Bollywood Blind Item – August 2020 – 5

The blind item below is about a recent film release and how the OTT platform didn’t give proper credits to the film. The people who didn’t get credits are not mad, they are just keeping a low profile. The decision to not give them credit was taken by the platform and the makers themselves.

This must mean that they have realized these people’s names will tarnish the project instead helping it. This also means that the industry realized the impact of people’s anger towards this particular person and his production house. Now a TV channel is having second thoughts about airing their reality show that is produced by this famous production house.

Can you imagine the soup that this director-producer has found himself in? The man is involved in so many projects, TV, radio, movies and what not. He goes down, all of these projects go down and along with these projects, the thousands of people who earn their living also get affected.

Let’s see how far the industry pays notice. After all, they are hoping life gets back to normal for them and people move on.

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For now, check out the blind item from Mumbai Mirror.


Bollywood Blind Item

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A RECENT release is not the only film that hasn’t mentioned one of the main producer’s names. A major television show, produced by the famous production house, is also planning to play safe.

They have postponed the next season of their popular dance reality show by at least six months. We hear the channel wants to wait and watch how public sentiment plays out before it plans to keep the said production house or let them off.

OSOP Guesses

Recent Release: Gunjan Saxena

Main Producer: Karan Johar


Says a source in the know, β€œAt first Netflix decided strike off only Karan Johar’s name as producer from the trailer and retain the rest of the credits. But then the creative team felt that would look most conspicuous. So they did away with all the credits.”


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