2018 – April – Bollywood Blind Item 7

There is something very confusing about the blind item below. First, on the first read it looks like the blind item that was published some time back about an actor hooking up with an actress young enough to be his daughter. It’s like they mixed up that blind item and added some elements to it to make it look new and fresh. You all know what this means, right? That it’s fake and not true at all. Published by PinkVilla, this blind item speaks about this top actress and this foreign actor, who was quite fresh looking to Bollywood, but ended up looking tired and bloated since he was barred from entering India – Political stuffs!

The actor, who has lost the weight and is looking fresh, was in Dubai for a magazine that had this top actress on its cover. Also there, was this director who was said to be madly in love a great fan of this actor. He was literally chipkaoing (not chinkaraing – that’s a Bhai thing) with the actor. He really likes him a lot. The actor is also too well-mannered and polite to brush him off. The blind item below might have been concocted because someone was not getting enough attention from this actor. You all can guess who because who else will have PV on speed dial!


Bollywood Blind Item

2018 - April - Bollywood Blind Item 7


Married actor hooks up with this Bollywood diva on foreign shores yet again

Bollywood is known for its dirty gossip! Stories about an actor or actress’ extramarital affairs and one night stands often grab all the eyeballs. And while the audience is stunned and shocked about it, the industry insiders have come to terms with this practice! Generally, their reaction to it is – Iss industry main toh Aisa hote rehta hai…

In short, one night stands and other things are quite normal in B-town! Hence our stars don’t think twice before getting involved in it. This pretty lady is no different. News of her rendezvous with a few good looking gentlemen has often grabbed headlines.

This time, it was with a married handsome actor on the foreign shores. And no, it’s not the first time that the actress, who herself has been in an on-off relationship, hooked up with the actor. Infatuation between the two happened a few years back, after which they had a steamy night out in a plush hotel. Reports were rife that they both were bonding as they were soon to share screen space together. Unfortunately, the movie didn’t happen and that one night’s story was discussed in hushed tones in the industry as one of those instances that happen after an overdose of booze.

Guess, most of us were wrong. There was more to it than just being intoxicated. This time when the two stars came face to face, in the public eye, they were cordial but later within the four walls, things happened to steam up again! Obviously, unlike last time, which was an after party where all eyes were on them and people could notice their overly friendly behaviour, this time, the stars were conscious of their surroundings. Post the event, the diva, smitten by the actor’s good looks and flirtatious ways, was seen heading to his room for a quick romance. But well, when you are popular, nothing stays hidden.


OSOP Guesses

Pretty Lady: Deepika Padukone

Actor: Fawad Khan

2018 - April - Bollywood Blind Item 7

2018 - April - Bollywood Blind Item 7

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68 Responses

  1. sharuna says:

    Kjo was trying to seduce Fawad.

  2. Ramsha says:

    Why would DP want to hook up with him? He isn’t hot property in BW and DP stayed in Dubai hardly for 3 hours

  3. Ramsha says:

    KJo avoided FK and their body language was very awkward.
    I have heard that Fawad is a player, he hides behind family man image. He has drinking problem, he sleeps around a lot and if he stayed in BW, he would have become KJO’s muse.

  4. Ananya says:

    Admin, Deepika is now her own brand. So why is she still playing like a puppet to Kjo and Rk. She can easily say No now if she’s not comfortable. It was very clear to all how uncomfortable she looked at the recent event with Rk and their drama. If so, why can’t she say a plain no.

    RK is her to be husband’s rival. So why help him gain milege for his release where she’s not even part of. Tamasha I understand, professional commitments. But recent event we can’t say it was professional, bz didn’t see asian paints being promoted. What’s the hold they have on her? How is Ranveer okay with this? He gives me very possessive vibe but he never stops Dp. Proud of him for it. Yet can’t help wonder why she can’t say no, IF she’s uncomfortable.

    Also why is the ramp walk cancelled. Like some guessing in comment section, is it that she finally said NO? Bz she’s shopping in London and he is apparently not sick. So what’s the reason?

    • Kiran101 says:

      I fail to understand why DP behaves the way she does. This whole Fawad and RK gossip maybe fake blinds get traction because she acted flirtatious around them to an extent that is more than required. This must be so embarassing for Ranveer and his fans…especially Tamasha promotions.

