n its unfair to biopic if madhuri chapter not add to.he tweeted all this when news of madhuri chapter not going to part of film announced.he is crack but most of times what he tweet r true event.

  7. Pooja says:

    Sametime its make me think how powerful male actor are n how powerless female actor like parwin babi,pz,kangana directly or indirectaly director have made film or series on them but nobody have guts to show real face of bw actor like lallu n sanjay dutt who done so much.I know dutt biopic making but its end just like azar.he send divorce notice to wife richa who already fighting with cancer.but he is man with golden heart like lallu.

    • Monalisa says:

      @pooja Dutt biopic is going to show him as a victim of circumstances in his life. Sanjay’s involvment and Hirani’s friendship with Sanjay will not allow them to make an unbiased and objective movie. It will be more like a propaganda movie.

      • Pooja says:

        That’s what I’m saying like azar cricketer who involved in spot fixing show innocent in biopic film.

  8. Rashmi says:

    so did Sanjay and Madhuri really have an affair? Mads fans say it’s gossip. That Sanjay was really in love with Madhuri, but there was no intimate relationship between them. What to believe?

    • Hmmm says:

      From memory Sanjay Dutt and his sisters in some of their quotes implied that Queen Madz and Sanjay dutt were involved. She dumped him after the 1993 controversy. These two were the brangelina of their time.

      • Rashmi says:

        I also remember it …. but Mads fans claim that the affair was not. allegedly Sanjay was in love with Mads, but Mads rejecting him, there was a scandal, there were gossip, then Madhuri married and left for another country because of gossip. but there is no smoke without fire. fans (of any actor) confuse me sometimes, they say that they follow his life, but in fact they can not know everything

        • Hmmm says:

          I’m a huge Queen Madz fan but even i believe something happened between the two. She just chose her career over his scandals. It always seemed he was probably more in love with her then she with him and still holds somewhat of a torch for her where as she has moved on and found happiness Dr Nene.

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