Blind Item – May 2013


There’s another blind item for this week and this time, it’s from Mid Day newspaper. It’s a very strange blind and if it’s true, I feel sorry for the girl. Some people just want to do anything to be successful, but what they don’t understand is that God has power over their lives too. Getting in touch with the devil is not the answer!

Heard this?
The actress who loves a bloodbath

Blind Item - May 2013

Desperate times call for desperate measures. And no one knows this better than this has-been actress who has been splashing her generous proportions all over the print and outdoor medium in a bid to get back into the race again. While most of her publicity gimmicks have fallen flat β€” including the ones featuring non-existent products β€” there’s a new and macabre buzz about her that had us gobsmacked.

Sources close to the actress claim, she has now resorted to a form of black magic to revive her sagging fortunes. That is not all, she is also undergoing a gory ritual every week to ward off the evil eye. It so happened that the actress had summoned an astrologer to her apartment to seek advice on her career.

When the man walked in, he was shocked to see the actress under the β€˜spell’ of a well-known tantric, who reportedly has been conducting some seriously bloody rituals for her. In the course of the conversation, it emerged that the actress apparently undergoes a ritual blood bath every week.

Several goats are sacrificed and the tantric bathes the actress with the blood of the sacrifical animals, chanting incantations.

According to sources close to the actress, she has been obsessing over the fact that no amount of money has been able to resuscitate her career, pushing her to such extreme forms of sacrifice. As for the astrologer who had dropped by, he was spooked enough by the sight not to return again.

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Has-Been Actress – Ameesha Patel

Ameesha Patel

Blind Item – May 2013


This week’s blind item has been featured in the blind items by Rajeev Masand before. He’s a big director and it won’t be that hard to figure out who he is. He is currently working on his biggest project yet, his biggest because this film has been in the news for the wrong reason so far and the blind item below is another reason.

Blind Item - May 2013


The Scream Part 5

It’s been a while since he delivered a hit at the box-office, but he is still regarded as one of Bollywood’s most prominent filmmakers, with a reputation for directing large-scale weepies. Known to be a hard taskmaster with his cast and crew, he is famous for screaming at assistants, and there are the occasional stories of physical abuse too.

But friends and family insist it is all for the sake of his art: β€œHe can’t suffer fools. Nothing is more important to him than the shot.” In the good ol’ days, few assistants lasted longer than a week, sometimes two, on his sets. Most who fled left sobbing after a bitter dressing-down. Those who lasted usually joked that they could work anywhere and with anyone after the intense experience they had been through.

Although the filmmaker in question has reportedly mellowed with age, there are still enough stories of his tyrannical ways. The stars of his latest film, both working with him for the first time, have already had a taste of his famous temper, but they insist he cools off just as quickly. While shooting in Jaipur recently, the actors discovered that he’s got a Dr Jekyll-Mr Hyde thing going. β€œHe’d bark and yell at them on the sets during the day, then take them out to fancy dinners after pack-up,” a source reveals. β€œYou can’t hate such a guy. You just try not to get in his way.”

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One of Bollywood’s most prominent filmmakers – Sanjay Leela Bhansali

Sanjay Leela Bhansali

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