Know More about Multinational Corporation: Apple

Apple Incorporated is a multinational corporation based in California, United States of America. Its operations involve designing and manufacturing consumer electronics and computer software products. Founded in Cupertino, California on 1 April 1976, the company traditionally focused on personal computers, and only started to expand into the consumer electronics market in 2007. Subsequently, it changed its name to Apple Inc, after being incorporated as Apple Conpuer, Inc for 30 years. The company has established a unique reputation in the consumer electronics industry and has built a customer base that is devoted to the company and its brand due to its philosophy of comprehensive aesthetic design and distinctive advertising campaigns. In 2008, Apple Inc was named the most admired company in the United States and in 2009, the world. Apple was founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne in 1976 and got its name because Jobs worked summer jobs at a California apple farm and was also very fond of the Beatles and their label, Apple Records.

Know More about Multinational Corporation - Apple


Apple Products

Apple Hardware

Apple Mac

Under the Mac line, Apple produces iMacs (consumer all-in-one desktop computers), Mac Pros (workstation-class desktop computers), MacBooks (consumer notebooks), MacBook Pros (professional portable computer alternatives to the MacBook), MacBook Air (ultra-thin, ultra-portable notebook), Xserves (rack mounted, dual or quad core, dual processor 1U server) and Mac Minis (consumer sub-desktop computer and server). Besides that, Apple also manufactures and sells a variety of computer accessories for Mac computers including the AirPort wireless networking products, Time Capsule, Cinema Display, Magic Mouse, Apple Wireless Keyboard, and Apple USB Modem.Β 

Apple iPod

iPods are digital music players and at present, there are four different variations to it, namely the iPod Classic (previously known as just the iPod), iPod Nano (smallest portable media player among the four variations), iPod Shuffle (most affordable portable media player among the four variations but has no display screen), and the iPod Touch (portable media player that looks like an iPhone, targeted at the higher end market and includes voice control as well as an external microphone).Β 

Apple iPhone

The iPhone is a cross between an Internet-enabled smart phone and an iPod

Know More about Multinational Corporation - Apple


Apple TV

The Apple TV (previously known as the iTV) is a set-top video device that links up to a user’s TV and syncs with a computer’s iTunes library via Wi-Fi or a wired network.Β 

Apple iPad

The iPad is Apple’s latest product and claims to be of an entire class of its own. Steve Jobs described it a bridge between a portable notebook and a smart phone. The iPad is a media tablet which features multitouch interaction with multimedia formats and runs on an iPhone operating system.Β 

Apple Software

Apple Operating System

Apple develops Max OS X, its own operating system which can only run on Macs.

Know More about Multinational Corporation - Apple


Apple iLife

iLife is a consumer-oriented software package that includes iDVD, iMovie, iPhoto, iTUnes, GarageBand and iWeb.Β 

Apple iWork

iWork is a software bundle that includes Keynote for presentation, Pages for word processing, and Numbers for page layout.


Apple Professional Software

Under this range, Apple also develops Mac OS X Server, Apple Remote Desktop, WebObjects, Java EE Web application server, Xsan, Aperture, Final Cut Studio, Logic and Shake.Β 

Apple Other Software Products

Other software products include iTunes, QuickTIme media player, Safari web browser and Software Update available as free downloads for Windows operating system as well. Besides that, Apple has also collaborated with MobileMe, a subscription-based internet suite, to bundle personal web pages, email, Groups, iDisk, backup, iSync and Learning Center online tutorials.

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