2017 – September – Blind Item – Hollywood

She’s a young actress, who has already managed to get enough publicity and accolades so early on in her career. There was a rumour that her relationship with this famous actor is only for show, but that rumour was more than 3 years ago. They are still making appearances together and still going around like they are a couple. Last week, there was news going around that they were about to tie the knot. Blind Gossip released this blind item on what is really happening with these two. Check it out below.


Hollywood Blind Item

2017 - September - Blind Item - Hollywood


The Destination Wedding

The news that this actor/actress pair will soon be having a destination wedding surprised some of those who are close to the male half of the couple.

One told us:

Really? He never even proposed to her but they’re supposed to be getting married in a few weeks? Last I heard, he was annoyed with her and was ignoring her calls and texts. I would be genuinely shocked if they got married.

The other said:

I rather doubt it. I thought she was recently in rehab. He says that she is a mess but to be part of a couple is good for promotion. As none of his close friends have been invited, I cannot take [the wedding rumor] seriously.

Guess we’ll all find out soon enough if this wedding is real!


OSOP Guesses

Actor/Actress: Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander

2017 - September - Blind Item - Hollywood

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