Bollywood Blind Item – April 2013


Another blind item to share with you all today. It’s by Rajeev Masand, who has been blindly writing about this actor for two weeks in a row. Rajeev has also written about the very same actor’s dating habits as well as drug habits. Read below to see if you can guess, who he’s referring to.


Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Learning from the examples of a half-dozen older stars who couldn’t hide the fact that they’d got hair-weaving surgeries done, this young Bollywood heartthrob took that crucial plunge even before his first film was out. Cursed with his family’s receding hairline, this star-in-waiting didn’t do the deed after he made a splash in the movies, but before he was launched. Not keen to provide fodder for hungry tabloids who would surely print ‘before and after’ pictures, the star reportedly made a strategic decision to “thick up” before his big screen bow so the transformation wouldn’t be so obvious to the audience. The ploy worked. It’s a few years now that he’s been acting, and the story behind his bushy crop has mostly remained secret.


Young Bollywood Heartthrob: Ranbir Kapoor

Young Bollywood Heartthrob Ranbir Kapoor

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