Bollywood Blind Item 3 – August 2017

Today’s blind item is about something that is not too much related to Bollywood. The reason we are sharing it is because we think you might know who this blind item is talking about. At least, you know one of the two people this blind item is talking about. She had a reality TV show based on her and her sister. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out like most reality TV shows based on celebrities’ lives. It’s good because then we know India does not welcome copycats of the Kardashaians. Nepotism is enough here, no need for these nobodies to get famous like they do in the West. One thing we have noticed is that some women are so tired of getting played on by men that they look for greener pastures elsewhere. Not all women are like that, but most women are especially the ones who are personalities or celebrities. Check out who Mumbai Mirror is talking about in the blind item below.


Bollywood Blind Item


A small-time film actor has been in a same-sex relationship with a VJ for quite some time. They claimed they are more than friends to anyone who asked them about their relationship. Their social media chats constantly had pictures of them together, either at the gym or enjoying each other’s company at cafΓ©s. But it seems over the past few weeks, the two have called off their little love-fest. They have stopped following each other on assorted sites and haven’t posted anything with them together. Also, one of them now has a boyfriend. Okay, then.


OSOP Guesses

Actor and VJ: Gauhar Khan and Bani J

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