Blind Item โ€“ July – Bollywood

Today’s blind item should not be surprising at all to many of you who know this actor. It makes you wonder whether all the heroines that he has repeated in his films have found themselves in the same situation as this actress in the blind item below. See, fans of stars are so happy when their faves’ movies become superhits. Little do they know that it’s the stars themselves who are making full use of their box office hit status and not in a good way. As for the TV actress below, it’s not surprising at all considering how she doesn’t look like the typical heroine of Bollywood. Her TV show trailers used to play on TV and she does not appear to be natural in the face area at all. To be honest, she does look a little strange from other TV actress. We do remember the old version of her hit TV show and in that one, the actress was beautiful. This one just looks plastic. Check out the blind item from Mumbai Mirror to know who we are talking about. By the way, maybe her character looks plastic to avoid people from catching her to sell her skin off on the show. Who knows!



Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item โ€“ July - Bollywood


THIS television starlet has just bagged a role many actresses were vying for. Point is, she didnโ€™t get the role in the movie because of her, ahem, talent, or good looks. B-town has been abuzz with chatter that the starlet had weeks of โ€œsecret auditionsโ€ and โ€œlong prepsโ€ with an actor who is far senior to her in age and โ€˜film-yearsโ€™. Of course, our man is a habitual offender. But if the newbie is okay with it, why should the world around them care?


OSOP Guesses

Starlet: Mouni Roy

TV Show: Naagin

Actor: Akshay Kumar

Blind Item โ€“ July - Bollywood

The latest to join the bandwagon is Mouni Roy. Of course she is still going to make her Bollywood debut with Akshay Kumarโ€™s Gold, but did you know, that it was Salman who insisted her to give auditions for the role? Mumbai Mirror quoted a source saying, โ€œSalman made Daisy the lead actress in Jai Ho and has launched the singing career of Iulia Vantur. He has seen Mouniโ€™s work and felt she deserved a big Bollywood break. It is he who spoke to someone from the unit of Gold and got her an audition. Of course, Mouni did well, subsequently bagging the part.โ€

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6 Responses

  1. Nam3less says:

    Actually its not Akshay Kumar but Salman Khan who got Mouni the role. So he is the influence here and not AK. Its reported in Mumbaimirror today how SK helped her to get the role in the movie.

    If AK gets the pleasure or not thats another story.

    • Bollywood says:

      Yea, but you know how these men are. Most likely, it’s like “she’s ready to do anything for the role”. Look at how Ajay passed Kangana around to Sallu and Sanju…Could be the same thing.

  2. nefarious says:

    @admin: isnt mouni dating mohit raina or have they broken up?whats wit her these days, shes salmans favorite too it seems. its pretty evident how she got the role

  3. ghjk says:

    I am really jealous of Akshay. I don’t watch TV, but Mouni, I would. I would so hard.

  4. Deep says:

    Is anything that moves safe from our Canadian khiladi Kumar nee Bhatia……I find him sooo good looking…. but man!!.. if only he was a decent actor….. his below average talent is such a turn off….. don’t care if his movies make 100-200 crores….

  5. naughtytrini says:

    Another heroine to share his bed… go Akshay!!!

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