2018 – June – Bollywood Blind Item 10

Today’s first blind item is by Rajeev Masand. Actually, it’s not today’s blind item, it’s from Friday’s but since we were in an Eid briyani coma we are only getting to share it today. We apologise for the delay. Ironically, the day before another blind item came out about the same subject. That blind item was from Mumbai Mirror, so we are adding it as the second blind item of today after this blind item on the same post because how many ways can we twist and turn the same story?

So, the blind items are about this young actor, who has already landed himself in trouble before he began shooting for his first film. You all know this story and why he is in this mess. While the family of his ex must be cursing him for her not being here anymore, he surely must be cursing her for all the trouble he got after she was gone. He totally seems to be the type of person to be able to think like this.

He was lucky that he assisted Bollywood‘s Ultimate Godfather on the sets of a big-budget Yash Raj film. On a drunken night as he was about to call it a night, Godfather told this boy that he will launch him in a film produced by his home production. The boy started training for the film and by training, we don’t mean that he went to an acting school; he went to learn different types of fighting. It’s similar to what Tiger Shroff did. Soon after, tragedy struck and the boy found himself deep in a mess that he never ever could have dreamt of.

Credit should be given to the Ultimate Godfather because despite being an old man, he didn’t forget his promise to this boy. He also didn’t listen to the advice of the people surrounding him regarding this boy. By this time, the boy was already bad news but still Godpapa gave the go-ahead for his debut film to start pre-production and then, they started shooting for the film. The film released and subsequently, flopped in 2015. Maybe Godfather thought that other people in the industry would want to give this boy a chance, it did happen but nothing materialised. Looking back now, we don’t know whether it was all smoke and mirrors because there were news of so many film offers he got, but nothing came true.

The boy didn’t get any work for three years. What did he do? He went back to GodAppa and asked him for help. At the same time, there was also this girl who was waiting for  Godpapa to launch her. The girl happens to be the sister of Godpapa’s ex, so he just decided to kill two bucks with one stone and launch the boy and the girl in the same film. Actually, the girl was supposed to be launched in Godfather’s bro-in-law’s film but he decided not to go ahead with casting her because her Hindi diction was still not good. Now, both the boy and the girl are getting to work in this dance film that will be shot in London. It makes sense because the girl cannot pass off for being Indian because she doesn’t look like one and also because she is not one! Strangely, Kalki Koechlin is not Indian but can pass off as one because she grew up in the South of India and can speak a bunch of Indian languages.

This is why Bhai is the Ultimate Godfather of Bollywood. We are not producers or financiers of films, but even we know that it is a huge risk to put money in a project like this. But Bhai no care, he does what he wants and puts his money where he wants. He’s already feeding so many mouths, so it’s not a big deal for him to add a few more to that list! By the way, we don’t know if a dance film is apt for this boy. We have seen him dance, he CAN dance but he got his emotions and expressions all wrong; there’s nothing. He looks like a robot dancing. Hopefully, he has worked on that and has improved by now.

Check out the blind items from Rajeev Masand and Mumbai Mirror.



Bollywood Blind Item 1

2018 - June - Bollywood Blind Item 10


In Need of a Bail-Out

This ‘bade dilwaala’ star has once again come to the rescue of this up-and-coming young actor whom he launched in a remake of a popular 80s hit. The failure of that film, and a serious legal case that the actor is involved in, pretty much put the brakes on his career, but his mentor has now bankrolled a new movie for the fella.

When his advisors recommended that he keep a safe distance from the kid who could be in serious trouble on account of the court case, the star instead pledged to stand by him. Insiders are saying he’s offered the services of his own battery of lawyers to the actor and his parents, and he’s making calls to pull strings wherever he can.

The mentor hasn’t been able to coax a reluctant film fraternity to cast the boy in new projects, but he’s offered to star in a film with him if that’s the only way he’ll get any outside work.


OSOP Guesses

Actor: Sooraj Pancholi

Star: Salman Khan

2018 - June - Bollywood Blind Item 10

Bollywood Blind Item 2

2018 - June - Bollywood Blind Item 10

AND finally, the film starring the long-in-waiting heroine and the troubled rogue hero has taken off. The duo, with the blessings of their larger-than-life mentor, has started shooting for their much talked about film. But we hear there is trouble on the sets already. Apparently, the hero is rather insecure about his pretty and classy heroine, and feels she is getting far more attention on the sets. So, he has gone running and ranting to the mentor. Mentorji asked him to calm down and take a few deep breaths. He then gave him a pep talk and sent him packing to the film’s set.


OSOP Guesses

Heroine: Isabelle Kaif

Hero: Sooraj Pancholi

Mentor: Salman Khan

2018 - June - Bollywood Blind Item 10

2018 - June - Bollywood Blind Item 10

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8 Responses

  1. Universal says:

    Every time I read this guys name and how he is being supported by ultimate godfather, I feel bad for Jiah Khan.

  2. naughtytrini says:

    It is good that we have the internet and we can know the sordid affairs of these wannabes actors. I hope the film flop big time and maybe that would end Isabelle chances of acting in any other movies and she can go back to wherever she and her trashy sister is from. I think salman is killing two birds with one stone, he really doesnt want to launch isabelle but kat is forcing him to do so and he knows with all that drama around her hero a lot of people may choose not to go see his movie and as such the movie would flop and he could just say heck what? I tried and done away with both of them.

  3. Tina says:

    “Insiders are saying he’s offered the services of his own battery of lawyers to the actor and his parents, and he’s making calls to pull strings wherever he can.”

    GRAPHIC DESCRIPTION ALERT: Please stop reading here, if you don’t think you can handle blood and gore description.

    Let me just remind everyone of what Sooraj Pancholi did. He put his hands inside his bleeding girlfriend’s body, pulled out the fetus (his own baby) and flushed it down the toilet. This is the man, Salman wants us to accept in morally upstanding, romantic, protective BF/brother/son hero roles that are typical of Bollywood. He then coldly dropped her, and refused to take her calls. Depressed and distressed, she wrote a letter reminding him of his promises of love and killed her self.

    Salman thinks that is okay, because we accepted his woman abusing, animal killing (for fun), drunk driving, murdering, philandering ways – so might as well accept Sooraj too. All it takes is money, the right kind of PR, unethical lawyers and Sooraj can literally get away with murder.

    • Su says:

      Is it really true? Suraj really did that to his gf? flushing in toilet? I mean.. is it really really true? If yes then I have no hope for this humanity.

    • bucketbot says:


    • Amanda says:

      Jia deserved a good clinique to get the abortion done… I think she was emotionally wrecked after this incident .. Pregnancy and abortion causes hormonal changes and mood swings.. She needed solid support from her partner and counseling sessions to stabilize herself .. Unfortunately she is gone now and suraj might probably continue getting work because of salman .. Even jia’s mother never cared for her daughter until her death… I have no sympathy for her mom…

  4. Amanda says:

    Ultimate God Papa’s excessive indulgences can lead to a film like Race 3,where practically everyone was on his payroll… Salman should first access whether his employees/beneficiaries are really cut out for acting before he commits anything to them.. Remo D’souza’s dance movies are still not upto the mark(I couldn’t watch ABCD 2) and yet he gets to direct a full fledged action movies.. The reason why he kicked Abbas-Mustan out of RACE 3 is because he had refused Bazigar which went on to become a blockbuster with another super star…

    Some of interesting RACE 3 reviews that I read are –




    Heard Salman ghost directed this film …

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