David Nevins, Claire Danes, Matt LeBlanc, Emmy Rossum & Don Cheadle in The Hollywood Reporter


Featured on the cover of The Hollywood Reporter are actors Claire Danes (Homeland), Matt LeBlanc (Episodes), Emmy Rossum (Shameless), and Don Cheadle (House of Lies). These actors are currently on the hottest shows of television. Well, not exactly current television per say. But their shows debut have all been successful that they were all renewed to a second season, something that we all know is difficult to achieve on American television. Claire Danes most recently won an award for her role in ‘Homeland’, she’s great in that show. And Emmy Rossum is splendid as well in her most ‘Shameless’ avatar. As far as Don Cheadle goes, I saw only the first episode of his show and didn’t like it much. I enjoy ‘Episode’, but not because of Joey or Matt LeBlanc, because of the British couple who are in this show.

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