Know More on Japanese Manufacturer: Kenwood

Kenwood Manufacturing CO. Limited is a company that manufactures electronic household products. It was founded by Kenneth Maynard Wood, from which it got its name from, in 1936 as the Dickson and Wood Company. The company initially sold, installed and repaired radios and televisions. In 1950, it produced its first food processor that made the company famous called the Kenwood Chef.

Know More on Japanese Manufacturer - Kenwood


Kenwood Products
Know More on Japanese Manufacturer - Kenwood


Kenwood Kitchen Appliances

Kenwood has its own line of kMix kitchen appliances which include the kMix Food Mixer, the kMix Hand Mixer, the kMix Blender and the kMix Hand Blender. Besides that, it also manufactures food mixers and hand mixers under several ranges including Kmix, Chef and Major, Propspero as well as Patissier. Kenwood also produces its own mixer accessories. Other than that, Kenwood also produces food processors, blenders, food choppers and meat grinders. In addition to that, they also manufacture smoothy makers, juicers and ice-cream makers, as well as coffee makers and airpots. Other products offered include kettles, toasters and sandwich makers. Not only that, Kenwood also produces cooking and baking products including bread makers, deep fryers, food steamers, mini ovens, rice cookers and jars, sandwich makers, as well as slow cookers.

Know More on Japanese Manufacturer - Kenwood


Kenwood Household Products

Kenwood only produces irons under this category.



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