Blind Item โ€“ October – Hollywood – 2017

Today’s Hollywood blind item is about the current shocking situation that has been going on in Hollywood. Obviously, it’s only through blind items that you will get to know the real truth, how these people truly feel regarding this situation. This situation has also brought to light how women don’t watch out for each other.

Hollywood is one messy place and there can be only a few female superstars. It’s probably why some of the ladies who are supporting this pervert or are pretending that they had no idea what he was up to, kept quiet for their own professional advantage. They work in the same industry, so it’s ridiculous to think that they didn’t know what was going on.

As for this politician, everyone has been waiting for her statement since this scandal broke out. She took her time, probably to see how bad things were. The pervert has contributed a lot of money to her campaign, so she didn’t want to ruffle any feathers by calling him out on his behaviour in case the matter dies down sooner than expected. There’s no surprise in seeing her late reaction because this woman surrounds herself with similar men. Maybe that’s what the American people didn’t want: someone who enables rapists, perverts, molesters or anyone who abuses women. The American people wanted someone who actually did all that and who is not ashamed he is all that. It’s all about transparency.

Check out who are these ladies that Blind Gossip is talking about.


Hollywood Blind Item

Blind Item โ€“ October - Hollywood - 2017


Liars and Deflectors

Have you noticed that some women have taken an unusual approach to the Harvey Weinstein issue? An insider tells us that several of them are deflectingโ€ฆ and some of them are outright lying!


Grace: This actress has fallen from grace but claims that Weinstein never touched her.

She is lying. She has been with him on more than one occasion trying to โ€œincentivizeโ€ him to hire her. He took advantage of that but always claimed that the projects fell through or that there was a better one coming. He laughed about the fact that she was desperate enough to keep coming back.


Esteemed: This esteemed and awarded actress claims she knew nothing.

Her innocent act is bulls*t. She has known for years and years about his behavior. FFS, she even warned [her own daughter/s] about him! No reason to warn them if she really didnโ€™t know anything, right?


Politico: This famous politico immediately deflected any discussion of Weinstein toward a denouncement of Donald Trump.

Sheโ€™s lying about not knowing anything. Sheโ€™s known about Harveyโ€™s behavior for at least ten years, but he kept the money rolling in, so she shrugged it off. Sheโ€™s surrounded with these kinds of guys, so itโ€™s really not a big deal to her. She even used to gossip about which actresses he was doing it with! She will use every negative news event to take a slap at Trump. She canโ€™t help herself.


Blonde: This blonde actress has not mentioned Weinstein at all, but has talked about how someone else in the industry treated her in an unseemly manner.

She is actually one of the two or three biggest beneficiaries of โ€œmeetingsโ€ with Harvey over the years. She is very, very ambitious. Unless she gets some sort of subpoena, I think sheโ€™ll protect him. She has to say something about harassment, though. Thatโ€™s why sheโ€™s deflecting the discussion and making it about someone else. That way she can play victim but not implicate Harvey.


OSOP Guesses

Grace: Lindsay Lohan

Blind Item โ€“ October - Hollywood - 2017


Esteemed: Meryl Streep

Blind Item โ€“ October - Hollywood - 2017


Politico: Hillary Clinton

Blind Item โ€“ October - Hollywood - 2017

Blind Item โ€“ October - Hollywood - 2017


Blonde: Blake Lively

Blind Item โ€“ October - Hollywood - 2017

Blind Item โ€“ October - Hollywood - 2017

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