Bollywood Blind Item – July 2020 – 2

Years ago, going through this procedure was not something you shouted about. Simon Cowell once said he uses this like others use toothpaste. Years later, today, this thing is considered normal if you are working in an industry where your face is your identity.

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Back then in 2012, there was a documentary titled ‘The World Before Her’ and in it, there was a sequence of young girls going for Miss India. In one of their camp exercises to “polish” these young ladies, this thing is injected in their forehead. This was probably the first time we have seen this thing being used on girls as young as them, like if it was something normal.

These days, it IS normal. It would be probably abnormal if young girls don’t go through it. Compared to years ago, now the product is better and does not have such a bad effect as it once did. Unless it is overdone!

Going through it now is best as these celebrities are not expected to be back in front of the camera anytime soon so they get ample of time to fully recover. Those who used to go abroad would have to settle for a local procedure for now.

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Check out the blind item below from Mumbai Mirror. This might be the subject the blind item is talking about, if not it could be someone else but we are going with this guess since she is quite popular in Bollywood.


Bollywood Blind Item


VANITY thy name is urgency. Even as the lockdown is only partially lifted, and everyone is supposed to wear face masks in public, our movie stars are rather nervous stepping out as they are.

A popular skin treatment specialist suddenly finds her diary chock-full with movie stars lining up for their Botox fixes. Never mind the lockdown is lasting another month, never mind no one’s looking at you as yet. That’s just enough time for the fillers to settle down.

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Specialist: Dr. Rinky Kapoor


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