      I thought DP atleast cares for her own image. I dont know why she wants to give any mileage to Ranbir ? Did Manish ask her to walk the ramp and she could not say NO.

      i feel she takes Ranveer a bit for granted…would she have done the same if she was steadily with RK ?
      Where did you get the news she is in London ? Was that Dubai travel a layover to London ?

      • Ananya says:

        In both events I don’t find her at fault. Asian paints they both are ambassadors so if they’re asked to promote together on a major event I understand. But I didn’t see them talking about Asian paints much.

        Plus the ramp walk was decided a month ago and it is for charity, organized by Shabana. She’ll definitely not say No to her. Rk was added five days before which seems fishy. I understand that too.

        My only concern is why can’t she NOT play along. Probably she was told of the schedule minutes before at the event and couldn’t deny, hence she had that stiff body anguage. Maybe that’s why I’m wondering if she said No to the walk.

        • Nefarious says:

          I can think only two reasons why she doesnt say no 1) she doesnt have any movies at the moment, she wants to stay im the limelight till she gets a few projects 2) who knows, Kjo might consider casting her.

          But she does seem to take Ranveer for granted. I dont think she loved anyone like she loved RK. Not saying she still.does, but she did

          Given how this industry is obsessed by star kids , she probably wamts to appease Kjo and Rk, thats the only nepo clique shes remotely part of.Not everyone can be Kangana. kats got Sallu camp, Anus got her production house and virats money

          Also, news articles say Ranbir is down with typhoid and thats the reason the show is delayed/cancelled. Its hard to kmow if this is just a lame alibi from RK if DP declined after ahe heard of these shitty blinds.

          • Kiran101 says:

            Anushka’s production house is for her brother to do some work. ANyone can open a production house…ANeways if she is marrying Ranveer , she will have his money and also his family’s . Ranveer is doing very well even endorsements wise…and its only the beggining. Is she not ruining it She can use some tact to get out of all this KJO gimmicks….its not like KJO is hiring her for his movies.

            Why ruin a good thing going on with Ranveer. Where her true future happiness and security lies. Looks like even Ranveer’s parents are involved…what will she get from all this image tarnish.

          • nefarious says:

            Ranveer himself promotes RK. Did you not see KWK with Ranbir and Ranveer? Also, let me reiterate, she doesnt have any projects, doing this is a good way to be in the news

          • Monalisa says:

            @nefarious Even RK praises him, calling him the best actor from the current gen. And praised RS’s performance in BM in an interview. I’m sure during Dutt promos he will praise RS for padmaavat.
            They both are pitted against each other since RS’s debut. Back than RK was cocky and thought RS was a nobody hence, Kjo gang coined the phrase ‘poor man’s Ranbir Kapoor’ to describe him. But now RS has taken over so RK has to be nice to him..
            Rk is an insider even RS can’t afford to make enemies with him. Sk left RK alone without harming his career after the Kat debacle, that tells you how powerful RK and Kapoor family is in the film circles. If it was an outsider like Vivek or Arijit he wouldnot have spared RK.
            KWK is totally scripted. They must discussed before hand what they will say on the show.

          • nefarious says:

            Agreed. i think for the same reason, even DP wont mess with him, she knows he wants to project her as still obsessing over him, so she plays along.

          • Kiran101 says:

            Loving RK is combination of time-youth-star kid effect. Its now very clear Ranveer is far classier, educated , charming, people skills next to none, amazing conversationalist , highly engaging and guess what even very attractive. Not to mention talent and success, also belongs to a wealthy family.

            Remove white skin from RK , his looks are nothing. Today RK does not have the image he had when DP-RK started dating…the idea of who she was dating is dead…. She was so heartbroken because she lost the ” most desirable guy” and KAT was so smug that she thought ” she got the most desirable guy”.

            I am pretty sure even Katrina no longer feels she lost out on Ranbir. Yes, she lost a few years trying to bell him…she could have successfully done that with some other Rich mumbai guy if only …her regrets ..that will be it.

