Bollywood Blind Item – April 2020 – 38

This star kid was supposed to make his debut in 2016 but nothing happened. It seems both of this star’s children went through and are still going through difficulties to get their first launching vehicle.

He is described in the blind item as “handsome” but we don’t really find him all that. It’s just that he is probably better-looking than his father and that’s it. Before his debut was announced 4 years ago, he was even being compared to Raymond so…

Nothing has been announced as of yet, in regards to his debut. If this blind item is saying that he will be launched soon, maybe he will but with the way things are going now, nothing is going to be concrete until we get out of this pandemic.

But news of his debut vehicle is not what this blind item is about, it’s about his relationship with an older woman who as a child of her own. Don’t really know who this lady is, she might or might not be famous. No other clue has been given other than her occupation and the number of kids she has.

Wonder what his parents say, though?

His father has burned a few bridges these past few years while trying to make his comeback several times. His daughter is still trying to get properly launched and has even changed her name to get more luck. Maybe things will be better for this guy once he gets launched. He can always go and approach Malkin’s company for a launch pad. Since she helped his father out years ago by suggesting his name for a film, maybe she can do the same for him!

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Check out the blind item below from Mumbai Mirror. By the way, that lady will be gone the minute this boy makes his debut on the big screen! It’s the current trend these days among these star kids! Notice how he doesn’t really smile whiple posing for pictures, just like a famous star kid!


Bollywood Blind Item


THIS actor’s handsome son, who has studied filmmaking abroad, is all set to make his debut. But your diarist is far more interested in his love life. The young man is in a steady relationship with a lovely lady, a divorced jewellery designer with a grown-up child. We love how the younger generation won’t backtrack on personal commitments, just because the producer asks them to.


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Son: Yashvardhan Ahuja


As per news sources, Yash returned to Mumbai after studying filmmaking at London’s Met Film School. Once back, he has apparently been taking some practical training at filmmaker Sajid Nadiadwala’s production house. Sharing his experience, Yash told a publication – β€œI have been with Sajid uncle for a month now. He gave me the best advice -To go with the flow and acquire knowledge on all aspects of filmmaking, including editing and writing before getting into acting. I will also assist him on the sets of Kick 2.”
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