Bollywood Blind Item – September 2020 – 3

A lot has been written when this senior actor announced that he will be contesting the elections held in his area. It was said that he was offered a ticket to contest because the party wanted a popular hero face to lure people to vote for them.

The senior actor did end up winning in his area but he wasn’t really sure about his position as a politician. Most film or TV personalities are aware of what is expected of them when they join politics but this actor is different. He is not the outgoing type and some time after he won, there was news that he agreed to contest because the party offered him a big fat check and he accepted because he needed the money to launch his son.

Maybe he didn’t think he was going to win but he did end up winning and until now he has not really carried out his duties as a politician. There have been complaints and now there are rumors that he want to quit.

The blind item below makes him sound like Mr. India attending parliamentary meetings! And hiring someone to replace him sounds hilarious! Is he that scared to appeared in public or does he not know what he is supposed to do?

Anyways, if they won’t let him go this fast. If he won the first time, they might want him to stick around for a second round. After all, he has another son that he wants to launch soon. So no ‘Jaane Do Naa‘ from him to his party for now!

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Check out the blind item from Mumbai Mirror.


Bollywood Blind Item


AN actor who is also an MP has been garnering eyeballs ever since his new appointment. Not one to favour being in the public eye, the controversies that surround his new role make him very nervous. First, he was called out for not knowing matters of national importance and defence; then for appointing an aide to attend important meetings in his constituency in his place.
Now we hear he is planning to quit altogether, as he is not a fan of parliamentary meetings and the few times that he shows up, he just marks his attendance and runs out.

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Actor: Sunny Deol


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