          • Monalisa says:

            @kiran101 Both DP and RS parents are pretty involved in their relationship since it began. There numerous pics of them hanging out with each others families since 2013. And pics of them attending family functions, close friends weddings together with each others parents. That was the only reason why I started to believe they were not a fake-pr couple (like some people claim) in the first place. They were acting like a couple even in places where they donot have to sell their relationship for pr or where there is no media present. They downplay how serious it is but when you are famous pics do get leaked when they attend such functions together. You should watch filmfare 2016 event to see how close both set of families really are. Dp in an interview way back, even said Ranveer’s family is her family in Mumbai. Not even ‘they are like my family’ but ‘they are my family’. His family is more respectful of her and more loving towards her than the Kapoors ever were.
            So it seem DP is very serious about RS and both parents have given their blessing for their union a long time back.

      • Monalisa says:

        @kiran101 I remember when DP and RS first started dating and when she became the top actress, she got a lot of flak whenever she praises him. And he got a lot of flak too. People were saying he is with her to get publicity, he is beneath her etc.. They can never catch a break. Even if pics of them holidaying with each other are shared on social media, by fans who spot them, they are called as a pr couple. Eventhough some pics are taken from afar, even without their knowledge.
        She used to praise him a lot and give a lot of mileage to him back then, she tweeted about his performance in DDD and Gunday, people bashed her on twitter saying she is promoting him, RS is asking top actress to promote him..etc.. But when Virat does the same for Anu (even while dating) no one bashed him for promoting Anu. It was after BM, they stopped praising each others work on social media or mentioning each other in general. DP never praised Befikre (eventhough she was at the screening) and RS didnot do the same for XXX. When they stopped praising each other on twitter and stopped making public appearances together, people started spreading rumours of breakup. I think after BM it was a conscious decision on both their parts to not be vocal about each other. And it a good thing for RS. He should make an identity away from DP and be successful on his own terms, so that people can never undermine his sucess or credit DP for his sucess like they have been doing since Ramleela.
        Look at the comment section on pv. Most people writes comments like RS would not have made it if he was not DP’s bf, the only edge he has over other actors is him dating DP, without DP RS is nothing, RS is piggybacking on DP’s golden period,..etc.. even for padmavat some people are trying to undermine his achievement by saying it is DP’s movie and he is using her, it would not have made that much money without DP,.etc..

        Regarding DP taking RS for granted, I sometimes feel the same as well, but at the same time, I see how supportive she is of him and how proud she acts of RS’s achievements. People bash DP whenever she comment on RS’s dressing but she recently revealed that she was the one who encouraged him to wear the robe outfit he wore to gq awards eventhough his people discouraged hin. I think because they are not vocal about their personal life, we only see snippets of their public life and judge them based on it. But it seem to be slowly changing. I would love to hear more anecdotes like the one DP shared about gq award outfit. And DP herself admitted that she is not expressive with her feelings like RS. She does feel a lot but she just don’t know how to be expressive like him. (I think it was said in an interview for Ramleela). (And I believe her because she is a capricorn who are not known to show emotion and RS is a cancer, a sign known to wear their heart on their sleeve)..Anybody will look more loved up and expressive than that detached,phycopath Ranbir when they are around him. Dp always said he is detached and never expressive.

    • Admin says:

      She might be her own brand, but she knows better than to get these cats in heat angry. Look at PC, she is her own brand as well but she shows everyone she has no problem hanging out the KJo. Keep your enemies closer and your haters even closer is the best way to survive in Bollywood.

      • Nefarious says:

        @Admin, the only thing that confuzzles me is that time and again RK has openly stated he doesnt have a PR, and yet we all.suspect he releases blinds abt his successful contemporaries or to glorify himself. Does jist give kjos pr team freelance assignments if he doesnt have his own dedicated team?
        Having dated him for 2yrs, am sure DP knows how scheming RK is. I dont see him providing too many blinds on kat. Bith kjo ans Rk shit bricks in front of lallu..
        P.S: in the AIB interview, RK spit a lot of venom abt blinds so convincingly, one would never suspect he ever indulges in them.

      • Ananya says:

        But isn’t isn’t it tarnishing her image? Isn’t she aware of it? I got to know of this from some of her fans that many could not see her acting fake during Tamasha promotions, hence unstanned her. So isn’t she aware of the damage to her image by these antics?

