Blind Item – July – Hollywood – 2017

This actor has been rethinking his decisions ever since he broke up with this very famous singer. One thing is clear, though, if he’s regretting his relationship, it could have been because it was real not a fake or a PR set-up relationship. We have to admit that it is quite true since we thought he was very good in his first superhero film in which he played the villain. Then, he had to ruin all the good reputation by dating this singer. Since he broke up with her, he has realised the amount of bad publicity this relationship got him. But why did he date her in the first place? To be more famous? Only he knows. By the way, he won an award for this overhyped TV show that we thought was so overrated. Check out the blind item on him from Blind Gossip.


Hollywood Blind Item

Punch Line Actor

He’s very worried about his reputation. He thinks that people see him as a joke.

He thinks that he became a bit of a punch line after dating [Singer]. He could still book jobs, but after years of establishing himself as an actor, people were laughing at him. That was quite hurtful to him.

Unfortunately, that negative publicity may have cost him the lead role in an action franchise. And while he has his other franchises, he is certainly lagging behind other actors of his stature when it comes to new projects in the pipeline.

He needed to do something manly and commanding and serious to turn that around. That’s why he is doing this one-off theater bit. It’s a serious part for a serious actor. In fact, he says that it is THE most serious part for a serious actor! He believes it will reboot what people think of him.

It’s certainly not a low key part he is taking on. It will be interesting to see if actually helps people see him as a serious actor rather than a punch line.


OSOP Guesses

Actor: Tom Hiddlestone

Singer: Taylor Swift

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