Bollywood Blind Item – June 2020 – 1

Today’s blind item is just a rehash of a couple of blind items from last year. Since this popular actress’ manager left the agency she was working for, there have been different blind items to justify her leaving that company.

Some said, she was having disagreements with her ex-boss while others said she was fired! It was then discovered that her ex-boss found out this manager and a couple of others were in a WhatsApp group where they gossiped and talked about the boss.

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Naturally, the boss wasn’t happy about it when she found. She was pissed! And in retaliation, she fired all those involved in the chat groups, which also included this actress’ manager.

Next came something the ex-boss wasn’t expecting, the manager left the company and along with her, her client aka the actress also left the agency. The manager soon started another agency in collaboration with a top talent agency and the actress again signed with her.

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A couple of months later comes this blind item. Take a look below, courtesy of SpotBoye.


Bollywood Blind Item


Top Bollywood Actress Loses Out On Two Powerful Agencies; One Because Of A Monetary Dispute

One of the most influential Bollywood diva and an A-Lister lost out on two agencies. One over monetary dispute?

Bollywood is a tricky place, relationships and careers change here every second day. WhileΒ some end up building lifelong associations, others simply lose it due to their ever-changingΒ moods and behaviour. The latest grapevine suggests that a top Bollywood actress has lost out on two of the most powerful agencies in Bollywood – her talent management agency and her PR agency. Surprisingly both these companies are run by two of the most powerful women in the film industry.

While one runs a management agency and is known to build the superstar’s career that recently left her, the other is a powerful entrepreneur who has made it to every power list in the county, won several awards and is known to be the brain behind several superstar brands.

If the insiders are to be believed, the artist ditched her long-term talent management company which built her career for her current manager who worked for the same company till a few months back.

However, what caught our attention most is that while the superstar left the previous agency for her long-time manager, a little birdie tells us that this time around, it was the PR agency which chose to drop her as a client. The said agency has been instrumental in building her brand, more so her size zero image which gave her a new lease of life and had handled her for 13 years while she was No. 1!

Every big-wig in the industry including top filmmakers/ studios swear by this agency. A little birdie says they dropped this actress over a monetary dispute. Though it has been an amicable parting with this agency and they continue to be on good terms though!

On the other side, we don’t know about the other agency as the owner is said to be still cheesed off over her former employee taking away one of her biggest artists! This former employee also has vociferously spoken all over the trade.

OSOP Guesses

Top Bollywood Actress: Kareena Kapoor

Manager: Poonam Damania

Ex-Agency: Matrix

Ex-Boss: Reshma Shetty


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