        Each time they make an appearance, there are speculations of isn’t she over him, never about if he is not over her. Not just by his pr articles, but even generally. In fact my aunt asked me yesterday is Dp marrying Rk, seeing some clips of that asian paints event.

        Like Kiran said she can find some tactic to keep Kjo happy without looking all over Rk and there by bringing in bad press for her and Rs.

        • Monalisa says:

          @ananya I totally agree. I knew Tamasha will be a flop after reading pv comments of neutral viewers, Most were saying they will not watch it just because of all the ott promotional tactics. Add to that RS, KK fans and RSDP shippers who were also not happy with the promos. It was bound to flop. Mark my word, another RKDP movie will flop because the only people who will watch it will be RKDP shippers. No matter how much RK pr try to sell DPRK as this gen’s SRK- Kajol. YJHD worked because it was hyped as the comeback of 2 ex-lovers and Tamasha promotion went too far by painting DP as RKdespo. I really don’t know why she agreed to it in the first place. She actually did talk about RS during Tamasha promotions (how he is unaplogatic in being himself, his fav song from Tamasha) and RS was also there during some promotional events but media did not highlight that. Instead her ott boxer comment got highlighyed.

          I think she does it to get mileage from RKDP shippers. But she got to understand that ship got fewer shippers than RSDP ship and RS himself got more fans than RK. Add to that the still bitter KK fans and RKKK shippers this whole RKDP thing is a toxic mess. She will get more hate from associating with him than cutting him off completely.
          I think after the bashing she got from Rishi after Kwk she is still afraid to anger RK and his family. RK may not be successful but he is a star kid with lots of connections. I think she may have gotten an earful from other insiders after the Kwk episode (like how Shabana and Javed did to Kangana) but she is hesitant to reveal it like Kangana. These insiders will protect their own no matter what. Despite all the bad blood between SK and RK over kat situation, SK never went after RK’s career like he did with Arijit, Vivek.. That proves how powerful RK and his family is in the film circles. I still feel DP’s reasons for bearing RK’s antics and pr smear campaign have a lot to do with what happened after she spoke out against him. No matter how big her brand is she is still an outsider and she is no SRK level star to fight with these insiders and get away with it.

          • Kiran101 says:

            Agreed ! Anushka in the same boat does not give desperate vibe to RS. Yet she did a film after break up and without severe backlash that DP got for RK antics.

            DP can be friendly without saying things like “i love his boxers”, “he cannot marry without my permission” . The only leeway i can give her is …she is doing it to get back at Katrina.Even if she had to annoy different stans…including her own. Anything related to RK is fake data… like how big a star he is, how RK-DP are bankable onscreen couple. RK-DP only had 1 hit out of 3 movies….RS-DP have 3/3 .

            She does not have to show hate but she dosent have to behave like starstruck either. What is her PR doing ? Did they not tell her what public thinks.

          • Monalisa says:

            @kiran101 @ananya I really don’t understand why she likes to act touchy-feely and overtly friendly with co-stars to the point that people believe she is hooking up or flirting with them . Before DP fans bash me (btw I am a DP fan) I know RS is also very touchy-feely and affectionate by kissing and hugging people. Dp is that way with only some co-stars or some people not with everyone. But he is that way with everybody male, female fans,actors, actresses, his team, friends. Also if you watch his interviews he jokes and is friendly with actresses but he is never touchy-feely or flirts with them to the point that people think he is hooking up with them or smitten by them. He knows how to maintain the balance unlike DP. Maybe because unlike DP he is more articulate and got great people skills andhe knows how to handle social situations better than her. If that is the case her manager and team should advice her and tell her to refrain from acting that way or give her tips.
            It has ruined her image to the point that people write fake blinds, start gossip about her and co-stars. Homi, Vin, Fawad,RK a few people she was linked with because of the way she acts around them. And people blindly believe them because there are pics to prove it. (I don’t persnally believe because if one is hooking up with men or smitten by someone behind their partner’s back, they certainly will not openly flirt with them infront of media. After all she is an actress who is promoting) And everything under the sun is done for movie promotion so hard to believe promo antics.
            People like Sonam said DP’s got over enthusiastic pr, yet her pr or team is not doing anything to stop her antics or the bad press she get out of it. It seem like it is their favourite way of promoting her movies. And all her past promo antics are coming back to bite her ass, when she is on the verge of getting married. Her image is tarnished.
            100% sure she is over RK as she always say that in interviews but pics of her movie promos antics with RK is out there. People will judge her based on pics not what she says in interviews.

