Blind Item – March 2012

Another blind item has made it our way this week and unlike the earlier Blind Item, this one is a bit easier to guess who they are really referring to. After reading the snippet below, I think it’s Kangana Ranaut. Still, it’s very sad for anyone to be like this!




This top B-Town actor seems to be maintaining a low profile these days. But not so long ago, she was making headlines for all the wrong reasons. Maybe common sense finally took over and she’s off the radar these days. But Snoop has found out that the actor has taken to drinking heavily. And despite her discreet attempts, gossip mongers have already spotted her condition.

Khabrus from the sets say that she has been happily drowning her sorrows away by drinking throughout the shoots. And her condition is so bad that she’s spotted with a glass in her hand even early in the morning. Sad roles bring out the best in her, she believes. Anyway, Snoop is worried for her and points out that she has a very busy summer ahead so she better ditch the bottle soon, before the gossiping voices get louder and louder.

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