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The blind item below is based on an upcoming online streaming show that stars a female actress, who is making her comeback with this show. We only just now saw the trailer of the show and while it looks very interesting, it also appears to be similar to a show we watched years ago called ‘Red Widow’.

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Apparently, that show was based on a Dutch show titled ‘Penoza’. We saw ‘Red Widow’, the first season and based on the trailer of this Hindi upcoming show, it looks similar but just based on a more Indian background.

The blind item doesn’t bring up this similarity but talks about how this show came about and who else was attached to it. It was in the news at that time so there’s no surprise, really!

It was rumoured some time back that the director was working on a new movie script that has taken a really long time, six years to be exact! Around that time, he approached this famous actress and she even agreed. Maybe that time there was no intimate scene involved because she is not known to do these kinds of scenes. She left the project not long after she committed for it and now after many years, the director managed to lock this actress to the project.

Also making a comeback is this actor, who was quite the IT actor back in the day and that back in the day was in the late 90s and early 2000s. We remember in an interview, the Malkin of Bollywood aka Mr. India’s wife said she along with a bunch of other actors were in an acting class together and this actor was also in it. They all thought, including their acting teacher, that this guy was the one who was going to make it big! That did happen, but it didn’t last for long. Among all of them, Malkin was the one who really and truly made it big!

By the way, the American version of this show was quite OK though it didn’t get renewed for a second season. Most likely, the American audience was not really that interested in shows like this since there was a lot already. The Hindi version might be better, who knows! We will know when it comes out.

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Check out the blind item from Rajeev Masand. By the way, there was another blind item some time back about this actress who had some procedure done for her lips. Based on what we saw in this trailer, it really is about this actress! That aside, she looks amazing and all the best to her!


Bollywood Blind Item


The Comeback Trail

A brand new thriller series that’s all set to drop on a streaming platform shortly marks the comeback of a leading lady who’s been on an acting hiatus for some years now. There’s considerable buzz around the show because of the actress, but also because it’s been created by an advertising-turned-feature filmmaker whose last movie was both a commercial and critical hit.

Not many are aware though that the series was originally conceived as a feature, but it was shelved literally weeks before it was meant to begin filming. The aforementioned filmmaker had managed to rope in an A-list actress to take the lead in the film, but mounting disagreements over creative vision and, reportedly, her acting fee led to her last-minute exit.

Apparently, the film falling apart was both a financial and emotional blow to the famously sensitive filmmaker who took months to recover and move on. He put the film on the backburner and concentrated on other things, including a mythological-action series for a top streamer that also fell through at the last minute. It was another blow for the filmmaker who went into a shell.

When he returned to work, he decided to put this film back on the anvil, but recrafted it as an episodic series. He reached out to the reclusive actress who was on a break when he learnt she was a β€˜sensitive soul’, not unlike himself. She jumped at the material, but also at having found a soft-spoken, compassionate filmmaker whose emotional wavelength she fully matched.

OSOP Guesses

Thriller Series: Aarya

Reclusive Actress: Sushmita Sen

A-List Actress: Kajol

Filmmaker: Ram Madhvani


Director Ram Madhvani’s woman-centric film, which was earlier supposed to star actress Kajol, has been shelved as of now. Kajol, 41, was earlier going to make her comeback with Madhvani’s film but it did not work out as she reportedly asked for an β€œunaffordable” fee.

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