          • Ananya says:

            I understand your perselective bz I’ve felt this too. But you yourself answered the puzzle as well. If you’re actually flirting or cheating, you don’t show it openly. She is not doing anything wrong, hence she has nothing to hide.

            The comparison with Rs is interesting. What I feel is, when she’s comfortable with someone she’s very free to the point of being touchy feely and I’m sure she’ll be the same with a female co star as well. There were videos and photos of her being so with Ruby, Kalki but that gets ignored. She behaves so with Srk too. But again that’s not questioned bz he’s married. From what I know Rs is extra touchy feely but he has learned to curb it in public place or bring in a restraint bz he know his actions will be judged. Or perhaps he have better people skills.

            I too wonder why she isnd advised about it. But the background she comes from is very different. She has been a wild girl. Her parents were strict, only for the right reasons. She has certain values that she’ll never cross but she’s not a Naina like her image was initially portrayed to be.

            I’m a touchy feely person too and I often have this cautiousness around male friends in public while some of my friends don’t. They just be themselves to the point of being judged. Even ive judged them at some ppoint but they’re just being honest to themselves without fearing the moral police. Perhaps Dp is one among them.

            And it’s not just Rk, she’s been this friendly with all her exes. Wasn’t there a video of she massaging Yuvi shoulder while talking to him when Rs was with her. I don’t think it’s a big deal, but yeah the position they’re in, and if there’s a past involved it’s often blown out of proportion.

          • Monalisa says:

            @ananya People overlook RS’ touchy feely ways because he hugs and kiss everybody. Male,female, actor,actresses, fans, friends,.. It is how he has been since he debuted so no one can say he is acting different around certain people. But with DP as you said just because she acts that way with selective people (who she is comfortable with) it gets highlighted more. And bollywood standard of how much closeness is considered as invading someone’s personal space or overtly touchy-feely will be totally different from other people.

            I kinda suspected that she got a wild side. I mean she has lasted with RS for so long, a man known for his wildness, crazy antics, as he never hid it. As you said her family seem to ground her and set her values. I think her belief in marriage, commitment are very traditional’.Or else she would have stayed with RK. Her family and friends were the ones who urged her to leave RK. I remember on Simi select her mom was like ‘I want DP to find a loyal and faithful guy and if he is successful it is just the cherry on top.’ I found that very endearing.

          • Ananya says:

            Yes exactly. You said it. And yes they’re in a profession where even kisses and intimate scenes are done so we really don’t know what is each one’s personal space.

            Yes those who know her from Banglore says she was a very sweet girl, introvert but also had a wild side which is reserved for her friends and family. But yeah in industry, bz of her initial shyness, she’s got this Naina image

            I think she’s a mix of Veronica and Naina in real life.

        • Kiran101 says:

          was she behaving starstruck during Asian paints event too ? These days RS fans are staying away from praising her and completely focusing on RS and ‘Gullyboy’ , ‘Simbha’. Even RS is on a mission to get a superhit without ‘Bhansali’ and ‘SLB’ .

          DP would be a fool to have anything for RK. Silly woman.

          • Ananya says:

            She doesn’t have anything for him. That’s pretty much clear to anyone who follows them ardently. I mean as clear as we all knew Bhai will get bail. But the image that’s presented of her bz of her association with him is bad for her. I would definitely love to see Rkdp work together on films, both are talented. But yeah there can be some restraints in her way of dealing with him so that he can’t smear over her image.

            No Asian events, she was smiling and doing everything they wanted her to but her body language was stiff. I mean she looked really uncomfortable I wonder why. Also usually I see her hugging and pecking Rk but this time he was almost eagerly chipkuing with her while she was doing out of courtesy and even with restraint at parts.

