Legendary Indian Actor Dev Anand Passed Away

Legendary actor Dev Anand has passed away at the age of 88 onΒ  December 3, 2011 in London. Dev Anand was reportedly in London for a medical checkup when he passed in his room due to a cardiac arrest. Dev Anand is survived by his wife and his two children, a son and a daughter. And of course, his legacy stays behind in the forms of his movies and books in Bollywood. Let’s take a look at the legendary actor Dev Anand’s life and achievements in Bollywood.Β 



Dev Anand is an actor that created silence romance on screen. He is, to many, the King of Romance, a title that Shah Rukh Khan held in the late nineties. To many, he is their favourite actor. To many more, he is the reason that Zeenat Aman is in the Hindi Film Industry; she is after all the most beautiful actress. Who doesn’t remember the famous Zeenat introduction track in Dev Anand’s ‘Hare Rama Hare Krishna’?


“I gave the world Zeenat Aman,” Dev Anand


A legendary actor in the Hindi Film Industry, Dev Anand breathed his last at the age of 88 in London. He was in London for a medical visit and died of a cardiac arrest, as reported by his son Sunil Anand. On his birthday in September this year, he was interviewed by many outlets and I managed to catch one of these interviews from Bollywood Hungama. I learnt many things from that interview and let me share it with you here:


  1. Dev Anand is from Pakistan. He was born in Lahore.
  2. For a man of that age, he still had a lot of energy to talk and politely answer questions. He knew what he was talking about and was deep in conversation.
  3. He didn’t think that it was right of the makers of this year’s ‘Dum Maro Dum’ to take his original song and make it into something else. He said it wasn’t fair to Zeenat Aman (who was the star of the original version), Asha Bhonsle (singer of the original version) and him (producer of ‘Hare Rama Hare Krishna). Sadly, the makers of this year’s ‘Dum Maro Dum’ didn’t listen to him and went ahead to create a trashy version of the song, most likely to attract the audience into cinema halls. Sadly, this year’s ‘Dum Maro Dum’ didn’t work out well at the Box Office.
  4. He released his autobiography “Romancing with life” in 2007 where he talks humbly about everything, from falling in love to Zeenat Aman to still directing at 88.



Upon his demise, lots of condolences messages poured in from the members of the Indian Film Industry.

Vivek Oberoi on Dev Anand

Dev Anand was my father’s hero, he was the reason my father came to Mumbai to become an actor. I grew up listening to stories about him from dad and spent father-son bonding evenings watching Devsaab’s films. Nothing brought a smile to my father’s face like a Dev Anand song! But what is most special thing is that when dad was struggling to be an actor, Devsaab met him, encouraged him and gave him so much love and blessings. And after dad became a success he called him home, encouraged and mentored him, inspired him to keep reaching for the sky! A generation later, in my struggling days, I received a call from him. In just that one meeting, he instilled so much faith, strength and belief in me! Inspired me just like he had inspired my father almost 30years before me. And when my first film Company became a hit, he called me over to congratulate me and bless me. I’ll never forget how he hugged me and said, “Son, work hard but always remember to enjoy your work. Success and failure will come and go…but most of all, remember to celebrate life…every moment is precious!

Ajay Devgan on Dev Anand

Dev Saab’s unique style and his undying passion for cinema will always inspire us. His demise is a huge loss to the industry.


David Dhawan on Dev Anand

He was one of the most romantic heroes and directors I ever knew. I had been meeting him on and off but I remember one incident while shooting in Mauritius for Bade Miya Chote Miya with Amitji, Govinda and Madhuri for a song on the beach. Suddenly there was a commotion and all of them ran crying ‘Devsaab has come!’ We all met exactly for five minutes but the energy he exuded was mazing! He was magnetic. What I admire most about him was that he died with his shoes on and I would like to do that too. Devsaab has gone away but he given us a library of films to go on. He is my hero. I would go to watch his films in black. What modern films he made. God bless his soul.


Sanjay Dutt on Dev Anand

Devsaab was very close to my mom and dad. He was at Breach Candy when I was born. He named his son Sunil after my dad, such was their friendship. Whenever I dubbed in Anand Dubbing studio, I made it a point to meet Devsaab. He gave me his autobiography, signed the first page and kissed my forehead! I remember all these words he spoke a year back! God bless his soul…


Aamir Khan on Dev Anand

Indian cinema has lost one of its biggest stars. Dev Sahab was a force of creative energy. A man of immense charisma and charm. He was an icon for many generations. His passing away is a sad loss to all lovers of Indian cinema. My heartfelt condolences to all in the family.


