Shah Rukh Khan on People Magazine

Looking very casual, Shah Rukh Khan appears on the recent cover of People’s Magazine. It’s fascinating to see how fast People’s Magazine managed this cover when the whole SRK writing issue happened a couple of weeks ago. These days, people in the industry don’t waste time to cash in on the happening issues and trends. The issue on this cover is what Shah Rukh talks about, he will not write anymore. Since that controversy of his writing in Outlook magazine, Shah Rukh doesn’t want to waste anymore time indulging in affairs that are not his own as it relentlessly creates unneeded controversies from everyone. Somewhere in Mumbai, I’m sure Salman Khan is smiling!

Shah Rukh Khan on People's Magazine

Shah Rukh Khan on People Magazine

Shah Rukh Khan appears on the first People Magazine in 2012. The Bollywood superstar ended 2011 with a bang, thanks to ‘Don 2’. The film is great, by the way, so you can check it out if it’s playing or just wait for the DVD.

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