            Anushka can hate or give I don’t bother attitude to Rs bz Rs is never going to hurt her. He’s not going to affect her career if she behaves badly. Neither is he a star kid who can pull strings even if he want to. See how Anushka behaves with Rk. She won’t try and act like how she does with Rs, with Rk. Take my money on it. But that won’t make news bz theirs was One night stand which even Rk want to hide.

            While Dp is a successful ex with no bw father or mentor like kjo or bhai lover. So I think as long as she’s successful, Rk will not leave Dp alone.

  5. Goldengirl says:

    This is clearly kjo PR. I don’t think it’s fawad either otherwise off would have said actor across the border. DP didn’t stay in Dubai. She was there firc3 hours and left as soon as event ends. She even didn’t bother to remove her make-up or undo her hair. Important to say, Kjo didn’t leave fawad for a sec. He was stick to him like a glue. DP may be a flirt or something but not a cheater and respects relationship.

  6. Sara says:

    Got to see some sensible comments on here by the readers and admin. On shitvilla every DP-RS hater is having a whale of time bashing her. Being a follower of fawad for a long time now i am 100% sure he is not the kind who cheats on his wife.

    • Leaps says:

      @sara yup I have followed fawad since his rock band days he was known as the moody one he harldy talked but never a Casanova or rude he could have easily cheated than but didn’t also because he was in University at that time you would hear things from fellow students but didn’t.

      Dp / rs are doing well professional and personal front.

      Three people have a professional imagine this blind is just kjo sadistic attempt to ruin that

  7. Bittu says:

    There are always so many blind items about outsiders, about their affairs, tantrums, addictions. Very few about the insiders, looks suspicious to. me

  8. Monalisa says:

    DP didnot even stay the night in Dubai after the cover launch. Manish Malhotra on his instagram story posted a picture of him and DP onboard a flight coming back to Mumbai a few hours after the event. she only changed her gown and was still wearing the same makeup and hairstyle from the cover launch event in the pic Manish shared.
    I don’t follow Fawad on social media but his fans are also claiming that he came back from Dubai the same night as there were pics of him shooting an ad in another country posted on social media by his team or something.

    I knew such a blind will come out the minute it was announced Kjo, Fawad and Dp will attend the event.. maybe DP was also aware of it that is why did not act overtly friendly with him like she used to and came back to India the minute the event ended. But still they wrote this blind. Kjo atleast check Manish’s ig stories before cooking up blinds

    • leaps says:

      @Monalisa as i said if you are an outsider in bollywood you are fair game for kjo to throw under the bus kjo had repeatedly tried to connect these two before and now tostill ruin their image. kjo is sadistic human is it a wonder that ranbir is his fav star kid

      • Monalisa says:

        @leap True. And if the outsiders are more successful than his precious star kids, he will be relentless in trying to malign them. I’m sure we will be getting more negative blinds about RS and DP in the future. After all they are the most successful from this gen.
        Rk along with Kjo is now trying to get mileage for Dutt biopic with 2 planned back to back appearances of RKDP together. Did you read the RK pr released articles on the event RKDP attended. They were referred to as this generation’s Kajol-SRK. Out of the 3 movies they did together YJHD was the only hit. But still they are popular and bankable like SRK-Kajol in RK and Kjo’s mind…lol..

        On another note, Fawad should stay away from Kjo. That man is obsessed with him to the extent that he trying to break up his marriage. Just like RK is using Mahira to gain mileage Kjo uses Fawad to malign Dp (because they were seen being friendly at events which Kjo used it as a basis for releasing blinds about them previously ).

