February 2012 – Blind Item

This month’s blind item is courtesy of Rajeev Masand, who enjoys posting these juicy stories on stars. Though his juicy stories are sometimes shocking to believe, these stories do give us an inside look on how stars are in real life, far away from the camera. Take today’s blind item, for example, if you can guess the actors in it then you would know they are not as innocent as they portray themselves on screen. There is just np level of how low, pathetic and desperate this actor can be. You know when people talk about how star kids get all advantage, this is one of them and this actor makes full use of his surname to get what he wants. He knows without the surname he is nothing!

He has been going on like this for a while now and to the media, he claims he is very shy, an introvert and doesn’t have the phone numbers of the beautiful women in Bollywood. Yes, he was asked that question on an Anuradha Sengupta-hosted show. You should have seen the annoying look on his face when this question was asked. It was as if he got pissed someone was calling him out on his shenanigans. The story is that he does have the number of any actress, especially the newbies. He interacts with them by sending them jokes and sometimes, dirty jokes via sms or BBM. There were reports after he broke up with his actress-girlfriend that he was seeing a Kingfisher. He denied it saying that he knows the girl like that only and he never dated her. At the same time, the girl was asked and she said they did date. Brutal!

So, the blind item below might have happened or might not. Since this actor likes to brag a lot, we wouldn’t put it past him to say the things that he said he did. Sure, he did hook up with the other one because she has literally been all up on him and dressing really provocatively as if she is looking for attention. He gave it to her – attention and something else (wink-wink). Check out the blind item below to see for yourself. Apparently, this is what keeps the boys of Bollywood running strong: who they managed to bed!



Bollywood Blind Item

There’s just no end to the stories emerging from this Goa weekend wedding. A heartthrob actor who’s a close friend of the groom is believed to have had the most fun, literally bed- hopping between actress’ rooms.

It’s now a known fact that he spent some ‘quality time’ with a has-been female star (who recently launched her own production company), whose make-up woman allegedly spilt the beans on their dirty little dalliance. But an older male actor who was also at the celebrations has been saying the young heartthrob also hooked up with his actress ex when she arrived late for the wedding in Goa.

According to the senior actor’s story, the young charmer showed up at his ex’s room to make sure all was well when she didn’t turn up in time for the shaadi, and then proceeded to stay on until much longer. Apparently, the young heartthrob confirmed to the older star that he had indeed rekindled this old flame ‘twice’ while locked up inside her room all afternoon.

When he dirty danced with his ex at the reception later that evening, all the guests noticed their closeness. But the actor threw a curveball when he revealed they were just ‘good friends’ now, as he’d gone back to seeing another one of his on-off actress exes.

OSOP Guesses

Heartthrob Actor : Ranbir Kapoor

Has-Been Female Star : Ameesha Patel

Actress Ex : Deepika Padukone

Older Male Actor : Sanjay Dutt


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