Bollywood Blind Item – June 2020 – 22

This blind item is about a situation that India is currently facing. Usually for this kind of situation, there’s a filmmaker that makes movies based on situations like these where the country’s security and honor is at stake.

He came to mind straightaway while reading the blind item below but then we remembered the news that already came out and it wasn’t this young filmmaker, but another one that is planning to make a film on this situation.

Well, it’s not surprising. Everyone is capitalizing on big events, these days. Be it corona or this one. The senior filmmaker that we were talking about above, he made a film based on something similar but that happened in 1967. It starred a lot of actors, mostly a few known faces and a couple of famous faces from television. The film did not work at the box office and that was it.

Making these kinds of films these days have to be different from the old days. Let’s see if this filmmaker actually gets to do this.

Like the blind item mentioned, the young filmmaker needs to wait for this situation to be over so he can have a proper ending in his story.

Check out the blind item below from Mumbai Mirror. If you are interested in knowing what the senior filmmaker’s film was about, we are sharing the trailer below.


Bollywood Blind Item


AS border tensions mount between India and China, an instinctive producer has been quick to respond. He has jumped at the opportunity to register the title β€˜Galwan Valley’, hoping to relay on the big screen the crossborder strife and subsequent sacrifices of brave Indian soldiers.

Those close to him have confirmed that the filmmaker wants to recreate the box-office blast of a film on India’s surgical strike. But for that, he will have to wait for the nation to actually strike back.

OSOP Guess

Filmmaker: Dinesh Vijan


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