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After debating over the release of ‘Laxmmi Bomb’ for months, the makers finally agreed to sell the film to an OTT platform instead of releasing it in theaters.Β The film stars Akshay Kumar and Kiara Advani as the main two leads and is directed by Raghava Lawrence who also directed the original Tamil film, ‘Muni 2: Kanchana’.

Here is the trailer of ‘Laxmmi Bomb’:

Honestly, when the makers announced that Akshay was going to be part of this project, we thought it was for the flashback role since that character suits his age more. But based on this trailer, it seems he is playing a newlywed who is married to Kiara and they go to meet her family for the first time.

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In the original version, the character is played by a young man and he’s not married in the film. He’s a mamma’s boy who is scaredly by nature and constantly needs someone by his side because he is afraid of the dark. He’s scared of ghosts and all that, and then he himself accidentally gets possessed and starts acting differently in the presence of his family members. The original one is really nice, we have mentioned this many times before. If you want to watch, see the original first as it’s really funny with some great performances by Raghava Lawrence, ladies and Sarath Kumar who plays the transvestite. It might be labelled as a comedy but it’s also a touching story about transvestites.

The Hindi-remake, based on this trailer, is nothing compared to the original. This role doesn’t suit Akshay, it should have been someone younger who is still fresh and can carry out this role, like Karthik Aaryan. It doesn’t look natural with Akshay, especially the scenes where he becomes possessed and has to act like a lady.

Also, they should stop with these awkward pairings! When your female co-star is old enough to be your daughter, find someone closer to your age. There are so many of actresses closer to his age trying to find work in the industry. At least, spare the young and vulnerable ones!

Kiara will be in for a short-time on screen as the leading lady pretty much didn’t have anything to do in the original. Speaking of her, during the making of this film, there were so many rumours and blind items going back and forth about the situation between the lead pair. If you remember, Kiara made her apprehensions known through blind items and Akshay too retaliated in a certain manner. In fact, he wanted her out of the film but couldn’t get his wish fulfilled.

In the flashback, the role of the transgender is played by Sharad Kelkar and Ashwini Kalsekar plays the role of Kiara’s relative.

‘Laxmmi Bomb’ will be available on Disney+ Hotstar on November 9 and it will be released in the US, Canada and UK on Hotstar.

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