Bollywood Blind Item – October 2020 – 7

There are around three streaming shows that have been shot in Dubai since the lockdown rules have been eased or lifted in India. The blind item below is talking about a show whose cast and crew were already in Dubai but had to come back before their schedule was over as the producer ran out of money.

Now, firstly, it is really expensive to go for outdoor shooting at this time. But on the plus side, producers won’t have to bring their usual number of people. Instead, only selected people will get to go and work on a shoot so that’s already money saved for the producers.Β The only issues during this time are the tests and precautions that they need to take which obviously is going to be costly in a foreign land.

So there are three shows that have been shot in Dubai recently. Two are bankrolled by a UAE-based person while one is by a famous Indian television and film company. The show with the Indian producer is going to be available early next month so it’s clearly not them. It’s the producer of the other two shows which were quite big budget shows that were being financed by a UAE-based businessman.

Wonder what went wrong that the deal didn’t go through?! And that too, after they started the shooting of the show. This producer has been trying to make a comeback now. For years, he has been announcing the sequel to a film of his that starred Big B and Khiladi Kumar. Nothing materialized for him.

Hopefully he figures out something soon and pay the ones who need the money the most. Some people working on TV or film sets earn daily wages so it’s not decent if this happened to them at a time when work is limited in the industry.

Check out the blind item below from Mumbai Mirror.


Bollywood Blind Item

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THE cast and crew of a web series has apparently taken the conscious decision to keep mum about the fact that they’ve been gypped. The team which was flown to Dubai to shoot the series has recently returned to Mumbai after a whole month, even though they only shot in Dubai for a few days.
The producer bankrolling the ambitious multi-starrer, which includes popular names from silver screen and TV, has run out of funds, it seems. Most of the members of the cast and crew haven’t been compensated for their time yet. Some, however, decided to make the most of it, and stayed back at their own expense so that they may at least enjoy a leisurely break.

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TV Shows Shot in Dubai: Β ‘7th Sense’ and ‘Line of Fire’


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