Rajinikanth Praises Vikram for his Dedication in I

Since the teaser of ‘I’ released yesterday, fans and industry veterans have been praising Vikram and director Shankar for their hard work that is pretty much evident when you see the trailer. One of India’s superstar, who was there at the music launch of ‘I’, Rajinikanth was very much impressed and moved by the commitment of the film’s lead actor Vikram. Vikram spent two years working for the film and his characters, which meant that he had to work on gaining and losing weight. Aside from speaking on Vikram, Rajinikanth had a few words on the film’s director Shankar as well. ‘Enthiran’, which was Shankar’s previous film before ‘I’ starred Rajinikanth and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. It went on to be one of India’s biggest hit film worldwide.

Rajinikanth On Vikram

Rajnikanth Praises Vikram for his Dedication in I

Here’s what Rajnikanth had to say on Vikram:

Vikram has dedicated his life for this film. Hats off to his commitment. I don’t think you could find an actor who has sacrificed so much for a character in Indian cinema as well as Hollywood. I wish the film all success.

Rajnikanth Praises Vikram for his Dedication in I

Rajinikanth also praised Shankar by saying:

What do I say about Shankar? It’s been two decades since he entered the Tamil film industry. He’s climbing up with every film. ‘I’ will take him to the pinnacle. But I know this won’t be the end because he will continue making films that will supersede his own work. He’d always complain that why can’t we make films on par with Hollywood. His aim has always been to take Tamil cinema to global standards. He does all this not just for money, but for his passion for cinema. He’s the real cinema Indian.

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