2018 – July – Bollywood Blind Item 4

Since it’s a very slow news day today for blind items, we went out to search for the ones from last month that we did not share. This one comes from Hindustan Times in a collumn by Malavika Sangghvi. It is about this actress, who is breaking news everywhere these days. She is not breaking news for her career choices, but for her personal life. For all those, who have known her and have been fans of her, can attest to the fact that this lady is private. So to see her all out and about with her latest squeeze (they were squeezing hands) is quite a sight to see indeed. Could it be that she got tired of being in the shadows or rather being behind her king all these years that she is letting loose now? Or is it still very much of that PR-made relationship theory?

If it is the latter, they are definitely speeding things up because they know no one is buying it. Like the Sherbat-wala happening in Bollywood, things are speeding up. The question is, are they willing to take the biggest step of all to prove their love? Will they get engage or even married just to shut people up? Let’s see, but we doubt this will happen. It is funny to see them try all things like this, just to get attention. All of these PR-manufactured couples, it is ridiculous at this point. But hey, it’s their life so that’s on them and not us. Can’t really point a finger as to why these couples think they can fool people that easily. Their fans might be gullible, but what about the rest? Maybe they live in a bubble and can’t seem to comprehend our level of understanding between what’s reel and real.

Check out the blind item below from HT. By the way, this actress just announced that she has signed her next Hindi project. As this was quietly announced, another actress also chose to announce that she will have a small role in this big budget film that this actress has been signed on to, which coincidentally stars the other actress’ ex.


Bollywood Blind Item

2018 - July - Bollywood Blind Item 4


“It seems as if she’s trying to prove a point, na? After all, the last time around was so clandestine.” It was our usual film jasoos, commenting on the high-profile and much reported liaison between a leading Bollywood star with international credentials, and her younger American paramour, a singer-actor himself. The two had made a very public visit to India, and were then seen heading off in a PJ to Goa. The filmy jassoos who’d spent most of his life analysing the slightest nuance or change in the body language of stars, had found this newest couple’s PDA a trifle lacklustre. “Look, she’s a woman of the world and a very successful one at that, and no one has any right to judge her personal life, but even her friends in the industry are wondering if this new romance is not one of those ‘manufactured by publicists’ types — so prevalent in show business abroad,” said the filmy jassoos.

“You know, how, when a star’s career is waning or requires tweaking, an orchestrated for the media affair can often set things right?” he elaborated. Perhaps, you are right, we said to the FJ, but then what accounts for his meeting her mom at an upscale restaurant in Mumbai recently? Surely that points to something more tangible?

“He met her mum, because in India, that’s how these things are done. Now, the ‘romance’ has official sanction…” winked the FJ, all-knowingly.


OSOP Guesses

Actress: Priyanka Chopra

Singer-Actor: Nick Jonas

2018 - July - Bollywood Blind Item 4

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9 Responses

  1. naughyttrini says:

    at first when i started reading this, i thought this was about gauri lol then when i read the part of marriage i realized it wasnt about her. as for pc she is soaking up the attention, and i am glad for that because it kind of pushed out the fake drama between alia and ranbir, and then it makes me laugh how srk and gauri now are acting like teenagers and trying to show the world that they love each other and they are a happy family lol it so so laughable that pc have so much control over that family.

  2. Helen says:

    If the biological clock is ticking and ticking why worry??? You can always adopt a baby. Just saying. Peace.

  3. Pooja says:

    Who is other actress’s ex????

  4. yuri says:

    All see wants out of this is publicity. Nick Jonas really? She’s a power woman and power hungry at that, he’s small potatoes. No one believes it’s real except for a handful of naive fans. Frankly between her umpteen instagram selfies, especially her dental cleaning shot today, and faking a carefree relationship with this guy i’m embarrassed for her need for publicity and reassurance. Are things so bad in her life that she’s hit rock bottom and pulling out all the stops? Is this what it takes to be a superstar? how sad

  5. tina says:

    I think she wants a baby really bad. Her biological clock is ticking and she has always wanted kids and fawns over her nieces. My guess is either that she will get pregnant out of wedlock or have a quickie marriage, have a kid, and divorce. I don’t think she will ever settle down. She doesn’t seem the type. She will keep playing the field forever. Being a single mom will just add to the image she wants to portray of being a feminist, strong woman, modern, and one who plays by her own rules and can say FU to the world.

    A Jonas brother is a good partner to get that to happen for her. With that christianity stuff and that virginity promise or something he used to have and his brother also marrying quickly, he seems the type Priyanka can get what she wants from.

    • leaps says:

      @tina If what you say is valid and she want to portray the feminist, strong woman, modern, and one who plays by her own rules and can say FU to the world all she needs to do is go to sperm bank and she can have her pick of genes for the kid thats more badass. Also this will save her the paternity mess the hollywood couples end up having.

      It seems to be a more professionally symbiotic where she gets access approval of the american audience and he gets south Asians on board his side. its Hollywood both can get what their pr negotiates for them also their prenup would be something to read. same goes for aloo paratha and raymond these two are likely to beat the real couple RS/DP in who walks down the aisle first

  6. Letstry says:

    I think PC is ready to settle. She is 35 and accomplished on a pro level so what does she needs? Now whether nick is the guy or not i strongly doubt. Because of his past relationships with older women. Most of his long term relationship have been with older women yet when it was time to settle for real he broke them off. I feel like she is wasting her time but you never know.

    • sweettooth01 says:

      i think she ll settle down with a money bags producer or businessman..definitely not nick jonas..id be very much surprised if she ll settle down like tht after dating srk and seeing tht luxurious life….i mean nick jonas is not even tht famous..not even his insta has as many followers as hers..just a publicity stunt..max engaged and then call it off

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