Sonam Kapoor on Dev Anand

He was the hero of my fave film guide. And his songs were something that dad and me bonded over while watching. He was my fathers favorite actor.



Anil Kapoor on Dev Anand

I am deeply saddened to hear the news of Dev Saab passing away. Over the years it seemed as if Devsaab had figured out the formula for agelessness. Now that he is no more the words ‘ever green’ don’t seem synonymous with anyone, anymore. I spoke to him quite recently during the release of his film Chargesheet. He sounded exuberant and cheerful gearing up for his next venture. Maybe that is meant for the Gods now. Devsaab – I will miss you.


Karan Johar on Dev Anand

My father had worked with Dev Saab for over 10 years, so I grew up hearing about the legendary actor. When I first met him as a child, my father asked me to touch his feet. I still remember Dev Saab looked at me and said, “Never bend son. Shake my hand… you’re a gentleman just like me!” I was all of eight, but I can never erase the dynamism of DEV ANAND. Legends don’t die… they just exit the present leaving behind a past that the future can embibe!!


Sophie Choudry on Dev Anand

I shall always regret that I couldn’t meet him one last time. Saab epitomises a believer, a dreamer and someone who loved to romance the ladies and most importantly life! His movies, his music have connected all generations and perhaps the most befitting song is “Main zindagi ka saath nibhata chala gaya, har fikr ko dhuein mein udata chala gaya”



Dev Anand’s Co-Stars Speaking on Him

Mona Anand aka Kalpana Kartik (Dev Anand’s wife)

Dev was a shy, youthful person I still remember our midnight marriage on the sets of “Taxi Driver” in 1954. Dev was a shy, youthful person, very co-operative and sensitive. We passed six decades together amid a lot of thick and thin. Whenever I heard rumours that he would desert me, I laughed my heart out. I knew that nomadic Dev would always be mine.


Waheeda Rehman on Dev Anand

He had the most beautiful smile I made my debut with “C.I.D.”, in which Dev Anand was my co-star. He was disciplined and dedicated at his work. Never did he make me feel like a newcomer on the sets. The way he performed romantic scenes was a lesson for any upcoming actor. We worked together in hit after hit like “C.I.D.”, “Kala Bazar” and “Baat Ek Raat Ki”. He promised me the role of a lifetime, and gave it to me in “Guide”. I still fondly recollect the song sequence, “Tere Mere Sapne” in “Guide”, which we shot in just two takes. Dev was divine in the scene. Dev Anand had the most beautiful toothless smile.


Nanda on Dev Anand

He would take care of me personally I worked with Dev Anand as his sister in “Kala Bazar”. Dev Anand understood that I was a family-oriented woman, and immediately after the shooting every day, he would personally take care that I reach home in time. He kept his promise of offering me a substantial character in “Hum Dono”, along with “Sadhana”. During the shooting of “Teen Deviyan”, we were in a car near suburban Mumbai. Dev stopped at a roadside dhaba, and enjoyed the food cooked there just like a common man. He was his original self then, shedding off his style and sophistication.


Saira Banu on Dev Anand

He treated me with care and respect He was the hearthrob of the entire Indian youth when we acted together in “Pyar Mohabbat” in 1966. He knew I was on the verge of getting married to his friend and respected colleague Dilip Kumar. Dev Anand treated me with utmost care and respect and never unnecessarily interfered in my personal matters. While we were shooting the song sequence “Pyar Mohabbat” in a life boat, he guided me in every step throughout the song, hugging me in romantic interludes with true dignity.



Dev Anand himself wrote something very nice about the late Shammi Kapoor when he passed away. It was:

A gem of a person, the way he stood by his ailing wife Geeta Bali is a lesson to many. I remember hugging him on my birthday in 1995 when he came to greet me with a bottle of champagne. Shammi affectionately called me Dev and for a minute we were lost in memories of a golden era.

Adieu, my friend, my competitor, as I will never witness a second Shammi. His tragic demise has left a void in the world of Indian cinema, one that’s difficult to fill.

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