        • leaps says:

          @Monalisa A lot of fawad fans have the same opinion he should stay away from kjo. fawad has gone back his original pre bw private self. he avoids twitter, ig, fb is handled by manager., never retaliates to jibes by others, hardly makes public appearances at parties just keeps at work,
          Kjo has used fawad too in barging about himself about how he is helping him out in HW since he is not getting work at home fact was fawad had already auditioned for hw pre BW and has no plans of HW since he already had prjs back home. also hes very picky about prjs. Than to create a splash in the pan about dharma produced web series he put the news out that fawad might be cast in that series. In the dubai event fawad was mostly talking to media, fans and jitesh and was with his manager throughout who can be seen in pics and videos. he arrived on the day of the event and left soon after
          anyone who knws fawad knows he is a loyal man not being in bw anymore away from kjo works out just fine to protect his married life. good thing about bth mahira and fawad is they are in a different industry where both kjo and rk are not relavent but both should avoid kjo and gang now

          as far as rs/dp go both have been around long enough know how to handle kjo and his build a blind gang very well

  9. Samantha says:

    Ranveer n Deepika r abt to be married soon.. its a reality.. Deepika wud be a fool to do it wt Fawad at this stage of her personal life! N she wont!

    BTW, look how th 2 horny aunties; (one extrovert n one introvert) r sucking upto Fawad! U aint getting no d*ck Aunties; u wud eventually end up together (n most likely u r)!

    • Monalisa says:

      @samantha Exactly. She is so open about RS now she is not going to act overtly friendly with co-stars as she used to when she claimed she was not dating RS.Look at the pics/ videos of the event she attended with Kjo and RK. Her body language was very closed off and it was RK who hugged her (the hug looked awkward) and even on stage she was standing far from him. He was the one going down on his knees and trying to engage her. Yet his pr made articles on how electrifying they look together, how DP forgot Malhari dance steps (eventhough she did the steps correctly maybe not in the correct order) , how they are hugging and laughing around each other.. etc… she looked awkward most of the time but she is a professional so ofcouse she had a smile plastered on her face. This was in total contrast to their Tamasha and YJHD promotional antics which most people thought was real. That she really was not over him and throwing herself at him.
      Now apparantly Mijwan event got cancelled because RK and DP are sick. But we saw pics of her at the airport 2 days back. Maybe after all the pr articles of trying to paint them as a couple, she is not willing to walk the ramp with him. Rk is using DP to get mileage for Dutt promotion.

      • Shivanisd says:

        But even at time of tamasha and yeh, jawani promotions she was in a serious relationship with Ranveer. So what does this say about her ethics. That she tried to give an impression to ppl that she was still in love with ranbir? How twisted is that.

        • pooja says:

          @shivanisd …..She was playing it smart….. Don’t you see the amount of negitivity ranbo is bringing into her life since she started being more open about ranveer. The amount of fake blinds about rs and dp are numerous since past one year and most of these are cooked up by ranbo and kjo

          .Dp was massaging his ego by calling him important person in her life and she still likes him…etc, cause she knows how ranbo operates. This is the same ranbo who leaked his and mahiras pictures on the day of padmaavat’s poster launch. Remember what admin say’s about Dp- ” she know’s how to keep her enemies closer”. Smartly played i bilieve.

        • Goldengirl says:

          First, promotions aren’t meant to be taken seriously. She did as she was asked. Have you seen RK who flirted with her while he was in a serious relationship with Kat? Also what about your Kat ethics who started an affair with rk while dating Salman?

      • Ramsha says:

        DP’s most rabid fandom is RKDP shipper and she tries to keep them happy by posing with Ranbir.
        DP’s hardcore fans think that she is too good for Ranveer

        • kiran101 says:

          Yes, they live in an alternate reality where RK is best suited for her.I wonder what were RKDP shippers doing until Ran-Kat broke up ?

    • sharuna says:

      Samantha so so true, but you crack me up with that word ” aunties” lol

    • Kiran101 says:

      One single question….If fawad is completely hetrosexual…how breaking his marriage would benefit KJO . In that case what is KJO after concerning fawad?

      • Leaps says:

        @kiran101 this is kjo acting bitter because he didn’t get attention from fawad at the event and throwing these two under the bus because he can

      • Nefarious says:

        Kiran, i hear Fawad is bi. He is known to be so in hi fi Pakistani circles. Also, as far as i kmow, kjo did get some else Fawad wouldnt have been casted in ADHM. Evem ranbir amd anushka said fawad got a lot of attention from kjo aunty.

