2018 – April – Bollywood Blind Item 5

The blind item today comes from Rajeev Masand. It’s about the current situation of an ex-couple, a top star and an interior designer. People have been wondering what these two are up to since they spend a lot of time together. What people are not seeing is that every time they are together, their kids are with them. So, it’s safe to say that they are doing it for the kids. It’s nice but still their relationship these days is what people are talking about when they use examples of how divorced couples should behave in front of their kids.

As confirmed in the blind item, we have said before how it must have been her idea to be together with the kids because she’s the much more mature one in this relationship. Her life has been about the kids since they were born. They were also why he felt that he wasn’t getting any attention, but that’s how most new daddies or mummies feel so it’s alright. He has definitely come a long way since those confused days of his and hope this all is not an act for the same of keeping the family image.

For some reason, the blind item states that he is the one saying there’s nothing there when in fact, it was her who tweeted about the status of their relationship way back by saying that there’s nothing going on and there will be no reconciliation. Maybe he’s just slow in catching up because we know that she has been having her own private and solo soirees with her friends and he has not been invited! That’s how exes behave cordially: they get together for the sake of the children and get back to their own lives once the kids are not around.

Take a look at the blind item below to see who Rajeev Masand is talking about.


Bollywood Blind Item

2018 - April - Bollywood Blind Item 5


No Patch-Up Here

This leading male star doesn’t believe in doing things in halves. Admittedly, his breakup with his partner of several years—initiated by the latter—was hard on him, but he dealt with it respectably. Not long after, when she decided she wanted back in, he had moved on. Not romantically, perhaps, but that chapter of his life was closed as far as he was concerned. But for the sake of family ties, he didn’t resist her request to spend some time together.

Looking at photographs of them going to the movies or out for meals together, many have been wondering if the couple has resolved their issues and gone back to their old relationship. But close friends of the star insist nothing could be farther from the truth. They insist he cares too much for the extended families involved to clarify the situation, but while overtures may have been made by her, he’s clear that there is nothing left in the relationship.

On a recent overseas holiday with family and other friends, a ‘rooming list’ was circulated along with the itinerary that had separate rooms for him and his former partner. To forestall any misunderstandings or assumptions, he wanted everyone to know this.


OSOP Guesses

Male Star: Hrithik Roshan

Partner: Sussanne Khan

2018 - April - Bollywood Blind Item 5


2018 - April - Bollywood Blind Item 5


2018 - April - Bollywood Blind Item 5


2018 - April - Bollywood Blind Item 5

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12 Responses

  1. Goldengirl says:

    Well hrithik is a nice and a decent person. He always respects everyone. If he doesn’t want her back it’s his choice. Suzzane wants him back. Her actions speaking it all. She looks happy and healthy now. Also,she gets so much attention coz of hrithik. See how these BW who claim to be her friend sidekine her . Now those ppl are again pretending to be her friend the day she is back with him. Hope she gets rid of those fake friends. I love them together . Who is rajeev masand? Does he lives with him? Few time back same rajeev said that their friends said they will be back n remarry . Give them some time. Now he is saying this. Here KR bots and PR First to comment . They are so obsessed with superstar Hrithik.

    • andy says:

      Take a chill pill…Do not accuse people personally..Do you know Hrithik in person to say he is nice and decent ?? Learn to behave on public forums..

      • Someone says:

        Very well said !!

      • Goldengirl says:

        U calm down. All the commentators above know hrithik in person to call him names? Did you asked them to behave well? Lol. Kangana fans asking others to learn how to behave on public forums. I didn’t accused people personally.

  2. Nars <3 Kangana says:

    Y this is a blind?

  3. Tanya says:

    Hrithik is sooo weird. He doesn’t follow Suzie on insta even. It’s like he’s going out of his way to let people know he doesn’t want to get back with her. Chill dude, she looks happier now. Around Kites, Suzie looked depressed.

  4. Shivanisd says:

    Lol. If Hrithik was Bollywoods best dad he wudnt have cheated on their mother. As for suz wanting to get back with him- no woman can be that dumb to fall for a cheater again!! Fake article by hr pr.

    • Rashmi says:

      absolutely agree in this case. the more so before there were many many blind that in this way Hrithik simply cleanses his image. it was not one, not two, and not three blind. There was also a blind on the site that Hrithik pays Suz for her support.

      • Pooja says:

        He also promise film to yami for her support such cheater he is.

        • Goldengirl says:

          How helping some one is cheating? Did he promised in front of you? Or yami told YOU? If you help anyone is cheating means whenever you help your colleagues ,you cheat. Wow Prove he is a cheater. Don’t assume.

    • Goldengirl says:

      First he didn’t cheated suzzane. Prove your point with solid piece of evidences. You don’t know him personally nor an eye witness . Also being a dad and husband are two different things. How do you know he isn’t a good dad? Many men are good dad but not husbands. Suzzane wanted him back . She said she can’t live without him in a recent interview. She call him her sunshine. Stop this PR nonsense.

      • Rad says:

        Suzzane wants HR back because she is used to the attention, money and free publicity that she gets for her business because of him.

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