Shah Rukh Khan Accused of Being Drunk & Abusing Security Officials

Kolkata Knight Riders won the cricket match last night, but co-owner Shah Rukh Khan wasn’t too happy. This is because a couple of security officials misbehaved the kids, who were with Shah Rukh last night at the game. It is said that they were pushing around the kids, instead of just talking to them. Apparently, the kids were not supposed to enter the stadium so the guards made that fact known in not such a polite way. People in charge of the stadium said in a statement that Shah Rukh Khan was drunk. But this morning, Shah Rukh told his side of the story, “I was not drunk, I had gone to pick up my children. The officials were extremely aggressive. I just got angry but I left after that. I said a few things in anger. I was one and they were 20-25 officials and they were extremely rude. When I tried to answer them, they hid behind others.”



There are a couple of pictures from the event, where you can see Shah Rukh clearly being mad at the security officer. Shah Rukh clarifies, “To be abusive to fans or audience that’s not me. They manhandled little girls. I would not deny that I was abusive but it started that this gentleman came from behind to say something in Marathi which I cannot repeat. I asked him to speak in Hindi. There was nothing illegal, I was not on the pitch. I know the rules.”














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