Super Bowl Halftime Show: Shakira & Jennifer Lopez

The Super Bowl Halftime Show that featured Shakira and Jennifer Lopez have been trending for two days now. For both good and bad reasons, but mainly for the performances these two entertainers pulled off.

Here, check it out:

Super Bowl Halftime Show 2020

By far, to us, this was the best performance onstage and it was mostly because of Shakira. But how far these two have come? Can’t believe Shakira is already 40+ and JLo is already 50+. Seeing them brings back so many memories of coming back from school and switching on the TV to watch MTV just to see JLo’s new video or Shakira’s new song.


Watching this mix-match performance of JLo and Shakira, you can clearly see how these two belong to two different worlds of entertainment. It helps that they had a nice set and design with all the colors and illumination. Not forgetting great energetic dancers and such coordination among them!

Shakira’s set:

Shakira is super-talented, she plays the guitar and drums in her set. Does belly-dance, pays tribute to her heritage, makes Lebanese people happy, gets Spanish people super-excited and so on.

  • She’s the true performer, here. No doubt about it. Amazing!
  • She was there to entertain, living this moment.
  • The fact that she wore maybe comfy boots (cost $20,000) but not high heels says it all.
  • When she signs, we don’t really understand what she’s saying but it sounds great and catchy!
  • There was a point at the beginning when she was singing, we thought she was singing Chinese but it turned out she was saying “She-Wolf”!
  • She gave it her all, put on a Β great show the whole time she was on stage not stopping once!
  • Plus, she didn’t hurt anyone when she jumped on the crowd and went crowdsurfing.

Shakira’s old hits were back on the top of Β the charts as soon as her performance at the Super Bowl was over. Says something, right?!

Shakira’s performance set list:

Intro dance – 0:12
She wolf – 0:25 (English version)
Empire – 1:10 (English version) Kashmir
Eyes like yours – 2:00 (Spanish version)
Whenever, whenever – 2:30 (English version)
I like it – 3:20 ft Bad Bunny (Spanglish version)
Chantaje – 4:30 (Spanish version)
Hips don’t lie – 4:50 mix Carnivals of Barranquilla
Shakira playing drums and singing with Jlo – Let’s get loud – Waka Waka 12:10
Shakira dancing African music ( Champeta) : 13:00

*courtesy of youtube user

Jennifer Lopez’s set

Where do we start? Or better yet, how to start?

JLo basically showed you what you were missing, in case you didn’t watch her film ‘Hustlers’, which was released last year. That movie, her introduction scene was…

Image result for mindblown gifs"

JLo did what JLo does best! She’s known for her great figure and body and she showed it! Hey, we would have still be happy if she wore a gown and performed but that’s not how things are these days so…

Most of the comments dissing the Super Bowl are basically about JLo’s set. She had a pole, danced on it, stayed amazing on it and what not. Her performance was all for adults and the audience live on the spot must have seen more since the camera was quite smart in what not to catch when JLo was doing these things. They wouldn’t want a controversy hitting them!


  • JLo is a performer, she’s a talented dancer but singer…

Image result for no no gif"

  • You might have heard, she has been known to use ghost singers so you can expect her to actually ‘sing’ live.
  • Her daughter Emme makes an appearance during her performance along with lots of cute little girls. They were all adorable.
  • This was also the moment in the show where they highlighted the issue of illegal children being held in cages.


  • JLo is all about herself, she’s there to show you what she’s got. Why not?! She worked so hard for it so…
  • Hats off to her for staying on that pole the way she did. We can’t even climb on a ladder to clean the ceiling fan and there she was on top, like it was nothing!


Shakira and JLo performed at the end together, contrary to the rumors of them not wanting to do this.

FYI, they don’t get paid to perform but the NFL does pay for the production, which was more than $10 million. Their deal is exposure, any artist who gets to take the stage during the Super Bowl gets the kind of exposure that no other stage can give them. It’s how JLo and Shakira’s music spiked in legal downloads after the Super Bowl.

Our fave JLo song is ‘Waiting for Tonight’ and Shakira, it’s ‘La Tortura’.

Let’s go…

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