Blind Item – September – Hollywood – 2017

This young singer was recently in the news for her diseases or rather for a big operation she suddenly had to get done. Everyone, except her fans, knows that this girl is addicted to coke and other bad things. She is in a relationship with a huge coke addict, who writes songs about how much he likes doing drugs and people think he’s writing about his girlfriend.

It seems that these young girls will never learn. Sure, she managed to fix her one kidney now but what about later when she has done much more damage to herself? It’s like they live so fast and full in their twenties that they don’t leave any part of themselves for afterwards. Is the stress of being a celebrity too much that they have to resort to killing themselves slowly? See, this is why you are better off not chasing fame and money.

Don’t know who Blind Gossip is talking about? Check out the blind item below to know more. By the way, word on the street is that this young singer doesn’t have a ghost singer anymore to sing for more, she needs to find one and it’s the reason why she has not been releasing new songs.



Hollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – September - Hollywood - 2017


In The Emergency Room

Multiple medical professionals contacted us about the plight of one particular celebrity who is in the news.

They all said almost exactly the same thing. Here is one example:

I work as a [medical professional] in the emergency room at [hospital] in [city].

Whenever a patient comes in with renal failure and they say they have an autoimmune disease, the first thing we ask is β€œDo you use narcotics?” When we hear β€œCocaine” or β€œHeroin”, it’s like, β€œBingo!”

As soon as someone told me about [Celebrity], the first thing I asked was β€œIs she a cokehead?”

We already know that cocaine or heroin can directly cause renal disease/renal failure. However, most people don’t know that cocaine or heroin use can cause, trigger, or severely exacerbate an autoimmune disease which THEN results in renal disease/renal failure.

[Long explanation]

The cocaine/renal failure connection is huge. Did you know that a third of all emergency room visits by cocaine users are because they are experiencing renal failure?

Basically, cocaine use ->renal failure AND cocaine use -> autoimmune disease -> renal failure.

Most people know that smoking often causes lung disease. Most people know that alcohol often causes liver disease. Please warn your readers that cocaine use often causes kidney disease and kidney failure!



OSOP Guess

Celebrity: Selena Gomez

Blind Item – September - Hollywood - 2017

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