March 2014 – Bollywood Blind Item

This week’s blind item is easy to guess. Coming from Mid Day, this blind might or might not be an exaggeration. But if it isn’t, then it’s not a wonder that stars care a lot about their image. This star too tried to keep his image clean, but unfortunately things were not in his control. Read on…

Shot in the dark: This actor is going through personal crisis

March 2014 - Bollywood Blind Item


He may be busy finishing shoots for his upcoming films, but it turns out that this actor has not been getting any new endorsements. The brands he currently works with are also skeptical of working with him again due to his change of image.

A source says, β€œIn the past one year, this actor has been in the news for all the wrong reasons β€” be it on the professional or the personal front. Though he hasn’t openly talked about his emotional turmoil, it seems that his image has taken a beating. He may now lose out on some plum offers.”

The source adds that a leading brand, that is facing a financial crunch, recently did a market research survey to gauge how this actor is perceived by the public.

β€œThe research revealed that not too many people consider the actor to be a family man now. The brand has been advised to not sign him for products that are mainly consumed by families.

The company also realised that their previous brand association has not translated into significant profits. It has now decided to not renew its contract with him. It didn’t help that the actor had demanded a paycheck of Rs 15 crore.”

OSOP Guess

This Actor: Hrithik Roshan



March 2014 – Bollywood Blind Item

Keeping with the tradition of regularly posting blind items, we have another one for you today. This time it’s from Mid Day, which is a local newspaper. We might or might not know who this blind is referring to, but let’s see.

March 2014 - Bollywood Blind Item


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Senior Filmmaker: David Dhawan

Film’s Producer: Ekta Kapoor

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