        • Leaps says:

          @nefarious lol your sources are wrong fawad is not bi so please tell them don’t lie btw did your high fi sources from Pakistan tell you three actors from there were auditioned for the part because part was originally written as a man from lahore. fawad was cast because he didn’t need to paid insane amount as signing amount ,he can ACT he had highest audience fanbase out of three from home to go see adhm bw does make a trickle of money from there. This fact applies to all actors who were cast from there. Reality is fawad was affordable product placement in adhm for kjo to get extra audience. Don’t frgt fawad had urban fans from India too thanks to Zindagi airing his plays. The only reason kjo ever wanted to give more scene to fawad was k&s success happened

          • nefarious says:

            No offense, but how are you sure hes not? you think he got Kapoor & sons, ADHM, shows stopper for Manish, evening dinners with Kjo, without giving some favours and just on merit?
            Kjo never works on merit.

          • Leaps says:

            @nefarious so did Alia Varun and all star kids Ranbir, pari , saif pz imran and now even rs do “favors” for him to get Simba. Going by your logic ??? Ranveer was also a show stopper for manish ranveer acting was of no merit in your mind ryte going by your logic. Now many star have evening dinner with kjo so do they all do favors’ for him ?? By your logic fawad did khoobsurat because he went did favors for anil. ???

            As far as k&s goes was it not the failure of six other actrs to see how good the script was and the fact they were reluctant to play gay man on screen. So please bias aside and at least give fawad credit for his script sense and acting because he was offered the film as a last resort before it being shelved.

            Adhm I have explained above. Since China is next big market for bw be sure to see hiring of actors from there in minor roles too in future. It’s a common practice even in hw to hire actor from a different country to increase your movie audience from that region.

            No offense but fawad is NOT Sid .I know people who have worked with him who know him personally so I would know more than the whispers of your hifi sources.

            But please you are free to say any odd untrue rumor from HiFi society who btw never think much of actors anyway

        • Monalisa says:

          @nefarious Ranbo was very salty that Fawad got more attention from Kjo on ADHM sets. He was like Kjo focus on Fawad’s face and not mine.. etc.. He must have been elated when most of Fawad’s scenes got cut and he was not there to promote ADHM. Who would give Ranbir a second glance when Fawad is around.. lol..

    • kiran101 says:

      I dont know. Media is going back and forth on this . There seems to be no solid news when and if they are getting married.

  10. Reen says:

    Admin is this really true . Did deepika actually made out with Fawad Khan either now or in the past ? Kindly reply

  11. leaps says:

    @admin the reason fawad was bloated/tired was not because he was barred from Bollywood but because he is doing a movie for which he had to look intimidating for that he had to put on weight and had the beard for the longest time since now he is nearly done with that shoot he has lost that weight .
    kjo and manish made sure there was not a single picture of fawad and dp together and still kjo felt ignored geess

    • Admin says:

      Actually, it was way before that. He was drinking too much, didn’t want to include that. It was just a coincidence that he signed that film after he was barred.

      • leaps says:

        oh ok well glad he got barred thn want him to work more and longer. also fawad was announced as cast member for that film in January 2016 much before the getting barred.

        • Admin says:

          Even in ADHM, he didn’t look good. It was obvious that he was already doing something wrong and it was showing.

          • leaps says:

            I am glad hes looking like his old self. Also hes diabetic he should have taken care hopefully he has realized career/work is more important.

          • Admin says:

            It’s why it is called an addiction, not medication. πŸ˜‰

          • leaps says:

            yup. this blind must be kjo taking it out on fawad since fawad kept his trip short and left for shoot once he was done with press he kept his interaction to press, fans and jitesh

          • Ramsha says:

            I heard that he was best looking person in ADHM and whatever money ADHM earned was coz of his role and international apeal. Ranbir was so jealous of him that he edited out Fawad’s role. There were Blinds on this too. Please can you confirm this

      • Nefarious says:

        @Admin, why have DP and Ranbor suddenly taken ill and not walking together for the minwan fashion show? Is it cos DP.backed out after kjo planted these ridiculous blinds? How is it ttlhat bith are sick? Somethings fish

      • Ramsha says:

        His drinking problems had too many Blinds during his BW stint.

  12. Amanda says:

    Fake blind… This is planted by the gossip aunty….

    Admin, what about the other blind about amrita and Sara ali khan. Please post that.. I had shared the link…

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